7 Last Minute Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids With this Children's Day

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Tick Tock, Children’s Day is in just a few days! And if you left shopping for gifts till last minute and are now panicking because you've yet to actually get it done, panic no more, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of easy and creative gifts for kids that you can assemble in a short time!

1. Craft Box

Rather than just buying your little ones individual crayons and markers, you can put them together to create a fun craft box that they can experiment with. You can fill it with colorful crayons, markers, construction paper, glitter (if you’re going down this path, be prepared to see glitter everywhere, from your cups to your hair and ears!), and so on. 

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I’m still waiting on a couple more supplies, but putting together the Dia de Los Muertos box today! 🎉🎊 I am also finishing up on the Halloween, Christmas-cultural, and Christmas-religious boxes (check out my stories for a sneak peek!). What holiday would you choose? . . . . . . . . . . #secularhomeschool #secularhomeschooler #raisingalegacy #homeschoolersofinstagram #craftboxforkids #craftbox #craftboxes #craftboxesforkids #activitiesforkids #kidsactivities #preschoolactivitiesathome #kindergartenactivty #preschoolhomeschooling #handsonlearningideas #handsonlearning🙌 #kidscraftideas #firstgradeactivities #preschoolcraft #preschoolcraftideas #kindergartencraft #firstgradecrafts #kidsactivity

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If you’re still rolling your head on what else to put in the box, The Spruce Crafts’ ‘What to Put in a Kids’ Craft Box’ might be able to inspire you.

2. Origami Kit

Not only is the Japanese art of folding paper fun, it also helps stimulate creativity. Don’t worry if your little ones have never dabbled in origami before, you can introduce them to the art with an origami kit for kids.

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The kits usually come with a book of step-by-step instructions with a series of simple projects and a stack of origami papers to experiment with. You can sit down with your little ones to fold a few pieces to fuel their interest before leaving them to it.

3. Stationary Hamper

Depending on how old your kids are and what they’ll be using the stationary for, you can decide on the kind of stationary to gift them.

If they’re going to use it as a diary to chronicle their daily adventures or to take notes, you can get them a cute notebook and maybe bundle it with a pack of colorful pens and notepads.

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids With this Children's Day - Stationary
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If they’re going to use it for their abstract drawings and doodles, you can put together a pack of notebooks, a box of pencils, markers and stencils. But because it’s a little unexciting to just roll them all up in a bag, you can create a hamper out of the items to ante up the excitement and watch your kids have fun just taking them apart.

4. Children’s Books

If you have little bookworms who love reading or if you wish to cultivate the habit of reading in your kids, a book is a great gift. Your choices are aplenty with stores like Times, Popular, Kinokuniya, Books Ahoy!, Woods in the Books, and My Imagination Kingdom!

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids With this Children's Day - Woods in the Books
Photo credits Woods in the Books

5. Munchies Bouquet

There’s something really sweet and heart-warming about getting a bouquet of tulips and baby’s breath. While that might be something that could delight your little munchkins, there’s another kind of bouquet that might bring out the giggles more—a bouquet of snacks and sweets.

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6. Gardening Kit

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids With this Children's Day - Gardening
Photo credits Williams-Sonoma

Aside from teaching about nature and plants, gardening helps to nurture self-confidence and a sense of responsibility in kids. You can get a gardening kit at the store or you can put one together yourself. All you’ll need is some soil, seeds, and planters to grow them in. You can start them off with plants like lavender, pansies and marigold.

7. Disney Eyeglasses

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids With this Children's Day - Zoff Singapore glasses
Photo credits Zoff Singapore

If your little ones wear glasses and are fans of Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story, they’ll love this gift.  Zoff Singapore’s Toy Story 4 collection’s Premium Line is inspired by Woody and Buzz Lightyear, while their Casual Line features new characters Forky, Gabby Gabby, Ducky and Bunny in the frames.

You can also purchase an array of reversible eyewear cloths at just $10 each with designs inspired by Woody’s bandana and prints featuring Buzz Lightyear, among others.

Last Minute Gift Ideas to Impress Your Kids With this Children's Day - Zoff Singapore glasses
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