7 Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation

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Source: Victoria Borodinova/Pexels

Forget any thoughts about a winter escapade if you’re out with your little humans and they’re trembling in cold. Kids tend to lose heat faster than adults but don’t worry, that does not spell the end of your wintry adventures.

Arm yourself with these helpful tips to keeping your little ones warm (but don’t forget to keep yourself warm in the process) and set forth on your winter fun!

1. Bundle Them in Layers

Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation - Layers
Source: Pixabay

Multiple thin layers are always better than wrapping your little ones up in one thick layer. Start with a base thermal layer, add regular clothes on top of it (avoid heavy cotton, like jeans if the weather is wet-cold; otherwise it’ll take a long time to dry), and bundle your little munchkins up with a pair of snow pants and coat. This way you can remove the layers one by one when your little tots start to feel warm from their playtime, which would be much easier than wrangling them from their play to put another layer on.

2. But Not too Much

Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation - Limit layers
Source: Nelly Aran/Pexels

While layering is a better choice, adding on layer upon layer, turning your mini-me into a mini marshmallow is definitely a no-no. They might get too hot which could lead to sweating and dehydration, messing with your little ones’ body temperature. Generally, kids should be clothed in one more layer than you. For example, if you’re dressed in two layers, your tots should be in three layers.

3. Wrap Them in Windproof Coats

Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation - Windproof coats
Source: Pixabay

Your outerwear is the gatekeeper, keeping your body safe from the cold winter wind and jackets make for a poor gatekeeper. Consider investing in a wind and water-resistant coat to prevent the chill from creeping in. A good waterproof coat does not just keep the water from rain and snow out, but also always sweat to escape. After all, rolling around in the snow is just not as fun if you’re soaked in your own sweat.

4. Hats & Mitts  

Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation - Hats and Mitts
Source: Victoria Borodinova/Pexels

If you bundle up your little ones in warm clothes but leave their head and hands uncovered, then they’re going to be losing heat through the exposed skin. Opt for a hat with little ear flaps, even better if they can be buttoned under their chin. As for their hands, mittens are a much safer choice than gloves (since they can be slipped right into their little hands with minimal fuss). However, if your kids are a little older, you might want to get waterproof gloves since mitts might make playing into a chore.

5. Sturdy Boots & Long Socks

Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation
Source: Daria Sannikova/pexels

A pair of short socks on a toddler’s feet is liable to slip off, either by itself or by your energetic little ones. A safe bet would be to pull up a pair of socks that go up to their knees on their feet. A sturdy pair of slip-on boots would complete the ensemble for a wintry escapade while staying warm.  

6. Keep Them Well-Fed

Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation - Food
Source: Pixabay

Bedtime snacks might not be beneficial for you but snacking when you’re in a cold environment might do you some good. When it gets cold, your body burns up calories to keep you warm, which is why you should keep snacks like nuts and energy bars at hand to fill you and your little one’s tummies. And make sure to drink enough water, a dehydrated body invites hypothermia.

7. Take a Break

Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm on Your Winter Vacation - Take a break
Source: Tetyana Kovyrina 

From skiing and sledding to snowball fights, winter is a time for great adventures that will keep you and your little ones outdoor for possibly a long time. Although dressed warmly from head to toe, it is a good idea to take breaks intermittently to play it safe.   


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