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Free Printable Educational Worksheets, Coloring Sheets, and more! Just print to provide the little ones with an activity to keep them entertained!

Slide some activity sheets to your little ones and you’ll easily be able to keep them busy for hours. Not only does it entertain kids, but it also helps to expand their minds!

You can get a variety of activity books, from coloring to ‘Where’s Wally?’ at bookstores or you can save some dollars by printing them off the internet!

Here are some activity sheets to get you started!

1. Printables Featuring Local Flora & Fauna

NParks Printables and Activity Sheet

NParks - Printables and Activity Sheets


Pop into NParks’ website for a treasury of fun worksheets featuring our local flora and fauna! With activity sheets like Counting the Animals, Crossword Puzzles, and Coloring, little tots will not just be kept busy, but they’ll also be able to pick up some interesting tidbits along the way!

Image Source: National Parks Board

2. Environmental-conscious Activities

Singapore Zoo - Recycle Racers

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore parks have several resources online for teachers, students and families. You can print out these activity sheets to do them during your trip to the park (there’s one for every park—Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari, Night Safari).

Singapore Zoo - Wetland Wonders

There are also some activities that you can do from home, such as making your own wetland in a bottle, tracing your food back to where it came from and learning about recycling.

Image Source: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

3. Making A Time Capsule

National Gallery Singapore - Make A Time Capsule

Did you know that National Gallery Singapore has a time capsule buried beneath its foundation stone, which is to be unearthed in the year 3000? You can also make your own time capsule with your little ones with the guide of this printable!

National Gallery Singapore - Make A Time Capsule

Collect objects, photographs or letters to store in your time capsule and bury it somewhere deep in your storage space to be opened years down the road.

Image Source: National Gallery Singapore  

4. Crayola Coloring Sheets

Crayola Coloring Sheets

If your kids love coloring, then you’ve hit jackpot with Crayola’s free coloring pages! You can choose from categories like Characters, Seasons, Places and much more! It’ll probably be a while before you’re done with all of them. You can also join in the coloring session with your little ones with these adult coloring pages.

Crayola Coloring Sheets

Image Source: Crayola

5. Disney-inspired Printables

Disney - Ewok Coloring Page

Disney offers a series of printables, such as coloring pages and DIY activities for kids to keep their little hands busy. From Peter Pan coloring pages to making Minnie Mouse Mother’s Day Card, your options are aplenty!

Disney - Minnie Mother's Day Card

Image Source: Disney Family

6. Badanamu Craft Activities

Badanamu - Nemies Craft

On Badanamu’s website, you’ll be able to find several printables that you can try-out together with your little ones. Check out Nemies Crafts, which provides a fun hands-on way for kids to learn the alphabets and Song Activities where you can find coloring sheets, matching activities and craft activities, which you can attempt while listening to Badanamu songs!

Badanamu - Song Activities

Image Source: Badanamu

7. Edutaining Scholastic Printables

Scholastic - Match the Rhyme

Scholastic has a whole bunch of activity sheets for kids of different ages that you can download and print out for free. Aside from coloring sheets and match-up activities, they’ve also got Draw Your Own Comic, Cut and Fold, and Word Search activity sheets among others!

Scholastic - Lotus Shoe

Image Source: Scholastic 

8. Lonely Planet Activity Sheets

Lonely Planet - Cold Places

To get your kids excited about the world, check out Lonely Planet’s activity sheets. Not only are they educational, but they are also both entertaining and stimulating.

Lonely Planet - Wild Places

Depending on the age of your kids, you can take your pick from the variety of offerings, from naming the planets of the solar system and designing your own planet to trying your hand at preserving flowers!  

Image Source: Lonely Planet

9. UHU Handicrafts

UHU Handicrafts
Image Source: Bolton Adhesives

UHU has a bunch of simple handicraft activities for kids. All they will have to do is print the templates, cut them out and glue them together. You have the option of making simple cube-shaped animals like zebra and sheep or a bit more advanced forms such as a dinosaur even a spaceship!



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