PUB’s Refreshed Efforts to Reach Younger Singaporeans Includes Music Video Featuring Pinkfong & Baby Shark

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As part of PUB’s refreshed Water Conservation Campaign that seeks to reach the younger generation, PUB has announced a series of exciting collaborations, including Pinkfong! 

Earlier this year, PUB introduced Water Wally’s sister, Water Sally, a twinkle-eyed water droplet as their newest mascot as part of their refreshed Water Conservation Campaign, which aims to educate the younger generation on water sustainability.

Following her debut, PUB has also announced a line-up of programs aimed at pre-schoolers to make water education fun.

Music Video Featuring Pinkfong, Baby Shark and the Water Droplet Siblings

PUB has partnered with Pinkfong (remember Baby Shark doo-doo-doo-du-du?) to create a dance-along music video “Turn Off the Tap!” featuring Water Wally and Sally as well as a cameo appearance by the Baby Shark family! In the video, the Baby Shark family home is in grave danger of drying up when Water Wally and Sally come to their rescue. The sibling duo share simple water-saving tips in the form of an infectious jingle and fun dance moves.

 “Turn Off the Tap!” is a catchy earworm that engages young children and reinforces the importance of conserving water, a precious resource, so that good water habits can be ingrained in our young for life.

“The Adventures of Water Wally and Sally” by Local Author Adeline Foo

Local author Adeline Foo, one of Singapore’s best-selling writers of fiction for young readers, has teamed up with PUB to pen a three-part storybook series titled “The Adventures of Water Wally & Sally” to reinforce the importance of water as a life-giving source for all and the impact our consumption habits have on the environment and those around us.

The books chronicle Water Wally & Sally’s adventures as they help their animal friends out of challenging situations caused by the misuse of water and other environmental resources.

About 1,800 ECDA-registered preschools will receive the A3-sized fully illustrated storybook set from 28 January for storytelling sessions in class. Parents can also sign their children up for the Water Wally & Sally club to receive the complete set of “The Adventures of Water Wally & Sally” as part of a Members’ Welcome Pack.

Virtual Storytelling Session by Child Influencer

Child influencer, 9-year-old Zemily Leaw, brings The Adventures of Water Wally and Sally to life in PUB’s first-ever virtual storytelling session. The first and second episodes from a series of three, aired on 28 Jan and 2 Feb 2021 while the third episode will be shared on PUB’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages on 9 Feb 2021.

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