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8 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

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You probably already know that Father’s Day is coming up. But if the thought of getting your father or the father of your child a gift has your head in a whirl, don’t worry, we’ve done the scouring for you.

Here’s our pick of 8 best gift ideas along with some pretty savvy promotions that you can make use of!

Last updated: 16 Jun 2021

Gift Box

Source: Happy Bunch

Shop here: Happy Bunch
Price range:
$15 - $40+

Happy Bunch offers flower and gift delivery in Singapore. This Father’s Day, they are offering Customizable Gift Boxes as well as a selection of Ready-to-Order Gift Boxes like Makan Box, All Day Snack Box, and Chocolate Treat Box. You can build your own gift box by choosing what you want to add in from a wide variety of options, from coffee, tea, chocolate, and cocktails to face masks, candles, bottles, and snacks.

Chocolate Etoile Cake

Source: Temptations Cakes Shop

Shop here: Temptations Cake Shop
Price range:
$39 - $85

    You can take the celebration out of the cake but you can’t take the cake out of the celebration. Home-grown bakery, Temptations Cakes Shop’s Signature Chocolate Etoile Cake has had a loyal following for generations and if you’re a fan of all things chocolaty and cake, it isn’t hard to see why. If your father is a sweet tooth, delight him with a cake that has his picture printed on top!

    If you’re looking for more options, Temptations Cakes Shop also has Banana Chocolate Gateau, Tiramisu and Premium Durian Cake on their Father’s Day menu!

    Beer Bouquet

    Beer Bouquet - Lovely Hua Shop
    Source: Lovely Hua Shop

    Shop here: Lovely Hua Shop
    Price range:
    $28 - $89

    No man (or woman) ever said flowers can only be gifted to ladies. Bright and blooming flowers can make anyone’s day brighter. If you’re not too sure about the flowers, opt for a different kind of bouquet – Yakult, snacks or go all out with raw vegetables. The Beer Bouquet which has a beer can sitting amidst the flowers is a great choice as well if dad loves to chill out with a cold one. 

    Homebrew Beer Kit

    Homebrew Beer Kit - HomeBrew
    Source: HomeBrew

    Shop here: HomeBrew
    Price range:
    $150 - $170

    If your dad loves to unwind with a chilled beer, here's one to consider. HomeBrew offers a series of starter kits, which comes complete with all the tools, brewing instructions, recipe chart, and videos on how to use the kit. You can let your dad try their hands at making their first batch of homebrew beer with these kits, it’ll make for a novel experience! 

    Unique Cocktail Concoctions

    Source: LUMO

    Shop here: Bars with Cocktail & Spirit Delivery
    Price range:
    $25 - $$160+

    Here’s another idea for fathers who love to kick back with an alcohol concoction. You can find plenty of establishments offering a wide range of cocktails and spirits for delivery as well as takeaway in Singapore. Take your pick from unique creations like The Kamasutra, consisting of Kamasutra potion, caramelized pomegranate, and garlic wine, Butterfly Pea Gin, Old Fashioned, Tak Qiu, concocted with Milo Bourbon, stabilized simply syrup and Angostura Bitters, and much more!

    Non-Alcoholic Spirits

    Source: Lyre’s

    Shop here: Lyre’s
    Price range:

    Not too big on alcohol? Here’s an alternative that is not too far off. Lyre’s presents the finest range of non-alcoholic classic spirits, from absinthe and bourbon to gin and rum, without compromising on the taste. It makes for an ideal gift for dads worried about their alcohol intake as well as dads who do not favour alcohol. If you are not sure, which to go for, we hear The American Malt, a non-alcoholic bourbon, is a crowd-favourite. Each bottle of 500 ml spirit is priced at $59.

    Shipping is free for orders above $65 and a flat rate of $6 applies for orders below $65.

    Four-leaf Clover Growing Kit

    Four-leaf Clover Growing Kit - Miss Hosay
    Source: Miss Hosay

    Shop here: Miss Hosay
    Price range:
    $9 - $20+

    One doesn’t have to be a green thumb to plant four-leaf clovers. Don’t be disheartened when you see three-leaf clovers when your plant begins to sprout, the four-leaf clovers come out when the number of stems increases! You can also get your father started on gardening by presenting them with other water-based or soil-based growing kits like bonsai and herbs.

    Furoshiki-wrapped Chocolate Gifts

    Furoshiki-wrapped Chocolate Gifts - Hello Chocolate
    Source: Hello Chocolate

    Shop here: Hello Chocolate
    Price range:

    What’s the best gift for your father who loves popping chocolates into his mouth? It has to be chocolate. Hello Chocolate has a collection of Father’s Day gift sets featuring chocolate from around the world. From the ‘Chocolate Gift Creator’, which allows you to pick and choose the chocolate to go into the gift, to the ‘For The Best Dad’ set inclusive of alcohol-infused chocolate. And if you want to order a set for yourself on the side, we completely understand.


    Feature image: ExplorerBob/Pixabay


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