Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation

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You’ve probably been on vacations and staycations with your family but now, it’s time for a Homecation, it’s similar to vacation and close to a staycation.  

With Phase 2 Heightened Alert measures in place, the things you can do with your kids during these holidays have probably shrunk considerably, which is why we’re bringing you this ultimate guide to enjoying a family homecation! 

1. Pack Your Bags

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation
Source: The Honest Company/Unsplash

How can you go on holiday without packing your bags? Even if it’s one you’re having at home! So, the first step is to get your suitcases out and throw in your essentials. Then roll it into your room and plop down on your bed like you’ve just checked into your hotel room after a long, tiring flight! 

2. Transform Your Living Room into a Lounge

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation
Source: Jonathan Borba/Pexels

What does a good hotel lounge have? Seating space, food and beverage options, and possibly a separate family area with books, television, and toys. Isn’t that almost your living room? You can spruce up your living room by adding in little details, like bucket Lego blocks to a side (think Legoland Hotel), a kettle with some tea/coffee sachets on the table where you can also arrange some magazines, and you can also add in your kid’s artworks here and there, to give it a lounge-like ambiance.  

3. Turn Your Dining Area into a Restaurant

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation
Source: James DeMers/Pixabay

Many diners and restaurants are jumping onto the home-delivery bandwagon, and thanks to that you have a wide variety of options when it comes to food when you’re on a homecation. Instead of simply ordering your food and chomping down, liven it up by turning your dining area into a restaurant – table cloths, serviettes and all. And if you don’t already have a bar counter, you can also add in a small table, arrange some drinks on it and turn it into a “bar”, even if all you’re going to be drinking is orange juice.

Another way to make it more fun is to have your children role-play as waiters and kitchen staff – they can pretend to take your orders, cook your meal, and serve you your meal!  

4. Hit the Beach

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation
Source: Sam Earp/YouTube

Yes, the beaches are closed but because we have this amazing thing called technology, we can at least pretend like we’re toasting under the sun on the beach. Put on your sun hat, pack a book, and take a virtual trip to your choice of a beach! The Caribbean seascapes, Valentia Beach, and the Maldives are just some places you can visit.

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5. Go on a Virtual Tour

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation
Source: Sistine Chapel

If you did not already know, you can now take virtual trips to iconic places around the world, like the Buckingham Palace, The Lourve, Grand Canyon, and even the Sistine Chapel. You don’t have to worry about being jostled in the crowd and can take your time to explore the sites, which we think is a major perk that can be savored only during a homecation.     

6. Change Your Children’s Room into an Indoor Playground

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation
Source: Tatiana Syrikova/Pexels

Chances are, your little ones’ room is probably already looking like an indoor playground. But where’s the fun in that? Of course, you don’t have to undertake a huge transformation project to make a change. Rather, you can give the room a small make-over by moving some of the toys out, rearranging the others in different play zones, bring in some video games, movies, and books. Create a rest area for yourself in the room as well, that way you can watch over your kids playing while you enjoy a cuppa.

7. Wrap Up Your Day with Fireworks Display

Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation
Source: Disney Parks

There are so many great things about a homecation, from traveling the world in your pajamas to creating an itinerary without having to worry about the time it takes to travel between places. Including being able to catch the magical Walt Disney World fireworks display. That’s right, Disney has released a virtual viewing of one of their most spectacular shows ever created, ‘Happily Ever After’ that you can watch from your couch for free! What better way is there to wrap up your homecation?


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