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What’s Happening in June: Kid-friendly Activities & Things to Do from Home

From kids’ activities and online classes to virtual tours and festivals, June is just as happening as ever! You don’t have to fill every hour of your day with something to do but finding something to keep the boredom at bay every day can be challenging when you have nothing planned. Thankfully, even with the school holidays shifted to May and circuit breaker measures still in place, June has much to offer. We’ve compiled a list of kid-friendly activities and things you can do to keep your little ones and yourselves entertained and engaged at home, from online ballet classes to virtual tours of museum exhibits! Keep us bookmarked as we will continue updating this page! 1. Singapore Heritage Festival...

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10 Noteworthy Museums to Explore from Home

The physical doors of museums around the world may be closed to us but the virtual doors have opened to us instead, not only making the museums much easily accessible to us but also bringing the exhibits much closer to us than ever. While a virtual experience may not be the same as being able to experience the splendor of these museums "live", it is much better than the alternative of not being able to access them at all. It’s also a great way to prepare yourself for a future trip! So, here are 10 noteworthy museums you can explore from home for free! 1. Benaki Museum | Athens Source: Benaki Museum Explore: Benaki Museum | Gkikas Gallery | Yannis...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Enjoying a Family Homecation

You’ve probably been on vacations and staycations with your family but now, it’s time for a Homecation, it’s similar to vacation and close to a staycation.   With circuit breaker measures still in place, the things you can do with your kids during these holidays have probably shrunk considerably, which is why we’re bringing you this ultimate guide to enjoying a family homecation!  1. Pack Your Bags Source: The Honest Company/Unsplash How can you go on holiday without packing your bags? Even if it’s one you’re having at home! So, the first step is to get your suitcases out and throw in your essentials. Then roll it into your room and plop down on your bed like you’ve just checked...

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6 Parks Around the World You Can Hike Virtually with Your Kids

Thanks to the evolution of technology, life has become so much easier. Not only do we get to access information at our fingertips, but we also get to travel the world with just a few taps from our couch. Forget about getting your kids to put on a jacket or getting them to put right feet in the right shoe, here are 6 parks around the world you can hike virtually with your kids! 1. Hang Sơn Đoòng | Vietnam Source: National Geographic Hike: Hang Sơn Đoòng Hang Son Doong, situated within the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park in Vietnam, is the world’s largest natural cave. To preserve the cave as it is before tourism developments greatly alter its untouched...

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10 Iconic Sites around the World to Visit from Your Home

Travel with your kids from the safety and comfort of your couch at home! Why limit your travels to the kitchen from your living room, when you can see the world? With the current COVID-19 situation and circuit breaker in place, we understand if you get tired of the interior of your house. Add a little zest to your day by going on a virtual tour to iconic places around the world! And in these tours, there’s no hassle to traveling with kids! 1. Tower Bridge | London Source: Google Earth Visit: Tower Bridge Located in London, England, the Tower Bridge is sometimes confused with the London Bridge, which is located a little way upstream. Built in the late 1800s,...

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