4 Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation at Home with Your Kids

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You’ve gone on virtual tours, you’ve tried your hands on a variety of DIY sets, what else can you do with your family without leaving your house?

Have a homecation is what you can do. And what vacation is complete without a trip to the beach? Here are 4 ways you can enjoy a beach vacation at home with your kids after all, desperate situations call for desperate measures!

1. Get Beach Backgrounds

Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation at Home with Your Kids
Source: Desktopimages

Sometimes you can only make do with what you have and if it means tricking your brain into thinking you’re on the sandy shores of a tropical beach, why not? Download free beach wallpapers and use it as your background while you sip on coconut juice and read a book. 

2. Download the Sound of Waves

Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation at Home with Your Kids
Source: Relax24/YouTube

A static image of a beach, no matter how striking, can only do so much, which is why you should download the sound of the beach to accompany your background. This way you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the right mood. You can find hours of sounds of the beach and waves on YouTube or you can download it for free at sites like Sound Bites and ZapSplat

3. Transform Your Tub into a Pool

Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation at Home with Your Kids
Source: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

Have a bathtub at home? Perfect. Turn it into a “swimming pool” for the little ones to splish-splash about. Don’t have a bathtub? You can still make it work with a shower (probably)! Here’s a video on how you can change your shower area into a pool area (and other sporty activities you could try out!).

4. Playback 360 Videos of Beaches

Ways to Enjoy a Beach Vacation at Home with Your Kids
Source: 360 VR Videos/YouTube

360 videos of beaches will make you feel like you’re standing right there, on the sandy shores of the beach, which is great if you can’t make the trip. You can easily find a trove of these 360 videos of beaches from around the world on YouTube. To get you started, here are some beaches you can visit; Caribbean, Miami Beach, Malibu Beach, a beach in Playa del Carmen, and a beach on Kauai Island. Don’t forget that you can change the angle of the videos when you’re watching them!

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