Top 5 Channels for Your Morning Parent-Child Fitness Session

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John Wooden once said, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Little ones may not be able to run across open fields and around playgrounds to exhaust that seemingly endless energy during this period but they can instead use that energy elsewhere, like exercising at home!

Top Channels for Your Morning Parent-Child Fitness Session
Source: MoneyCrashers

Here is our pick of the top 5 channels you can tune in to for a morning parent-child fitness session!

1. GoNoodle

Top Channels for Your Morning Parent-Child Fitness Session - Go Noodle
Source: GoNoodle/YouTube

From Frozen-inspired workout sessions to guided dance sessions led by Clucky McFeathers, GoNoodle has a library of goofy videos featuring an array of characters that little ones can follow and move along to. The videos will keep your little ones active through dancing, running, jumping, stretching, and wiggling!

2. Moovelee

Top Channels for Your Morning Parent-Child Fitness Session - Moovlee
Source: Moovelee/YouTube

Moovelee is all about using exercise, meditation and breathing techniques to help children with their social, emotional and physical development. With videos featuring gentle animated monkeys guiding little ones through a variety of workouts such as meditation, yoga and stretching, kids can follow along easily.

3. Alo Yoga

Top Channels for Your Morning Parent-Child Fitness Session - Alo Yoga
Source: Alo Yoga/YouTube

You can find a collection of yoga videos for adults and kids alike on Alo Yoga’s YouTube channel. Take your pick from quick-burn sessions, stretching exercises and yoga how-tos if you’re working out alone. Free Kids Yoga & Meditation from Alo Gives features exercises designed to teach kids how to find calm when challenged mute negativity, gain focus and learn more easily, among others.

4. Little Sports

Top Channels for Your Morning Parent-Child Fitness Session - Little Sports
Source: Little Sports/YouTube

Featuring a pair of animated girl and boy, Little Sports’ videos are simple enough to follow along for kids. The videos that are about 10 to 15 minutes long each teach little ones a variety of exercises such as stretching, wake up exercises and belly exercises.

5. The Body Coach

Top Channels for Your Morning Parent-Child Fitness Session - The Body Coach
Source: The Body Coach/YouTube

The Body Coach YouTube channel offers a variety of kid’s workout videos that are about 5 to 10 minutes long. If you want to have a longer workout session, you can match a few of the videos together to create your own fitness routine. The Body Coach also offers P.E. with Joe every week that you can join in with your kids!

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