A List of The Best List Of Things to Do and Places to Go with Kids this School Holidays | Outdoor, Indoor and Promotions

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Like the movie, Inception, we delve into our full list of over 1,000 articles to prepare this list of lists of family-friendly things to do and places to go with kids! Confused? Read on!

We looked into our full library of articles and compiled a list of our articles. Each of these articles is also a list of family friendly activities and experiences that you can embark on this holiday! 

Home-based | Outdoors | Promotions

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List of Indoor Activities to do at Home

Yes, we have compiled a list of home-based activities that you may work on with your child. Some simplier than others, but hope you get some inspirations!

Home-based Activities Suggested by Mummies

We asked Mummies on IG if they can share some ideas, and this list of home-based activities are compiled from Suggestions by Mummies.

Immunity Boosting Recipes

Have fun and be well! This list of immunity boosting recipes will inspire you to have fun in the kitchen with healthy end-results!

Coloring Mats in Singapore

These coloring mats will entertain the little ones for a couple of hours, and can be re-washable and re-used too! We got Promo Codes available too!

Subscription Boxes for Home-based Fun

We compiled a list of subscription boxes that will provide the family with educational fun! A new box every month, means new fun every month too!


Complete List of Outdoor Playgrounds

Compiled over 3 years, our complete list of outdoor playgrounds will introduce you to the various outdoor playgrounds in Singapore that we have visited. Complete with pictures and videos so you know what to expect. 

Big Open Outdoor Spaces

Apart from playgrounds, there are also other big outdoor spaces that kids may run while at! This include parks, malls and restaurants too! Take a look at this list for some inspiration! 

Things to do Outdoors

Being outdoors is just a small part of keeping the kids entertained! If you need ideas for what to do outdoors, here is our list of 30 Outdoor Activities for Kids!


Free Parking in Shopping Malls

Not a regular occurrence, but with the current COVID-19 situations, most malls are offering Free Parking this Mar / Apr, and we keep you updated on the latest!

Promotions in Malls, Attractions and Events

We compiled this list of exciting promotions around the island that help families spend time together, and even scored them accordingly! 

Malls are Giving Away "Cash"

Simply spend and redeem vouchers from the malls! Used like cash, these Malls are giving away free money! Capitaland Malls, City Square Mall, NEX Singapore and Parkway Parade are currently in this list! 


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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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