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Like the movie, Inception, we delve into our full list of over 1,000 articles to prepare this list of lists of family-friendly things to do and places to go with kids! Confused? Read on!

We looked into our full library of articles (that's almost 5 years worth of content) and compiled a list of our listicles! Each of these listicles are a list of family friendly activities and experiences themselves! So you can't say there is nothing to do this holiday! 

Before we start, definitely do not forget to check out our weekly list of top things to do and places to go for families in Singapore! This list is updated weekly with the latest happenings! 

Last updated: March 2022

Things To Do At Home

For the rainy days, tired days, and days that we just do not wish to step out of the house. Here's a list of things you can do with your kid or have them engaged in. 

List of Indoor Activities to do at Home

Yes, we have compiled a list of fun indoor activities that you may explore with the kids from the comforts of your home! Some are simpler and other may require some work, but overall, we hope you get inspired to do something at home with your little ones! 

Home-based Activities Suggested by Mummies

When we were home too long and ran out of ideas, we jumped on IG and asked our mummies on IG to share what they did! And we got some amazing ideas that we compiled into one big list! Thank you for contributing!

Games We Play At Home

Over the Circuit Breaker and Home-based learning periods, we came up with different games to play at home! To introduce you to these games, we created a series of videos to Let's Play @ Home! 

Immunity Boosting Recipes

Have fun in the kitchen as a family and be well at the same time! This list of immunity boosting recipes will inspire you to have fun in the kitchen with healthy end-results! 

Coloring Mats in Singapore

These coloring mats will entertain the little ones for a couple of hours, and as an added bonus, it can be re-washed and re-used too! Here's a list of colouring mats available in Singapore! 

Subscription Boxes for Home-based Fun

We compiled a list of subscription boxes that will provide the family with educational fun! A new box every month, means new fun every month too!

DIY Kits to Relieve Your Boredom at Home

Here's a list of DIY kits, from art jamming sets to Kueh Dadar bake boxes, that you can attempt with your kids at home! With everything you might need for a project neatly packaged and delivered to your doorstep, all you have to do is enjoy the experience! 

Free, Fun and Educational Online Resources To Do At Home

We have compiled a list of links that will help you to continue making memories with your little ones at home, allow them to pick up a new skill or knowledge and keep them occupied while you finish your chores! From online games, craft ideas and colouring sheets to fun facts, music theory lessons and language lessons!

16 Best Screen-free Activities for Kids To Keep Entertained!

Feel like your little one is getting too much screen time? We've got you covered with some of the best things that you can do with your kids and get them away from the screen!

Noteworthy Museums to Explore from Home

Can you imagine getting an up-close view of the renaissance art masterpieces at the Vatican Museums? Because you can. Here's a list of noteworthy museums around the world that you can explore without getting up from your couch! 

Parks Around the World You Can Hike Virtually with Your Kids

From going on virtual trips to museums to going on a virtual hike to some of the best parks around the world! We have compiled a list of parks that are worth a virtual trip with your children and to go on a nature trail from home!

Outdoor Fun Times!

You can start searching for fun family venues from our family-friendly venues page, or scroll down to go through the various lists that we have!

Complete List of Outdoor Playgrounds

Compiled over 3 years, the list of outdoor playgrounds will introduce you to the various outdoor playgrounds in Singapore that we have visited. Complete with pictures and videos so you know what to expect. 

If it is indoor playgrounds that you are seeking, head over to our complete list of indoor playgrounds in Singapore with opening timings, pricing and contact details too!

The Best Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore

If you can't narrow down the playgrounds you want to visit with your kids, here's a compiled list of some of the biggest and most exciting outdoor playgrounds that you can consider bringing your kids out to!  

Big Open Outdoor Spaces

You don't have to go to an outdoor playground to experience big outdoor spaces for the kids to run wild at. We have compiled a list of parks, malls and restaurants that offers that luxury too! Take a look at this list for some inspiration! 

Things to do Outdoors

Being outdoors is just a small part of keeping the kids entertained! If you need ideas for what to do outdoors, here is our list of 30+ Outdoor Activities for Kids!

Cycling Routes and Nature Trails in Singapore

We have compiled the best kid-friendly routes to explore on two-wheels with your family on your next cycling trip! And if you need help renting a bike, here's our list of bicycle rentals around Singapore! You can't say you don't have a bike!

Kayaking in Singapore For Families

If you prefer to go into the water, here's our Guide to Kayaking in Singapore. Prepared for families in mind, the list includes places to kayak, rental rates and information on certification requirements too!

Nature Walking Trails in Singapore

Take a stroll with your kids through one of Singapore’s many green lungs and let nature recharge you! We have compiled a list of walking trails where families may visit and start a healthy lifestyle!

New Attractions & Places in Singapore

Exploring new places is exciting, that's why we have prepared a list of new family-friendly attractions and places that recently opened! 


One of our favourite activities is to eat and by eating with our family, we can also build stronger family relationships! Let us help you with F&B ideas for more family bonding times!

Kids Eat for FREE

Here are 15 places where your little ones can eat for free (updated for 2022)! Have fun munching with your little ones! Bookmark this page for your next lunch date with the family!

Family-friendly Restaurants with Open Spaces For Kids to Run, Cycle, Scoot and Play

Imagine the kids having space to enjoy themselves while the adults have their meals. You don't have to imagine for long because we have compiled a list of restaurants with open spaces for the kids to go amok while adults enjoy a meal in leisure!

Kids-friendly Halal Restaurants and Cafes

If you are on the lookout for Muslim-friendly cuisine, from tender steaks to flavorful Indian dishes, we got a list for you as well! The options are aplenty across Singapore!

The Best Pizza Places in Singapore

Nothing beats a slice of pizza, whether it's a movie night or you are simply craving it, which is why we have sourced some of the best pizza places in Singapore for you!


Everyone loves a great deal! So let's talk about deals that is suitable for families and helps us to spend time together for less! Don't forget to join our Telegram group where you will get regular updates on promotions and deals too!

Free Parking in Shopping Malls

Not a regular occurrence, but with the current COVID-19 situations, there are many malls are offering Free Parking, and we keep you updated on the latest (last updated June 2021)!

Restaurant Promotions and Dining Deals

We understand that good food equals a good mood, which is why we bring you monthly compilation of restaurant promotions and dining deals! Here's the list for July to keep your appetite going!

Birthday Promotions

If you are celebrating your birthday, don't forget to check out this list of Birthday Promotions just for you! 


Other list that may help you in your next family fun


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