Entertaining the Kids with Coloring Mats in SG | What are they and where to get them?

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Coloring is an excellent quiet activity for children, the other benefits include reducing anxiety, improving motor skills and focus. Reusable coloring mats allow you to do it again and again!

Coloring mats are great items to use as a quiet activity for the kids. Maybe you need the kids to keep still at the restaurant, or be entertained while travelling, or just to keep them quiet at home. 

The alternative might be to use paper but that means bringing along lots of paper while colouring mats are usually made by silicon and that allows it to be easily folded for bringing it out of the house and can be washed and re-use again (think of the trees too)!

But what are the Colouring Mat options available in Singapore and what's their difference? We take a look at a Our Button Nose, DrawnBy:, #ohmymat, Busy Mat, and Colour Me Mats which are coloring mats available in Singapore.

We also have PROMO CODES listed for the mats too. 

Our Button Nose


Website: www.ourbuttonnose.com 
Mat Types

  • Compact Mats (20cm x 15cm)
  • Large Mats (40cm x 30cm)

Price Range: $8.90 - $16.90 
Collection Option: Local Shipping (Courier delivery at $4.00 and free for orders above $30), Overseas Shipping (Varies by country)
Refund Policy: No refunds, unless for erroneous print or damage 

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Created by a mummy and her two princesses, Daphne and Melody, Our Button Nose advocates play-based learning, that's why their products are aimed at capturing every child's imagination and provide them with a fun learning experience. 

Learning is made less intimidating by introducing colour to their favorite alphabets and numbers, adding game elements with dice and checkers and encouraging engagement as they search for the little mascot (Milo) in all of the mats. Melody and Daphne will also dress up in different theme of the mats and accompany your children on their learning journey. Bundles kits are also available in store that encourage sensory play and learning. 

Our mats are made of food grade silicone and is free from harmful chemicals or substances, FDA approved, non-toxic and guaranteed safe for the little ones.


Website: https://www.drawnbyjessica.com/
Mat Types

  • Coaster Mats (10cm x 10cm)
  • Table Mats (30cm x 40cm)

Price Range: $6.90 - $17.90
Collection Option: Local Shipping (Normal delivery at $2, Courier delivery at $5.50 and free for orders above $80), Malaysia Shipping ($12, free for orders above $120), Other Overseas Shipping (Varies by country)
Refund Policy: Within 10 days, unused and in original packaging

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DrawnBy: was created in June 2018, with Jessica’s passion and love for doodling. With the encouragement of friends and family, she explored different methods of bringing her doodles and artwork to life!

Having her own children opened her eyes to just how wasteful some kids’ activities were and she was drawn to the durability and reusability of silicone mats. What started as a simple passion for art and creativity has turned into a beloved pastime for not only her kids but kids all over Singapore!

The mats are fully tested in Singapore to guarantee safety for all customers! 


Website: https://ohmymats.com.sg/
Mat Types

  • Mini Mats (15cm x 10cm)
  • Small Mats (38cm x 24cm)
  • Large Mats (43cm x 28cm)

Price Range: $9.95 - $22.95
Collection Option: Self-collect, Local Shipping (Free for orders above $20 to $10 for Express), Overseas Shipping (Varies by country, Free for orders above $200)
Refund Policy: No refund

#ohmymats is Audrey's personal give back project. Helping struggling or new artists, supporting special needs and donation of products to generate sales or direct cash donations from the sales of the mats is Audrey's personal mission when she decided to start #ohmymats.

And not forgetting, watching how kids can get off gadgets and enjoy a simple activity like colouring puts a smile on any parent's face. #ohmymats are designed by different artists, and the company seeks for new artists to join the team and create new designs in future. 

Created in Korea, the mats are made from food grade platinum silicon and tested for safety locally and in Korea. 


Website: https://www.busymatsg.com/ (Use BKOBM15 for 15% off min. $10 spending)
Mat Types

  • Travel Mats (15cm x 20cm)
  • Large Mats (30cm x 40cm)

Price Range: $8.90 - $16.50 
Collection Option: Local Shipping (Local Postage to 1 Day Courier Service at $11), Overseas Shipping (Contact for pricing)
Refund Policy: Not stated

Aimed at keeping the little ones busy and letting their imagination run wild! Most importantly to keep them off screens during meal times! These mats are not only educational, it also helps parent and child to bond through colouring! Some of the mats even come with matching toys for Montessori play! 

Mats are made with food grade dining silicon colouring mat, FDA certified, BPA free, Latex Free, safe for kids and adults.

Colour Me Mats

Website: https://colourmemats.com.sg/
Mat Types

  • Puzzle Mats (16cm x 11cm)
  • Standard Mats (26cm x 40cm)

Price Range: $6.80 - $16.80
Collection Option: Local Shipping (Free for orders above $80 to $8.50 Next-day courier), Rest of World Shipping ($50)
Refund Policy: No refunds, exchange for erroneous print or damage

Colour Me Mats is lovingly created by two Mummies who love picture books and strongly believe in minimising screen time for their children. All mats are original designs conceptualised from scratch and tell a story with each scene. Mummies and Daddies are encouraged to guide your children through each character and where possible, to relate back to the children classics of storytelling.

All our mats are BPA-free and made of premium food grade silicone with FDA and SGS certification. 


Do you have experience with any of the mats? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!



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