The Best Mooncakes To Try This Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore

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Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 is here, and here's a list of mooncakes from restaurants, hotels and cafes for your selection! 

With Mid-Autumn Festival upon us, here's a selection of mooncakes that is suitable for gifting and self indulgence! From local new flavours to traditional ones, read on to find out more!

1. Celebrate Mid-Autumn with locally-inspired snowskin mooncakes from Cat & the Fiddle

Venue: Online at and in-store at
all Cat & the Fiddle outlets island-wide.
Date: 10 Aug - 10 Sep 2022

For the first time, to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, Cat & the Fiddle is thrilled to unveil a locally-inspired snow skin mooncake collection. 

Setting it apart from conventional snow skin mooncakes is the brand’s proprietary cream cheese filling which is featured in a tempting line-up of familiar favourite flavours like Kopi Gao, Teh Peng and Bandung. There is also an intensely-rich Mao Shan Wang rendition!

Two different six-piece box sets are available from¬†Cat & the Fiddle‚Äôs 2022 mooncake collection¬†‚Äď Meowsketeer Trio ($68.90) and Meowsketeer Towkay ($78.90).

Meowsketeer Trio comprises two pieces each of Kopi Gao, Teh Peng and Bandung snowskin mooncakes. Each gem boasts a delicate and thin exterior with velvety-smooth fillings made with aromatic local coffee, robust black tea and rose-scented bandung-infused lotus paste respectively.

Meowsketeer Towkay is a decadent treat decked in an exquisite charcoal snow skin with a rich and bittersweet Mao Shan Wang durian filling within.

The mooncakes come in an adorable packaging, boasting nostalgic illustrations of an HDB block and kopitiam, along with a quirky and functional kopi dabao bag which makes for an ideal gift for loved ones this season.  

2. Happy Bunch X Mandarin Oriental Mooncake Gifts

 While stocks last

Happy Bunch has partnered with Mandarin Oriental, bringing their much loved and prestigious Mooncake gift sets to their gifting catalog. Purchase on Happy Bunch to get FREE door step delivery.

  • Gift set of 2 Mooncakes¬†- Double up on the goodness. This box set of 2 includes a Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste Traditional Mooncake (Single Yolk) and a Hongyu Black Tea Lotus Traditional Mooncake With Pomelo, Citrus Peel & Pumpkin Seed.
  • Gift set of 4 Mooncakes¬†- Sample two Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste Mooncakes, a Chestnut Mooncake With Taro Coconut, and a Hongyu Black Tea Lotus Mooncake With Pomelo, Citrus Peel & Pumpkin Seed
  • Gift box of 1 Mooncake¬†- The perfect addition to your own customized gift box, this single Mooncake box can be sent with other goodies or along with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

*EXCLUSIVE OFFER* Receive a complimentary Greeting card of your choice (valued at $5) when you purchase any of the Mooncake selection here with promo code HBMOONCAKES4BYKIDO, valid till 15 Sep 2022.

3. Great For Gifting - Mooncakes from The Marmalade Pantry

Venue:  ION, Downtown, and Bugis outlets, as well as online
Dates: By 14 Aug 2022 for early bird discount

The Marmalade Pantry presents an ensemble of baked mooncakes, crafted with a low sugar and no lard recipe; nestled in an all-new, special edition hand-woven Blush Pink Rattan Vanity Case as well as a sleek Scarlet Red Large Tote Bag.

Bearing contemporary geometric designs, the baked mooncakes showcase two signature flavours ‚ÄstDouble Yolk with White Lotus¬†Paste and¬†Baked Charcoal with Black Sesame and Melon Seeds, as well as two new flavours ‚ÄstTraditional White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts¬†and¬†Hojicha Matcha with Raisin.

Exclusively available in a variety of five gift sets (from $88+), the mooncakes are encased in either the Blush Pink Rattan Vanity Case or Scarlet Red Large Tote Bag. The vanity case is a petite vintage-style bag featuring a natural rattan hand-woven wicker design with a blush pink PVC leather cover, and every piece is unique. The bag is elevated with a gold clasp and a top handle with a logo-embossed tag, perfect for carrying everyday essentials in style. The trendy and spacious Scarlet Red Large Tote Bag comes in a woven rattan webbing and scarlet red PVC leather, secured with a magnetic snap clasp and a matching bamboo carry handle.

Pre-orders can be made from now at the ION, Downtown, and Bugis outlets, as well as online, for delivery and self-collection from 11 August to 10 September 2022. 

4. Learn More About Traditional Teochew Culture & Mooncakes with Thye Moh Chan

Venue: Thye Moh Chan, at selected BreadTalk and Toast Box outlets; online via
Date: Till 10 Sep

Thye Moh Chan ś≥įŤĆāś†ą¬†is pleased to unveil its inimitable and much-anticipated traditional Teochew mooncake collection on 14 July 2022. Made using time-honoured recipes dating back to 1943 and expertise distilled over the years, these well-loved hand-crafted traditional Teochew mooncakes are a firm favourite among young and old.

This year, the brand hopes to engage the younger generation through a collaboration with Miss Teochew śĹģŚ∑ěÁĺéŚßź 2017‚Äôs Jaslyn Tan, 30, and Madeleine Sim, 28, both of whom are actively-involved in the Teochew community and passionate about preserving the Teochew heritage.

The public can learn and understand more about the Teochew culture through the perspectives of Jaslyn and Madeleine, and customers will also get to take part in the in-store ÁĆúÁĀĮŤįú or ‚ÄėGuess the Lantern Riddle contest‚Äô. A Mid-Autumn tradition, exquisite lanterns; each tagged with a Chinese riddle, will adorn all Thye Moh Chan outlets from 14 July to 10 September 2022, and customers will stand to win Thye Moh Chan 20% discount voucher!

5. Hilton Singapore Orchard Launches A Collection of Cantonese-style Mooncakes

Venue: Hilton Singapore Orchard
Dates: 10 Aug - 10 Sep 2022

Hilton Singapore Orchard marks its first celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival this year since its opening in February with the hotel’s classic mooncake collection available from August 10 to September 10, 2022. 

In the grand tradition of the annual Mooncake Festival, Executive Pastry Chef Cindy Khoo has created a collection of Cantonese-style mooncakes in a variety of traditional flavours like Plain White Lotus and White Lotus with Single or Double Yolks. Those craving something extra can opt for modern iterations like the Osmanthus White Lotus and the Traditional Mixed Nuts mooncake.

A box of four mooncakes is priced at $82. Each set comes in an ornately designed pink box, which can double up as a jewellery box, and a reusable pastel pink tote bag adorned with a minimalist floral design as an ode to Orchard Road’s history as a plantation.

You can enjoy 30% off your total bill if you place an order before August 26, 2022.

6. Mid-Autumn Festival Made Luxe with GODIVA's Mooncake Collection

Venue: GODIVA Boutiques, Bugis Junction, Raffles City, Suntec City and Takashimaya S.C; as well as online via
Dates: Until 10 Sep 2022

This Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrate joyful reunions and show appreciation with GODIVA‚Äôs stellar¬†Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Collection, decked out in¬†new¬†celestial blue packaging (for 16pcs and 36pcs) adorned with dainty illustrations of flowers and a rabbit, evoking a sense of dreamlike wonderment. For gifting with a twist, customers may also consider the Mid-Autumn Hamper Bag ‚Äď an adorable packaging that can also double up as a makeup or jewellery bag.¬†

7. New Outstanding Mooncake Flavours @ Old Seng Choong

Venue:  Old Seng Choong stores, and online at
Date: Until 10 Sep 2022

Old Seng Choong, an esteemed home-grown brand known for its quality bakes and treats, welcomes the Mid-Autumn Festival with an exceptional selection of classic and contemporary mooncake creations, including NEW outstanding flavours like Liu Ren (Mixed Nuts with Olive Kernel), Taro with Pumpkin, and White Lotus Paste with Olive Kernel; as well as popular perennial favourites such as the Black Truffle Red Lotus Paste with Bakwa and White Lotus Paste with Yolk Blend that make a comeback this year.

Taking centre-stage on the gorgeous box design this year is a meaningful mandarin phrase strikingly embossed in gold ‚Äď śĶ∑šłäŚćáśėéśúąÔľĆŚ§©ś∂ĮŚÖĪś≠§śó∂ ‚Äď symbolising reunion and a time when family and loved ones rekindle conversations under the same moonlight, together or apart.

These heart-warming gems are available at both Old Seng Choong stores, and online at from 28 July to 10 September 2022, while stocks last. Customers who place their orders before 12 August 2022 can enjoy a 20% discount. With every box of mooncakes purchased, customers will also be entitled to 15% off their next purchase.

8. Enjoy The Mid-Autumn Revelry at Yàn

Venue: Available at or directly at Yàn
Date: Now till 10 Sep 2022

YaŐÄn¬†marks the annual Mid-Autumn celebration with an enticing collection of five signature baked mooncakes and a snowskin creation. The collection comes in the following flavours¬†

  • Baked White Lotus Mooncakes¬†highlight generous filling of white lotus seed paste with¬†single¬†or¬†double salted egg yolks¬†or¬†macadamia nuts.
  • The¬†Thousand Layer Yam Mooncakes¬†are available¬†plain¬†or with a¬†single yolk¬†for a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.¬†
  • The¬†Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake¬†continues to be a favourite for durian lovers since its introduction in 2019¬†‚Äď a¬†delectable creation featuring pastel yellow snowskin enveloping creamy, bittersweet Mao Shan Wang durian pulp.

The lovely mooncakes are presented in eco-friendly paper boxes made from recyclable paper. Available in a set of four, the¬†Classic Flight¬†is a perfect gift for family and friends. A pull-open sleeve slides up to reveal a graceful dance of swallows taking flight over majestic mountains illuminated by the full moon. Within the chest are individually packaged mooncake boxes illustrated with vibrant artwork inspired from YaŐÄn‚Äôs vivid feature wall.¬†

Ideal as simpler gifts, the Couplet Set that consists of two mooncakes is also available in a petite version of the same bespoke packaging.

9. PrimaDéli’s Mid-Autumn Snowskin Mooncakes

Venue: PrimaDéli outlets island-wide
 Now till 10 Sep 2022

PrimaDéli ups its spread of local favourites this Mid-Autumn, with new and exciting mini snowskin mooncake that captures the flavours of Singapore’s favourite desserts and kuehs. 

Kueh Salat, Pulut Hitam, Ondeh Ondeh, Chendol, and Black Sesame Peanut join the ranks of all-time favourite mini snowskin mooncakes, Durian King, Mango Yuzu, Cookies & Cream, and Mylo. The mooncakes will be available at all PrimaDéli outlets island-wide till 10 September 2022.

From now until 24 Aug, enjoy 30% off with a minimum purchase of either a box of 4 regular size or 9 mini size mooncake, and 15% off from 25 Aug to 10 Sep 2022. 

10. Celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with ZEE & ELLE’s New Under The Moonlight Snow Skin Mooncakes


This Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoy quality time with loved ones with ZEE & ELLE’s new Under The Moonlight snow skin mooncakes. A very first for the brand, ZEE & ELLE joins in the festivity this year to bring to you a variety of exquisite tea-infused snow skin mooncakes with four delightful flavours that includes Japanese Citrus Yuzu, Oolong Lychee, Blissful Berries Pu'er and Jasmine Pearl Peach.

The Japanese Citrus Yuzu snow skin mooncake is a tangy creation with a bountiful of zesty flavour with its Japanese Yuzu snow skin and filling made wholly from Yuzu juice. The Oolong Lychee snow skin mooncake boasts a sweet floral aroma as it mooncake features dehydrated lychee bits with a Oolong snow skin.

The Blissful Berries Pu'er snow skin mooncake is made from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.'s award-winning Blissful Berries tea, and filling made from rich Pu'er with raspberry and blueberry fruit granules. The Jasmine Pearl Peach snow skin mooncake made from Jasmine Pearl tea, another of The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.'s signature tea, the mooncake is paired with a lotus white peach filling and dried apricot bits to elevate the flavours.

From now¬†till Sunday, 21 August, customers can enjoy 15% off when they key in ‚ÄėZEMOONCAKES‚Äô¬†upon checkout at ZEE & ELLE‚Äôs online boutique store.¬†ZEE & ELLE‚Äôs Under The Moonlight is available online via their online boutique store, and comes in a box of 6* for $75.

11. Make Your Own Bunny Mooncakes with Gobblin Club

Gobblin Club introduces 2 new DIY mooncake kits for the Mid-Autumn Festival 2022. Choose from the Moon Bunnies Petite Mooncake Kit ($13.90) or the Moon Bunnies Mooncake Kit ($28). The petite kit makes 2 x 38g bunnies while the normal kit makes 3 x 65g bunnies, each surprise-colour bunny is a non-bake snowskin mooncake. 

Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions and the surprise colours means you won't know the colour of your bunny until it is mixed with water! 


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