27 Restaurant Promotions and Dining Deals in Singapore This January 2023

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Get the latest news from the F&B scene for families in January 2022 - Promotions, New Openings, CNY Menus and more!

Every month, we put together a list of F&B news that is suitable for kids, family gatherings and for date nights! These include details of newly opened restaurants, revamped menus and festive experiences! Let's take a look at what's new in the F&B scene in January 2022! 

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1. New Restaurant: Yue Bai

Helmed by Singaporean co-owner and chef Lee Hongwei, Yue Bai is a Modern Chinese restaurant that celebrates the familiarity of home through refreshing renditions of Chinese heritage dishes rooted in ancient dietary principles known as 食疗 (shí liáo). Also known as Dietary Therapy, ‘shí liáo’ uses food to enhance wellbeing through the application of its intrinsic healing value.

Guided by the principles of dietary therapy, Chef Hongwei crafts a delightful menu of balanced dishes and familiar flavours from various Southern Chinese cuisines that guests can identify with, delivering holistic wellness for the mind and body. While honouring tradition, he interprets these creations through a contemporary lens cemented by elegant ceramic tableware in sublime light blue reminiscent of moonlight. 

Diners sit in an ethereal space infused with expressions of Chinese culture and art. Echoing its culinary ethos, the restaurant’s interior pairs Contemporary Chinese with the nostalgic feel of a traditional teahouse. 

2. New Restaurant: CHIFA! Offers Peruvian-Chinese Cuisine at RWS

CHIFA! is a brand-new addition to RWS’ repertoire of award-winning restaurants that is opening soon this January. Reflecting the cuisine’s namesake, CHIFA! showcases the unique culinary style that originated in Peru in the late 19th century – a delicious blend of Cantonese cooking techniques and Peruvian food and ingredients.

Discover the fascinating flavours of the distinctive cuisine in CHIFA!’s Lunar New Year menus by the restaurant’s Peruvian Chef de Cuisine Ruben Rodrigo Serrano Cabrera who trained under the renowned Peruvian Chef Virgilio Martínez for years.

3. New Menu: Waa Cow! Yakinku Adds Premium Wagyu Cuts To Its Menu

From the same good people behind Waa Cow!, known for serving one of the best and most affordable flame-torched wagyu beef bowls in Singapore, Waa Cow! Yakiniku adds a new wagyu menu to elevate the dining experience with tender and juicy wagyu that promises to be full of flavour with every bite. 

The new wagyu menu will see the collaboration between Waa Cow! Yakiniku and two local butchers to offer high-quality beef and a range of unique cuts for an extremely delicious grilling experience! This includes the delectable Rib Cap - Deckle ($29.90/100g), Inside Skirt ($19.90/100g) and Eye Round ($16.90/100g) cuts from Australian award-winning farm, Jack’s Creek, and the Waa Cow! Yakinuku’s Kagoshima A4 Wagyu Tasting Platter ($68.00 for 200g) with these must-try cuts from Satsuma Gyu: A4 Kainomi (Flap), A4 Karubi (Short Plate), A4 Jo-Karubi (Short Rib), A4 Sasabara (Flank), A4 Harami (Inside Skirt) and A4 Nakochi Karubi (Rib Finger).

4. Shinya Izakaya - 2 Person Omakase Menu Promotion

Located at Boat Quay, Shinya Izakaya is launching a Omakase Menu for 2 pax at just $88 (U.P. $188)! The menu includes a lobster mentai, a4 wagyu beef, and more - limited to just 5 sets a day!

The Lobster & A4 Wagyu Omakase menu includes an appetiser with 3 fried seafood, sashimi dishes including a mixed raw fish roll with nori, a unagi tofu, grilled lobster with mentai mayo, a Hokkaido A4 Wagyu (highly recommended), bara chirashi don and mixed Japanese mochi! The menu is for 2 pax, and you can add on ala-carte items for the kids too. 

To enjoy this promotion, booking is required! Whatsapp to 8112 8028 to enjoy $100 off! Only 5 sets available each day

5. New Limited Item: Hadilao Brings Steamboat Dining to You

7-Eleven is collaborating with Haidilao to bring the joys of steamboat dining to your homes with no delivery charges. The pre-order period begins today, 21 December and will go on until 13 January 2023.

7-Eleven patrons can enjoy a family-style hotpot in the comfort of their homes with two new bundles, the Happiness Bundle ($138) and the Harmony Bundle ($168), featuring Haidilao’s special Sichuan Pickle and Collagen Soup Bases, and house favourites such as Iberico Pork Collar, Rolled Lamb Shoulders, and other premium ingredients. To up the ante at the reunions, customers can also order fun game sets: Mahjong Tiles Set for an all-nighter full of fun and laughter, and the Poker Chip Set with 300 chips for the family hustlers. 

The limited-time only pre-order period begins on 21 December and will end on 13 January 2023. Choose from the following delivery dates as you plan your much-awaited reunion of the year – 21 to 24 Jan, 28 to 29 Jan, and 4 Feb to 5 Feb. Customers can head to any 7-Eleven outlet to order and await delivery at home that day.

6. Celebrate Auspicious Beginnings this Chinese New Year with Swensen’s

Usher in a prosperous Chinese New Year (CNY) with Swensen’s! Celebrate these the Year of the Rabbit with Swensen’s luxurious Gold Bar Ice Cream Cake with an ultra-‘huat’ core of Pineapple Tart ice cream; and/or the charming Koi Ice Cream Cakes with either Sticky Chewy Chocolate or Hokkaido Snow with Yubari King ice cream within.

7. Goodwood Park Hotel's Prosperous Lunar New Year Delights

Goodwood Park Hotel is proud to present a prosperous collection of Lunar New Year delights from 4 January to 5 February 2023, just in time to leap into the Year of the Rabbit!

New festive creations this year include an exquisite repertoire of sweet treats such as the adorable Bountiful Bunnies ‘Nian Gao’ with Black Sesame Paste commemorating the zodiac of the year, the decadent ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Kueh Lapis, as well as for the first time, a Flourishing Prosperity Tier featuring an assortment of delicate handcrafted pastries. A definite highlight is the showstopping Lucky Fortune Orange – brimming with golden coins and ingots, for well wishes of good fortune and abundance.

Min Jiang and Min Jiang at Dempsey will also offer a line-up of new savoury indulgences including Min Jiang’s Braised Boneless Pork Knuckle with Homemade Pork & Prawn Balls and Sea Treasures in Pot and Min Jiang at Dempsey’s Double-boiled Soup with Chicken Mid-Wings stuffed with Minced Prawns & Pork and Abalones in Claypot.

8. Joyden Canton Kitchen's Reunion Set Menus

Joyden Canton Kitchen is thrilled to unveil a line-up of prosperous reunion set menus to welcome the Year of the Rabbit! Specially-curated by the restaurant’s talented team of chefs, two sumptuous set menus; a six-course (from $288) to an eight-course (from $688) menu, will be available for dine-in from 2 Jan - 5 Feb 2023. 

The highlights of the set menus include either the Crispy Yam with Salmon Prosperity ‘Yu Sheng’ 脆芋䞉文鱌生 ($68) or the more luxurious Crispy Yam with Salmon and Abalone Prosperity ‘Yu Sheng’ 脆芋䞉文éČé±Œç”Ÿ ($78), as well as a stellar line-up of duck-centric dishes, the Traditional Braised Eight Treasure Duck ć€æł•ć…«ćźéž­ ($108) and the the Traditional Crispy Szechuan Fragrant Duck 銙酄鞭 ($76). 

Customers can also savour masterfully-prepared creations like the nostalgic Crispy Homemade Yam Ring with Pork Loin & Fresh Scallops in XO Sauce äœ›é”›éŁ˜éŠ™ ($48) and the comforting Steamed Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Yam and Chinese Sausage Topped with Crispy Kai Lan è·ć¶èŠ‹ć€Žé„­ ($48). 

9. Red House Seafood's Lunar New Year Menus

Red House Seafood presents bountiful new menus and their most popular bestsellers to welcome the festivities. The Singapore Nanyang-style Seafood restaurant offers an array of set menus, lavish seafood pots, and house-made treats perfect for celebratory feasts.

Available only from 9 January to 5 February 2023, Red House Seafood presents a variety of celebratory menus (from $598++; with one-day advance reservation) to ring in the festivities. These glorious set menus are perfect for four to six persons as well as for a group of up to ten. 

Highlights include:

  • Ice Plant Yu Sheng (available across all menus) - depending on the set menu, the yu shengs contain different premium ingredients such as salmon slices, abalone, and lobster - featuring ingredients such as ice plant,  deep-fried shredded yam, all tossed in a housemade sauce made with fresh dragon fruit, passionfruit, and plum paste

  • the luxe Steamed Dragon Tiger Grouper Fish with Fresh Clam (available on the $598++ and $988++ menus), which features live Dragon Tiger Grouper, steamed in a broth of fresh lala clams, pork ribs 

  • the auspicious Steamed Sultan Fish with Minced Ginger (available only on the $1688++ menu), made by steaming the fish with its scales still intact and then meticulously removed in front of the guests during service

Also available is Red House’s Lunar New Year takeaway menu! Available for dine-in or takeaways from 9 January to 5 February 2023, look forward to items such as:

  • the Royal Seafood Pot ($298+ for 6 persons), brimming with quality ingredients like fish maw, fresh scallops, crab, lobster, tiger prawns and threadfin fish stuffed with minced pork

  • the Treasure Pot (from $298+), features an assortment of delicacies such as sea cucumber, 8 head abalone, smoked duck, yam, lotus root and more!

  • the Lotus Leaf Rice ($38+ for 4 to 6 persons), made with rice, morsels of waxed meat, duck liver, and fried yam cubes, in a parcel of fragrant lotus leaves

10. Usher In A Hoppy Lunar New at Chopsuey Cafe

Usher in the Year of the Rabbit with Chopsuey Cafe’s Joyous Reunion Menu, available from 9 January to 5 February 2023. From 22 to 24 January, ramp up your celebrations and feast like an emperor with the Abounding Abundance Menu, a special limited-edition spread designed to usher in the most prosperous of new years’! 

Highlights on both menus include the Chopsuey Lucky Lunar ‘Lo Hei’, a wholesome variation of the traditional lohei that boasts a symphony of flavours such as trout, kale, celeriac, red radish, and more – topped with real gold leaf. 

11. Usher in an Auspicious Year of the Rabbit at Yàn

Yàn welcomes the Year of the Rabbit with a lavish spread of festive delights ranging from set menus, auspicious a la carte dishes, and festive treats for dine-in and takeaway. From 1 January to 5 February 2023, Yàn offers a resplendent ensemble of six dine-in set menus (from $128++ to $268++ per person) for intimate celebrations or corporate affairs in the restaurant.

For convivial reunions at home, a delectable six-course menu featuring classic Cantonese fare is also available from now to 5 February 2023.

Items in the menus includes

  • Kaleidoscope of Prosperity Yu Sheng in ‘Shun De’ Style with Yellowtail Slices (from $92++), a spectacular mountain of fried vermicelli, topped with shredded purple and yellow sweet potatoes, crispy shredded conpoy, and gold flakes.
  • YĂ n Harvest Pen Cai (from $325+) is a pot of goodness layered to the brim with 18 exquisite ingredients that are individually prepared, combined in a claypot and simmered in a flavourful braised duck sauce.
  • Double-boiled Six-head Whole Abalone with Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber and Shredded Conpoy highlights the aroma of hua tiao wine with chicken broth and a myriad of premium delicacies such as fish maw and sea cucumber.
  • Braised Free-range Chicken with Fish Maw in Superior Stock features a nourishing claypot of succulent chicken, fish maw, and Tientsin cabbage.
  • Roasted Duck with Spices and Truffle Oil boasts the well-loved flavours of Chinese grilled skewers – cumin seeds, five spice powder, and fennel seeds.

12. Grand Park City Hall and Tablescape's Lunar New Year Promotion

This year of the rabbit, Grand Park City Hall and Tablescape pays tribute to the Lunar New Year festivities with menus perfect for merrymaking. For the first time, the hotel and the restaurant collaborate to create an array of set menus rich in East Asian flavours and culinary symbols of prosperity and good fortune, available from 9 January to 5 February. 

Highlights include:

  • the Prosperity Yu Sheng which are topped with fresh fish as well as avruga caviar and gold leaves
  • the Wok Fried Yee Fu Noodle, a delicacy found during celebratory meals symbolising longevity - these are blanched in housemade chicken stock, then wok-fried

Perfect for an adorable, sweet start to the year of the bunny or as a felicitously symbolic gift for a friend, the Lunar New Year Dessert Garden presents a box of gorgeous desserts inspired by the festivities. 

13. Bountiful Flavours at Feng Shui Inn

Till 6 February, indulge in Cantonese classics with luxurious twists by Hong Kong-born Executive Chef Li Kwok Kwong at Feng Shui Inn (éŁŽæ°Žć»·). The Golden Prosperity Menu (é‡‘ć…”çŒźç‘žć„—é€, S$188++ per person) features prized ingredients in dishes such as Smoked salmon crystalline ice plant yu sheng with black truffle sauce dressing; Double-boiled fish maw soup with
chrysanthemum, wolfberries and sakura chicken; and Braised 6-head South Africa abalone and sea cucumber stuffed with minced prawn.

14. Celebrate Heritage This Lunar New Year With Rempapa

As part of Rempapa’s Cultural Celebration Series, Chef Damian commemorates this Lunar New Year with a celebratory fare curated by his team of young chefs – Head Chef Alan Chan, Sous Chef Chit Pang, and Chef Chee Seng – at Rempapa from 9 January to 5 February 2023. Items include

  • Hu Say ($18++) by Chef Damian - Hu Say, the Teochew name for yu sheng, is an auspicious dish inspired by the recipe from Chef’s Peranakan grandmother.
  • Dang Gui Prime Ribs ($22++) by Chef Chee Seng – A flavourful stack of prime ribs glazed with dang gui sauce. The dish draws on the comforting pork rib and dang gui soup prepared by his former chef.
  • Homemade Golden Tofu ($26++) by Sous Chef Chit Pang – A family favourite of house-made tofu wok-fried with a medley of lily bulb, carrots, celery, mushrooms, and prawns in a savoury sauce.
  • Braised Pork Knuckle with Fa Choi & Dried Oysters ($68++) by Head Chef Alan Chan - The classic Hokkien dish, a childhood favourite of Chef Alan, is always prepared with love by his grandmother.
  • Steamed Red Grouper with Silky Steamed Egg (seasonal price) by Head Chef Alan Chan - Chef Alan combines two of his favourite Cantonese dishes – steamed fish and steamed egg – in this stunning heritage gem.

15. Restaurant JAG Celebrates Lunar New Year

One Michelin-starred Restaurant JAG is celebrating a joyous Lunar New Year with a luxurious yusheng prepared with contemporary French flair.

A bountiful showcase of vibrant seasonal vegetables from France, Japan, and neighbouring regions presents a colourful ensemble of orange and black carrots, yellow and red beetroots, green and red radishes, daikon and cabbage. Symbolising wishes for good luck, vigour, and progress, the curation of produce is articulated in various iterations – raw, cured, and pickled.  

Signifying surplus are cured Scottish salmon, smoked Hokkaido scallop, and marinated Japanese shrimps. Wealth and success are represented with watercress crackers, sesame, peanuts, and gold leaf. The stunning dish is tossed and enlivened with the aromatic argousier (sea buckthorn) with blood orange dressing.

Restaurant JAG’s Yusheng is available from 5 to 28 January 2023, for lunch and dinner. Priced at $128++, and $198++ with the supplement of caviar. An advance notice of 48 hours is required

16. Kinki Restaurant and Bar Chinese New Year Menu

Kinki Restaurant + Bar does it again this coming Lunar New Year by reinventing the classics and serving up a modern Japanese-style rendition of the must-have yu sheng with a unique and creative twist. Available from 16 January to 5 February 2023 for dine-in only, reunite with friends and family, and toss to prosperity with Kinki’s Ultimate Yu Sheng* ($88++, good for 4 to 5 people).

Rolled into rosettes, three different types of freshly sliced fish – salmon, tuna, and swordfish are topped with glistening, briny salmon roe (ikura) and flying fish roe (tobiko). Dried wakame and deep-fried crabstick strips sit on a colourful bed of shredded Japanese cucumber, daikon, carrot, and pickled daikon radish (takuan zuke). Japanese fish floss (sakura denbu) circles the plate, while an aromatic truffle oil and sesame (goma) dressing adds a luxurious touch and umami to this robust yu sheng. A final sprinkling of diced beetroot gives a sweet earthiness and pop of lucky red hue, as diners toss to a year of good vibes and a run of mega fortune.

17. Toss to Abundance at Bedrock Origin and Bedrock Bar & Grill


Usher in the Lunar New Year with a ubiquitous prosperity toss at Bedrock Origin and Bedrock Bar & Grill. Enjoy a convivial gathering and toss to good fortune and greater heights with the new Yu Sheng dishes available for dine-in only at both restaurants from 16 January to 5 February 2023.

Bedrock Origin presents a delectable Yu Sheng with Kingfish Sashimi and Sake-braised Black Abalone ($88++, serves 4 to 6 persons). Showcasing Bedrock Origin’s specialty in seafood in addition to its signature steaks, the Yu Sheng features premium ingredients such as naturally sweet and fresh Kingfish Sashimi, as well as slices of New Zealand Wild Black Paua Abalone, a delicacy that is slow braised in sake for six hours till tender.

Commence the feast amidst the convivial atmosphere of Bedrock Bar & Grill with a Yu Sheng with Cured Salmon ($68++, serves 4 to 6 persons), featuring vibrant slices of salmon deftly house-cured for optimal flavour of the sea and texture.

18. Ring in the Lunar New Year with The Marmalade Pantry

The homegrown bistro presents a new curated collection of delectable classic goodies and stylishly packaged gifting options. The chic collection of festive treats showcases new highlights and perennial favourites, as well as thoughtful gift sets for loved ones and business associates. 

Not to be missed this year is the newly introduced redolent Osmanthus Cranberry Cookies ($28+, 300g), as well as signature Lunar New Year snacks – Golden Pineapple Tarts ($30+, 350g), Sambal Shrimp Rolls ($28+, 350g), and Traditional Petite Chicken Bak Kwa ($30+, 300g).

Diners can also enjoy the Spring In Bloom Afternoon Set ($78++ for two persons) highlighting a variety of Chinese New Year-inspired sweets and savouries, and the refreshed Executive Set Lunch (from $28++). Take away the afternoon tea set, or have it delivered in a patented, foldable two-tiered stand packaging.    

Pre-order from now till 2 February 2023 at all outlets – The Marmalade Pantry ION, Downtown, and The Marmalade Pantry Petite Bugis, as well as via the online store. Takeaway via self-collection (only available at The Marmalade Pantry Downtown) and delivery can be made from 3 January to 5 February 2023.

19. Hop To The Year Of The Rabbit With Da Paolo Gastronomia

Spring into the Lunar New Year with Da Paolo Gastronomia’s bounteous spread of irresistible Italian- and Asian-inspired epicurean delights. Celebrate a fruitful and prosperous Year of the Rabbit with the gourmet offerings - in particular the White Rabbit Bread ($16.80) is exclusively available online from 1 to 31 January 2023.

A nod to the Chinese zodiac year of the rabbit with a taste of nostalgia, this bread special is inspired by the well-loved milky White Rabbit candy. Following a sweet-sourdough bread making technique, the bread features a white and orange marbled crumb from an Asian milk dough as well as a dough flavoured with fresh carrot juice, grated carrots, and a hint of candied citrus peel. After baking in-house, the loaf is laced with a White Rabbit candy glaze and adorned with gold sugar pearls.

Order via the online gourmet grocery shop at https://gastronomia-foodtoorder.dapaolo.com.sg from now till 3 February 2023. Self pick-up from any Da Paolo Gastronomia outlet or opt for delivery from 31 December 2022 to 5 February 2023, or while stocks last (whichever is earlier). All orders must be placed two days in advance, before 12pm.

20. BreadTalk's Hoppy Prosperity Collection

As the Lunar New Year is just around the corner, BreadTalk is proud to unveil a prosperous collection of Lunar New Year goodies from 27 December 2022 to 5 February 2023, just in time to hop into the Year of the Rabbit!

The auspicious line-up of festive treats comprises of new creations such as adorable Rabbit and carrot-themed buns, cakes and cookies featuring the Chinese zodiac sign of the year. Two definite highlights include the inventive Hoppy Carrot – a riff on the local hawker classic “Chai tow kway” as well as a flavourful Mala-inspired bun brimming with quintessential steamboat ingredients – symbolising a family reunion!

21. Hop into the Year of the Rabbit with LeVeL33

This Lunar New Year, usher in the Year of the Rabbit with the alluring front-row view of Marina Bay, sumptuous food, and freshly brewed beers, at LeVeL33, the world’s highest urban microbrewery. 

From 1 - 31 January 2023, families can look forward to an exclusive addition to the Executive Set Lunch Menu - the Braised Pork Belly ($45++). High quality, sustainably sourced pork belly is dry-cured in wu xiang or Chinese five-spice powder, then braised in a flavourful stock of dried mushrooms, cinnamon, star anise, orange, and IPA beer overnight.

From 22 January - 5 February 2023, toss up good fortune in the new year with LeVeL33 Signature Lo Hei ($88++, good for four to six persons) made with locally grown greens and sustainably farmed Australian ocean trout and kingfish sashimi. 

In the evenings of 22 January - 5 February 2023, dinner gets an extra touch of LNY luxe with the LNY specials: the Whole Sustainable Turbot ($118++) and Whole Free-range Roasted Duck ($148++; pre-order necessary). The ethically farmed turbot is lightly seasoned, baked and glazed with a sauce made with shiitake, black fungus, cordyceps and soy. The free-range duck is dry-aged, glazed once with a sauce of mandarins and LeVeL33's own IPA, then roasted. The glaze has to be refreshed every 10 minutes during the roasting process!

22. Celebrate the Year of Rabbit at Restaurant Gaig

In celebration of the year of Rabbit, Restaurant Gaig commemorates this joyous occasion with a traditional rabbit meat stew. A flavoursome warm dish commonly found in most Catalan homes, where members of the family will come together to enjoy this dish. Available exclusively from 25th to 28th January 2023, diners can enjoy this special a la carte plate at $68++each for lunch and dinner.  

23. Prosperity and Treasures with Path

This Lunar New Year 2023, Path presents the Prosperity 8 Treasure Galette des Rois ($88 nett). The Galette des Rois is a traditional pastry that was only eaten during Epiphany in late January. Now, it’s evolved into a more secular pleasure that signals the start of a new year. 

Chef Marvas’ playful take where he adds his beloved East Asian flavours to the traditional French king’s cake. Path's Prosperity 8 Treasure Galette des Rois cheekily features a delicious stuffing of glutinous rice mixed with eight premium ingredients – all of which have their own auspicious meanings, while coming together to collectively mean wealth, abundance, and peace.  

Available for order from 9 to 28 January 2023 (collection from 16 to 28 January 2023), the Prosperity 8 Treasure Galette des Rois also comes in a beautiful packaging of gorgeous bright red, with a champagne gold rope and an auspicious saying, perfect as a gift for others or yourself!

24. *NEW ITEM* Mochi You Tiao by You Tiao Man

This Lunar New Year,  sink you teeth into Singapore's first MOCHI YOU TIAO -
A delicious, satisfying snack that fuses chewy deliciousness with the unmistakable crunch of Singaporean's favourite You Tiao! This sweet treat is excellent for the upcoming celebrations - sweet, sticky and crunchy!

Priced at only $6.90, the Mochi You Tiao includes complementary black sesame and peanut powder which you can enjoy with this delectable snack or as part of the the Prosperity Bundle ($34.90) which includes:

  • Chicken Money Bag (9 pieces per packet)
  • Nian Gao Roll (8 pieces per packet)
  • Mochi You Tiao (4 pieces per packet)
  • Double Delights (15 pieces Sotong You Tiao + 15 pieces Otah Charcoal You Tiao)

Use promocode YTMCNY to get 12% off storewide at https://youtiaoman.com/ (valid until 05 Feb 2023).

25. Hop Into The Prosperous Year Of The Rabbit With Festive Creations From GODIVA

This Lunar New Year, GODIVA is unveiling its NEW limited-edition 2023 Chinese New Year Collection to usher in joy and luck for the Year of the Rabbit from now to 22 January 2023! 

These exquisite treats are available within GODIVA’s festive-exclusive gift boxes draped in auspicious red and gold embellished with befitting illustrations including elegant rabbit silhouettes that symbolise beauty and luck, as well as convey the message of peace and longevity.

Available at all four boutiques - Bugis Junction, Raffles City, Suntec City Mall and Takashimaya S.C., as well as online via https://godiva.com.sg

26. Usher in the Chinese New Year Festivities @ Hotel Telegraph

Indulge your family in a feast for the senses this Chinese New Year with festive dining options at Hotel Telegraph. Usher in the Year of the Rabbit from 5th January 2023 with The Dining Room’s exclusive Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea Set and the 1927 Rooftop Bar’s special Fortune Platter.

From 16th January 2023, The Dining Room brings in a limited all-day dining menu featuring an array of mouth-watering dishes across both a Chinese and Western menu, diners can expect reimagined delights such as the exciting flavours of the Iberico Pork Platter and the delicate Red Grouper from the Asian selections. The Dining Room’s Western offerings also feature some favourites such as the Grain-Fed Ribeye Steak and Wagyu Beef Burger.

27. Usher in the Year of the Rabbit with Prosperity Set at Famous Kitchen

To usher in this auspicious year, the culinary team at Famous Kitchen has curated prosperous set featuring ambrosial Nanyang creations to captivate your palate and bring in wealth, good fortune, success, prosperity and happiness.

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with your family and loved ones with our Prosperity Set Menus. Delight your family with the sumptuous menus and usher in wealth, good health, success, prosperity and happiness with our “Lo Hei” Salmon Yu Sheng (äžƒćœ©éžżèżć€§ć±• -䞉文鱌生).

Usher in good fortune with our Shark’s Fin with Crabmeat and Pumpkin Soup (é‡‘çŽ‰æ»Ąć ‚ -金汀èŸčè‚‰é±Œçż…), symbolising abundance of wealth and Steamed Marble Goby with Garlic and Dried Chilli (éćœ°é»„é‡‘ -金蒜蒞掻éĄșćŁłé±Œ) representing gold covering the entire floor. Revel in the exquisite flavours of our Famous Kitchen ‘Signature’ Pen Cai (ćŒ…çœ—äž‡è±Ą -ćéŁŸç›†èœ), which brims with plentiful auspicious ingredients in one claypot. Whet your appetite with Crispy Roasted Duck (éžżèżćœ“ć€Ž – è„†çšźçƒ§éž­), signifying opportunity knocking on one’s doors. Bring in good fortune with our “Fa Cai” Braised Whole Abalone with Broccoli (èŠ±ćŒ€ćŻŒèŽ” -éČé±Œç‘¶æŸ±æ‰’è„żć…°èŠ±) and bloom with prosperity with our Lotus Leaf Fried Rice wrapped with Chinese Yam and Pork Floss (é‡‘çŽ‰æ»Ąć ‚ -è·ć¶éŠ™èŠ‹è‚‰äžæ‰Łé„­)。


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