Goodwood Park Hotel's Annual Durian Fiesta Celebrates Its 40th Year With New Handcrafted Creations, Perennial Favourites And Flash Deals!

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Look forward to an exquisite line-up of decadent desserts by the Hotel’s pastry chefs featuring its quality D24 and ‘Mao Shan Wang’ signatures, as well as new unique creations.

Venue: Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Singapore 228221
Date: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023

Goodwood Park Hotel’s 40th Durian Fiesta

Following the success of its iconic Durian Mousse Cake in 1983 and introduction of the well-loved Durian Puffs in 1984, Goodwood Park Hotel’s Durian Fiesta has since become a highly-anticipated annual affair for ardent fans of the iconic fruit, while continuing to impress with creative takes on durian-themed pastries and desserts.

This 6 March to 6 August 2023, Goodwood Park Hotel will be proudly celebrating its 40th year of innovation and creativity in crafting indulgent pastries that showcase the king of fruits.

Here's taking a closer look at the exquisite line-up of decadent desserts that you and your family can expect at the Hotel’s 40th Durian Fiesta:

Time-Honoured ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Signatures


Availability: 1 May to 6 Aug 2023
Price: $90 nett for 500g, $180 nett for 1kg

A luxurious adaptation of the hotel’s very first durian creation – the D24 Mousse Cake – showcasing premium ‘Mao Shan Wang’ pulp.


Availability: 1 May to 6 Aug 2023
Price: $33 nett per piece

This highly popular jumbo-sized profiterole is freshly piped to plumpness with quality ‘Mao Shan Wang’ purée upon order.

Returning Signatures


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023
$19 nett per slice, $99 nett for 1kg, $198 nett for 2kg, $297 nett for 3kg

The star that launched the inaugural Durian Fiesta in 1983, this legendary cake is the ultimate indulgence with generous lashings of pulpy D24 mousse.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023
Price: $36 nett for 6 pieces, $56 nett for 10 pieces

A renowned signature at Goodwood Park Hotel, these full-bodied treats feature lavish swirls of creamy D24 mousse sandwiched between fluffy choux pastry cases.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023
Price: $19 nett per piece, $98 nett for 8 pieces

Featuring a copious amount of creamy D24 pulp neatly enveloped in a paper-thin crepe, this stellar dessert makes for a simple yet satisfying treat.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023
Price: $26 nett per tub (D24) | $42 nett per tub ( ‘Mao Shan Wang')

Offering pure durian bliss with an abundance of luscious pulp, these homemade frozen delights are available in convenient 16 oz takeaway tubs.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023
Price: $30.30 nett per bear

Adorably dressed in a durian shell ‘onesie’, this teddy bear will be a faithful little companion and delightful memento.

New Delectable Creations


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023 (available for takeaway or delivery from The Deli)
Price: $20 nett per slice, $120 nett for 1.2kg

An elevated version of the popular Durian Pandan & Coconut Cake which the hotel launched in 2005, this new D24 Pandan Coconut Gula Melaka Cake features coconut mousse and decadent D24 mousse sandwiched between layers of pillowy-soft pandan sponge that uses pandan leaves to achieve its vibrant green hue and aromatic flavour. This fragrant gem is covered in desiccated coconut cooked with pandan leaves in gula melaka to add texture and depth in flavour.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023 (available for takeaway or delivery from The Deli)
Price: $128 nett for 1.2kg

An exquisite creation of piquant raspberry jelly, white chocolate mousse, D24 mousse and a housemade chocolate sable base, the D24 White Chocolate Raspberry Enchantment boasts a pleasant tanginess from the raspberry jelly paired impeccably with the luscious D24 mousse, enveloped in a velvety white chocolate mousse with a touch of liquor. This visually striking delight is cloaked in a white chocolate glaze, then garnished with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, edible flowers and osmanthus fragrans.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023 (available for takeaway or delivery from The Deli)
Price: $22 nett per piece

Inspired by the classic French pastry, the show-stopping D24 Paris Brest features a crisp choux pastry that is cut horizontally in half, then lavishly filled with rich D24 mousse in the centre, and ringed with a luscious cream mixture made from custard cream, buttercream and hazelnut paste. A crown of hazelnut cream and a medley of caramelised hazelnuts and almond shavings complete this alluring dessert.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023 (available for takeaway or delivery from The Deli)
Price: $22 nett per piece

Featuring a well-balanced pairing of D24 mousse and almond sponge encased in refreshing pineapple mousse embellished with caramelised pineapple chunks, the D24 Pineapple-Lime Zest Dome also highlights the ambrosial sweetness of the pineapple mousse with hints of tangy lime zest and an invigorating pineapple glaze. It sits atop a crisp white chocolate hazelnut base and is crowned with Chantilly cream.


Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023 (available for takeaway or delivery from The Deli)
Price: $22 nett per piece

An elegant cake perfect for any occasion, the D24 Honeyed Pear Mousse Bliss showcases layers of decadent D24 mousse, honeyed Williams pear mousse, almond sponge and a dash of alcohol, on a buttery honeyed digestive biscuit base. Each slice is completed with glistening slices of glazed Williams pears, chopped pistachios and edible flowers.


Photo Credits: Goodwood Park Hotel

Availability: 6 Mar to 6 Aug 2023 (available for takeaway or delivery from The Deli)
Price: $39 nett per 6 pieces

Indulge in the bite-sized Mini D24 Chocolate Ganache Almond Delight which incorporates swirls of rich D24 mousse packed between two housemade chocolate ladyfingers with crunchy feuilletine bits, and dusted with snow icing sugar. Adorned with dark chocolate ganache, a gold leaf and a flourish of chopped almonds, this enticing treat will charm durian and chocolate lovers alike.

40th Anniversary Flash Deals

Families can rejoice as the Hotel will be unveiling progressively a total of 40 attractive flash deals during this period to celebrate the delicious milestone! More details will be released on Goodwood Park Hotel’s Instagram page.

Takeaway Promotions

Goodwood Park Hotel Gourmet cardmembers will enjoy 20% off selected takeaway Durian Fiesta pastries at The Deli. Citi, DBS/POSB, HSBC, OCBC, UOB credit and debit cardmembers will enjoy 15% off.

Terms & Conditions

  • Promotions are not valid for dine-in, Durian Ice Cream Tubs, 'Mao Shan Wang' products, or with other offers unless otherwise stated.
  • For bank offers, payment must be made with credit or debits cards except for HSBC (credit card only).
  • Discounts may not be valid for purchases at stalls outside the hotel or via ordering channels managed by external parties.

How To Order

Families may place their orders online for delivery or self-collection from 6 March to 6 August 2023.

Alternatively, families may contact The Deli at (65) 6730 1786 or e-mail their order form to: to place their takeaway orders for self-collection only. Advance order of 3 days is required and the last pre-order date is 3 August 2023.


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