7-Eleven And Andes By Astons Bring You New And More Exciting Ready-To-Eat Meals!

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Look forward to an even wider selection of all-new and exclusive western delights, and more!

Together with Andes by Astons, 7-Eleven now brings you a whole host of new meal ideas! Whether you’re in the mood for hearty and wholesome dishes from popular local chain Andes by Astons, or looking to satisfy a craving, 7-Eleven has got you covered!

Western Delights From Andes by Astons

After the successful launch of their ready-to-eat range last year, 7-Eleven is exclusively adding more delectable dishes from Andes by Astons to its menu.

You can look forward to an even wider range of halal-certified ready-to-eat restaurant-style dishes from Andes by Astons that are is now available closer to home and around the clock! The new and exclusive line-up includes:

Andes By Astons Steak Cut with Garlic Herb Butter and Black Pepper Sauce

Price: $13.50

Now, here’s a first…an all-new and exclusive striploin steak dish at 7-Eleven! This unique offering features a 120g sous vide grass-fed beef striploin steak with melted garlic herb butter on a bed of roasted potatoes topped with Andes by Astons’ signature black pepper sauce. Who knew steak could be so juicy and yummy after microwaving?!!

Andes By Astons Honey Garlic Chicken with Aglio Olio

Price: $6.50

Chicken and pasta are always a great combination! This must-try dish features Andes by Astons’ signature juicy baked chicken thigh exclusive to 7-Eleven honey garlic sauce with perfectly tossed aglio olio in garlic oil.

Andes by Astons BBQ Chicken with Butter Raisin Rice

Price: $6.50

Savoury and buttery raisin rice is paired with the succulent and smoky BBQ baked chicken thigh and Andes by Astons’ signature sweetcorn kernels and garden vegetables.

Andes By Astons Salmon & Spinach with Cream Fusilli

Price: $7.50

Andes by Astons might be famous for its selection of steak and meat dishes, but now you can try something different with this seafood pasta option. This satisfying pasta dish boasts al dente fusilli, salmon chunks, and spinach in a moreish creamy sauce served with Andes by Astons’ signature corn kernels and garden vegetables.


Promotion Period: now till 8 Nov 2022

Enjoy $0.30 off 7-SELECT Itohkyuemon Uji Matcha (Cream puff/Red bean dorayaki) with any purchase of an Andes by Astons meal!

Cheese-Filled Treats From 7-SELECT

To complete the menu, 7-Eleven's exclusive own brand, 7-SELECT has some new halal-certified western delights to satisfy any craving.

7-SELECT Chicken Ham and Corn Lasagne

Price: $3.90

The 7-SELECT Chicken Ham and Corn Lasagne contains chicken ham and corn layered with three types of cheese – parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar – and is sure to be a comfort food classic suitable for any time of the day!

7-SELECT Croque Monsieur (Ham & Cheddar Cheese) Sandwich

Photo Credits: 7-Eleven

Price: $4.50

This 7-SELECT Croque Monsieur (Ham & Cheddar Cheese) Sandwich is the brand's version of the classic French hot sandwich made with ham and cheese, which originated in French cafés and bars as a quick bite. Topped with bechamel sauce, melted cheddar cheese, and chicken ham, this cheesy treat is best eaten warm to let the savoury flavours shine through.

More promotions and updates can also always be found on the official 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.


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