7-Eleven Launches Improved Versions Of Its Ready-To-Eat Meals And Brand-New Dishes!

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Look forward to new and improved ready-to-eat dishes that are sure to satiate your appetite for good food and good value!

New & Better Versions Of Ready-To-Eat Meals

Whether you want to cure a late-night craving, get a quick meal on the go during work, or grab just a bite with your schoolmates after classes, 7-Eleven is always there for you!

7-Eleven has upped its game with a refined ready-to-eat range, as well as four brand-new dishes inspired by popular classics.

From fan-favourites like Butter Chicken Biryani, Mac & Cheese and Chicken Bolognaise to new additions, such as Baked Pesto Fish with Aglio Olio, Tom Yum Chicken with Egg Fried Rice and many more dishes, you will never get enough of their enhanced flavours and upgraded portions!

The new and improved dishes are now available in 7-Eleven stores across Singapore.

Refined Recipes Of Classic 7-SELECT Ready-To-Eat Dishes

Look forward to improved ready-to-eat dishes which are tastier, richer, and made with more premium ingredients while still being affordable and convenient to satiate your appetite for good food and good value!

7-SELECT Butter Chicken Biryani (U.P. $3.90) 

This all-time favourite at 7-Eleven has been further improved to delight your taste buds. Succulent raisins and shallots have been added to provide more texture and taste. The quality and colour consistency of the basmati rice has also been improved. The look and flavours of the dish have been upgraded and you’ll definitely taste the difference! 

7-SELECT Mac & Cheese (U.P. $4.20) 

This popular comfort food classic has been tweaked to make it more satisfying! The sauce has been enhanced and made more flavourful and creamy with extra seasoning and the addition of Mozzarella and Red Cheddar. The chicken ham is now meatier, resulting in a fuller flavour. Complete with toasted breadcrumbs, this already beloved dish is now even more of a must-try.

7-SELECT Carbonara Penne with Chicken Ham (U.P. $4.20) 

This Italian-inspired crowd-pleaser now has an egg-cheese sauce that is smoother, richer and tastier! With the addition of turkey bits and the use of a more premium ham, the dish now boasts a much meatier and smokier flavour. Shaved parmesan, with its unmistakeable slightly salty and nutty taste, is also used to top off the dish for added authenticity.

7-SELECT Thai Basil Chicken with Rice (U.P. $4.20) 

The stir-fried minced chicken in this popular Thai street food classic now looks and tastes better than ever! The texture of the rice has been improved, making it more al dente. The quality of the sunny side up eggs used are also better, which makes them even more delicious. Best of all, the portion size has also been increased so there’s more to enjoy!

7-SELECT Kimchi Fried Rice (U.P. $4.50) 

The flavour factor of the Kimchi Fried Rice has been upped by improving the texture of the rice and the chicken bulgogi. Your quick lunch on the go or late-night supper has now been taken up a notch!

7-SELECT Curry Chicken with Fragrant Rice (U.P. $3.60) 

This local favourite boasts a new and improved recipe with a stronger, more appetising curry flavour and better rice texture.

7-SELECT Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Aglio Olio (U.P. $3.90) 

This dish features tender chicken slices coated in black pepper sauce served with al dente noodles. The flavour and texture of the pasta has been improved, and the sauce has been elevated with a more finely ground blend of black pepper and herbs, with an upgraded side serving of veggies.   

7-SELECT Chicken Bolognaise with Cheese (U.P. $4.20) 

This Italian-style dish has been upped to the next level with an improved presentation and more authentic look, with an addition of shaved parmesan and topped off with dried parsley. It definitely tastes as good as it looks!

7-SELECT Japanese Curry Chicken with Fragrant Rice (U.P. $4.90) 

Missing Japan? Well, you and your taste buds can get one step closer with this new and improved recipe. The rice boasts a better texture and the sauce itself now has a smoother and stronger curry flavour. The garnish has also been upgraded to give the dish an overall more Japanese Katsu-style look!

Enjoy A New Twist On 4 Fan-Favourites!

7-Eleven has also expanded the menu by creating a series of four product extensions of some of its best-loved items to give you even greater choice and excitement!

7-SELECT Butter Chicken with Prata (U.P $4.30) 

You now have the extra option of enjoying 7-Eleven's hero ready-to-eat dish with a crispy fluffy prata. Simply dip the prata into the buttery savoury sauce for a quick meal on the go or a tasty snack. It’s a perfect pairing!

7-SELECT Flaming Mac & Cheese (U.P $4.50) 

This signature dish from 7-Eleven now comes in a hot and spicy version with a dash of ghost pepper sauce to make your mouth water. The creamy, cheesy texture and flavour along with the extra peppery punch will leave you wanting more.

7-SELECT Baked Pesto Fish with Aglio Olio (U.P $4.20) 

7-Eleven's Black Pepper Chicken Chop with Aglio Olio is a must-try! Now you can savour the same classic garlicky flavours with this fantastic fish option! Combined with a cream sauce, the baked pesto crumbs on top of the fish fillet give added flavour and crunch.

7-SELECT Tom Yum Chicken with Egg Fried Rice (U.P $4.50) 

Photo Credits: 7-Eleven

This creative combo is inspired by 7-Eleven's popular range of Thai ready-to-eat dishes. Tangy, creamy chicken marinated in a blend of herbs and spices is served with fluffy egg fried rice and crisp sweetcorn for extra crunch. A perfect harmony of tastes and textures!

All items are halal certified.

More promotions and updates can also always be found on the official 7-Eleven website, 7-Eleven Singapore Facebook and 7-Eleven Singapore Instagram pages.


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