7-Eleven Launches 3 Delectable Sandwiches With No Added Preservatives!

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7-Eleven introduces 3 new subs stuffed to the brim with high-quality ingredients and are made without any added preservatives.

Availability: 7-Eleven Stores Island-wide
Pricing: From $5.50

7-Eleven adds to its list of crave-worthy on-the-go snacks, this time with three newly-launched 7-Select sandwiches- each stuffed to the brim with high-quality ingredients and are made without any added preservatives.

Now available across 7-Eleven stores island-wide, these delish, fresh and portable 7-Select sandwiches are a classic option, be it for a post morning workout snack, work-from-home lunch or to satisfy the sneakiest of midnight munchies.

The Classic Caesar (Chicken Sandwich)

First up, a decadent version of the classic chicken sandwich, the lip-smacking Caesar Chicken Ciabatta ($5.50)! Layered with slices of succulent herb-roasted chicken and chicken ham and topped off with a rich and tangy Caesar dressing made with savoury parmesan, anchovies and garlic, this one never goes out of style!

Sandwiched between light and fragrant ciabatta bread, the result is a hearty, delicious and comforting sandwich that brings delight with every bite.

Praise the Panini

Next the Herb Roasted Chicken Panini ($5.80) - the aromatic herbs add a subtle yet delicious seasoning to the generous slices of herbed chicken that smell simply divine! Wrapped together in wholesome panini bread with maple chicken ham, crisp and fresh romaine lettuce, mild Havarti cheese and finished with a mouth-watering duo of sauces!

Smoky Salmon Delight

A masterpiece of a sandwich with all ingredients married together to perfection, the Smoked Salmon Ciabatta ($5.80) is a must-try! It is a perfect blend of soft and fluffy ciabatta bread with quality smoked salmon slices, hard-boiled egg and peppery arugula leaves, topped with a zesty dill cream dressing to add to it a wholesome flavour!


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