8 Places to Get STEAM Kits in Singapore for Kids

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If you didn’t already know, STEAM is an interdisciplinary educational approach that integrates the topics across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to provide a balanced education.

STEAM toys and kits provide a great way for children to learn through open-ended play. Not only do they encourage critical thinking and pique your little ones’ interest in learning, but they’re also fun to play with! 

Here are 8 places you can get STEAM kits and toys in Singapore for your kids!

Last updated: 26 Jun 2021

1. Explorer Junior

Source: Explorer Junior

Explorer Junior has a selection of STEAM Learning Kits that are suitable for little explorers from ages 4 to 6 years. Each kit comes with a guide and introduces different principles to little ones.

There’s the Solar Car kit that teaches little ones about solar energy, the Incredible Tank kit that gives little explorers a peek into the mechanics behind the tank, and the Planetarium kit with which they can learn about the different planets of our solar system by building their own planetarium, among others!

Learning Kits by Explorer Junior | $9.90 - $19.90
Shipping: 2 – 7 days upon order confirmation
Delivery: $5

2. Get Hacking

Get Hacking - littleBits Avenger Hero Inventor Kit

Source: Get Hacking

Get Hacking, by Tinkercademy, provides a wide variety of STEM kits, tools, and toys for learning to code, crafting, and tinkering with tech. Under the categories Electronics, Crafts, and Robotics & Drone, you can find a collection of kits and toys that are not just for children but for parents to tinker with as well.

For the younger ones, you can find kits and toys like Robot Turtles, a board game for little programmers, and littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, which allows little ones to build, code and customize their very own hero gear, under the Tech Toys for Young Children.            

STEM Kits and Toys by Get Hacking | $15 - $100+
Shipping: 5 – 7 working days/2 – 3 working days
Delivery: $2 - $10+, Free for orders above $50

3. Elon Three

Source: Elon Three

Elon Three is where you can get science and technology-related toys for children from 3 years old and up. From PowerUp 3.0, which allows you to transform an ordinary paper plane into an app-controlled flying machine to littleBits Electronic Inventor Kit that challenges you to build and customize a new electronic instrument of your own, your choices are aplenty!

Educational and STEM Toys by Elon Three | $35 - $300+
Shipping: 3 – 7 working days
Delivery: Varies

4. My Messy Box

My Messy Box

Source: My Messy Box

For sensory play ideas for your tiny tots, check out My Messy Box, they offer sensory play-inspired subscription boxes according to children’s age group. Explorers (12 – 18 months) get sensory setups featuring easy to grip and harder to put in their mouth items while Discoverers (19 – 24 months) get popular fairytale-themed boxes with common objects easy for little ones to relate to.

The Adventurers’ (2 - 3 years) boxes are filled with colors, shapes, and creative activities, and they will be introduced to basic numeracy and literacy. The Bloomers (above 3 years) range provides kids with exploration play through simple science experiments and observations designed to pique a child’s curiosity and develop an intrinsic desire to learn.

You can either subscribe for the three, six, or 12-month plan or purchase a single box. 

Sensory Kits by My Messy Box | $19.90 - $49.90 per kit / $32 - $42 per month for subscription box
Shipping: Subscription boxes will be delivered 2nd week of each month, subscriptions received after 15th of each month may begin from the following month
Delivery: Charges will be calculated at checkout

5. Playhao

Source: Playhao

From Cubetto Playset that teaches the basics of programming to little ones and Osmo’s Genius Starter Kit that provides a hands-on learning experience to German-made beech wood toys and marble track system from Switzerland, Playhao carries a wide range of premium toys from around the globe. If you’re looking for open-ended toys for your kids to experiment with and learn with, Playhao is your place.

Open-ended Toys by Playhao | Up to $300+ 
Shipping: 2 – 3 days for orders below $50 | next day shipping for orders above $50
Delivery: Charges will be calculated at checkout


Source: TOYTAG

TOYTAG carries a selection of fun and educational toys and games for people of different age groups, from babies to adults. LittleBits inventor kits, Makeblock kits and Cubetto Playsets, are just some of the many STEAM toys you will be able to find at TOYTAG.

STEAM Kits and Toys by TOYTAG | $10 - $300++
Shipping: Delivery takes 3 – 5 working days
Delivery: Free, expedited option (1 – 2 working days) is available at flat rate of $12.50

7. Trio Kids

Source: Trio Kids

If you can’t get enough of dabbling in science experiments with your kids, then Trio Kids’ Science Kits might interest you. They offer Amazing Universe DIY Kit with seven activities, Catch The Criminal DIY Kit that will spice up detective pretend play, Colour Changing Chemical DIY Kit with eight activities, Cosmic Jet Rocket DIY Kit, and Magical Science For Physic DIY Kit that teaches physics concepts through magic. You can now get two Science Kits delivered to your house at just $60 (inclusive of delivery).

Trio Kids Science Kits | $30 - $60
Shipping: Self-collection and standard delivery options available
Delivery: Price is inclusive of delivery charges

8. Book Stop

Source: Book Stop

Book Stop is an online children’s store based in Singapore. Aside from books and school bags, Book Stop also offers a variety of Science Kits, such as the Plant Growing STEAM Kit, Let’s Glow Science Kit and Optical Illusion Science Kit.

STEM Science Kits by Book Stop | $22.90
Shipping: 5 working days for delivery
Delivery: $4 flat fee, free for purchases above $80


Please note that as there may be some changes to the delivery charges and shipping details during this time, we encourage you to check with the respective merchants before making a purchase.



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