Family Fun Play Date @ Fat Cat Arcade (313 Somerset) | #PlayWithBYKidO

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Location: 313 Somerset, #05-05 (Next to Food Court)
Date: All Days
Hour: 11 am - 1 am
Admission: FREE, requires tokens to play. 

Fat Cat Arcade

We were out at Fat Cat Arcade for a morning of game playing fun with 10 other families as part of our #PlayWithBYKidO initiative. Fat Cat Arcade is located at Level 5 of 313 Somerset, and here's sharing our experience at this centrally located arcade! 



#PlayWithBYKidO is a new initiative by the BYKidO team to bring families out to interesting places, and to achieve our mission of helping more families create their next Family Memory. Fat Cat Arcade sponsored tokens for our guests at the event. 

There's Something for the Kids and Parents


Fat Cat Arcade

Fat Cat Arcade

Fat Cat Arcade

It may not seem obvious from the entrance, but Fat Cat Arcade @ 313 Somerset is pretty huge with various types of game machines to attract the attention of both kids and their parents! 

Venture in and you will find many familiar games! There's even a dedicated Claw Catcher area for you to show off (try) your skills! 

A Little Bit of "Old School" 

Fat Cat Arcade

Using tokens instead of the usual smart cards that is common these days, Fat Cat Arcade offers a nostalgic feel when you start counting the tokens required, and also to finish each game with paper tickets too! 

Note: Tokens can get quite heavy, especially if you purchased the $50 for 300 tokens package. Also be careful of the LOs dropping / spilling tokens! 

Game Pricing and Token Packages

Fat Cat Arcade

Games start from just 1 token to 25 tokens, with prices averaging between 4 to 8 tokens. You can play simple drop and score games with just 1 token or attempt to capture a big plushie (5 tries) at 25 tokens

Token may be exchanged from just $1

  • $50 for 300
  • $20 for 100
  • $10 for 40
  • $5 for 20
  • $1 for 4

Or get your discounted Fat Cat tokens from BYKidO, $20 for 120 tokens, and $50 for 320 tokens.

Prizes to Bring Home

Fat Cat Arcade

One of the greatest joy for the kids is leaving the arcade with something too!

If you have have won a couple of plushies at the Claw Machines - GREAT! But if you are not a claw machine expert (or blame it on luck), start counting the paper tickets you have earned and exchange these for prizes too! There's a wide range of items to exchange for, from little toys to plushies to even electronic gadgets! 


 Have you been to Fat Cat Arcade? Do share your experience too! 




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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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