Reasons To Be Excited About HomeTeamNS Khatib Opening in Aug 2020 | Bowling, T-Play Playground and more

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HomeTeamNS will be opening its latest Clubhouse at Khatib, and here are the reasons we think all families (not just members) should get excited about the opening!

Address: HomeTeamNS Khatib, 2 Yishun Walk, Singapore 767944
Opening hours: Varies
Pricing: Varies

HomeTeamNS Khatib will be opening from 1 Aug 2020 in phases and we take a look at the many family-friendly facilities that families can look forward to at this sprawling 21,000 sqm Clubhouse. 

T-Play Indoor Playground

Level 1
Closed Mon

Indoor playgrounds are a favourite of ours to feature, and this massive Peranakan-themed play-venue has definitely gotten us very excited! Definitely a must-visit at the new HomeTeamNS Khatib!

This is the second T-Play Indoor Playground (the first is located at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok) and will feature Creative Tunnels, Mini-Trampoline Play and Smart Spiral Sides. 

Adventure HQ

Level 1
Closed Mon

An adventure facility with both high and low obstacles, this four-storey, 2,800 sqm Indoor Adventure Hub will be a huge draw for kids and families! You will expect obstacles such as the Challenge Rope Course, Indoor Gliding, Sensory Adventure Trail and Fireman Slides. 

The all-weather facility, which features dynamic obstacle and aerial installations designed for recreational activity, cohesion-bonding and team-building activities, is home to many firsts, including:

  • Singapore‚Äôs first indoor Roll Glider at 233m long
  • Singapore‚Äôs longest indoor slide at 14m long
  • Singapore‚Äôs first 165m-long indoor artificial caving
  • Singapore‚Äôs first-of-its-kind 15m Cloud Climb
  • Singapore‚Äôs biggest two-tiered, 16-obstacle indoor challenge rope course

Will this be suitable for the young ones? Only for the adventurous to find out! 


Not yet open
Level 3

A high-tech indoor, player-vs-player Airsoft facility, HomeTeamNS Khatib will be the first to introduce such a facility in Singapore to allow participants to experience an exciting and unique combat simulation. 

Participants can engage in skirmishes or scenario games against each other in groups of up to 40 players per game, using airsoft replicas that launch 6mm plastic pellets at safe velocities.

TactSim comes with one target shooting range and two PvP airsoft arenas
specially equipped with advanced moving wall panels, creating a different environment for every round and maximising gameplay experience.

While it is open to the general public, we are sure it will not be suitable for the younger kids and probably be a game for parents and their teens! 


Image Credit: Superbowl Facebook

Level 3 

Superbowl will be managing the bowling alley at the Clubhouse. Prices start from $3.50 per game for weekdays students with discounts for HomeTeamNS, Passion Card and SAFRA members too! 

Other Facilities

Also worth mentioning are the Mancaves (function rooms) that are suitable for birthday parties and comes with Wi-Fi, game consoles, board games and more. While already open, these are currently subjected to a max of 5 people for social gathering. 

The 8-lap Swimming Pool is also open, but currently only for HomeTeamNS members. Affiliate members and guests access is currently suspended until further notice. 

You can also expect enrichment classes at the Kidz Enrichment City, including baking classes from Genius R Us, KPOP dance classes, art classes and more!

Don't forget to check out the opening promotions from Genius R Us too 

Photo Credits: HomeTeamNS


So what do you think? Which of these facilities are you looking forward to? 


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