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As part of Phase 2 gradual reopening, indoor playgrounds are now allowed to reopen. Here's a list of playgrounds' reopening dates and hours, safety measure and more. 

From 3 July 2020, indoor playgrounds are allowed to open, and some have plans to or are already in operation. Apart from the general safety measures, Indoor Playgrounds will need to adhere to additional safety measures that require them to update their operating hours, reduce capacity, and have limitations in the playground.

We have reached out to the indoor playgrounds in Singapore and compiled these changes into a list for you. 

While indoor playgrounds are opening, families should continue to adhere to safe distancing rules, wear a mask when outside, and stay home if unwell. 


Location: PLQ Mall, 10 Paya Lebar Rd, S(409057)
Reopening Date: 18 July 2020
Opening Hours: 10 am - 9 pm (Daily)

  • Weekdays (Unlimited Playtime)
    • 2 - 12 yrs old: $22
    • Below 2 yrs: $16
  • Weekends, Public Holidays, School Holidays (2 Hrs Playtime)
    • 2 - 12 yrs old: $26
    • Below 2 yrs: $18

We first introduce SMIGY in September 2019, and it has been a popular playground in the East of Singapore with its signature pastel colours and huge 5,000 sq feet space for the kids. They will be reopening on 18 July to welcome the little ones back again!

Additional Measure: SMIGY has invested in a ball cleaning machine and aerosol disinfector that allows them to clean and disinfect the balls in their ballpit as well as the rest of the playground on a daily basis

Limitations: Groups must be 5 persons or less with 1-m spacing between groups. Play-zones may be split up to ensure compliance with this rule. 

Promo: Enjoy 50% Off the next 3 visits with the BYKidO eVoucher. Valid for weekday visits before 31st Dec 2020

PLAY! by KinderPlay

Location: Changi Airport Terminal 3, #B2-14/15/16/17, S(819663)
Reopening Date: 16 July 2020
Opening Hours: 11 am -  9 pm (Daily), Closed for cleaning: 3 - 4 pm

  • Weekday (4 hrs Playtime)
    • 2 - 12 yrs old: $21
    • below 2 yrs old: $12
  • Weekend, Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday and School Holidays (1 hr Playtime)
    • 2 - 12 yrs old: $25
    • below 2 yrs old: $12

Taking over the previous Mr Bean Playground at Changi Airport Terminal 3, PLAY! is a Cartoon Network-themed Indoor Playground that opened in Feb 2020 and had to close temporarily due to Circuit Breaker measures not long after. They will reopen on 16 July 2020, so for parents who have not visited, this is an opportunity to!


Additional Measure: There will be daily and monthly disinfecting on all play systems, and an additional mid-day cleaning slot daily from 3 pm to 4 pm (playtimes that are disrupted, may continue after the cleaning).

Limitations: Entry is on a first-come-first-serve basis and capacity (for adults and children) is reduced to conform with safety measures. Groups of more than 5 (adults and children) will not be allowed into the playground. 

Promo: Enjoy 50% Off the next 3 visits with the BYKidO eVoucher. Valid for visits before 31st Dec 2020

Playtime Singapore

Location: JCube, Level 3, #03-01, S(609731)
Reopening Date: 14 July 2020
Opening Hours: 11 am -  9 pm (Daily)

  • 1 hr: $12
  • Unlimited Playtime for 1 day: $20

PlayTime Singapore started operating in Mar 2020. Offering a cozy play area and a craft area, the playground allows young children to have fun and learn at the same time! You may even consider the 2-hr Play and Learn Drop-Off Session where your little one may enjoy free play and craft activity with a dedicated staff while you finish off your chores in the mall.  

Additional Measure: Entire play area will be sanitised every 3 hours and after play. Sanitisation will be carried out from 2 pm - 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm - 6 pm daily. 

Limitations: Capacity is limited to only 5 kids per slot. Reservation is preferred, otherwise, entry is only allowed if there are less than 5 kids in the slot. 

Promo: Enjoy 50% Off the next 3 visits with the BYKidO eVoucher. Valid for visits before 31st Dec 2020

Waka Waka Singapore


Location: Annex@Furama, 407, Havelock Rd, #05-01, S(169634)
Reopening Date: 18 July 2020
Opening Hours: 10 am - 12 pm / 12 pm - 2 pm / 2 pm - 4 pm / 4 pm - 6 pm / 6 pm - 8 pm (Mon, Thu - Sun, closed on Tue and Wed)


  • Weekday
    • Below 90cm: $18
    • Above 90cm: $23
  • Weekend (Sat & Sun, Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday and School Holiday)¬†
    • Below 90cm: $23
    • Above 90cm: $28

One of our favourite indoor playgrounds, Waka Waka is a safari-themed indoor playground offering play for various age groups! The huge dining / rest area is also a plus for parents looking to rest those tired legs, while the little ones have fun. 

Additional Measure: Venue cleaning takes place between time slots. The playground will also be closed on Tue and Wed to facilitate sanitisation.

Limitations: Playtime can be pre-booked on their website in 2-hour timeslots.  Families have to leave 15mins before end-time to facilitate venue cleaning.  There is also a limit of up to 5 pax per group entry, with up to 2 adults per child on weekdays, and 1 adult per child on weekends. 

Promo: Enjoy 50% Off the next 3 visits with the BYKidO eVoucher. Valid for visits before 31st Dec 2020

The Petite Park

Location: Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Pl, #01-06/07. S(397628)
Reopening Date: 25 July 2020
Opening Hours: 10 am - 7 pm (Daily), Closed for cleaning: 2 pm - 3 pm

  • Weekday (Mon - Fri, excluding sch hols): $18
  • Weekend, Public Hols, Sch Hols: $22
  • 2 hr playtime

Additional Measure: Daily routine cleaning and sanitisation with an additional cleaning and sanitisation slot between 2 pm - 3 pm.

Limitations: Playground will be operating at a reduced capacity of 14 pax with playtime limited to 2 hours per child.

Promo: Enjoy 50% Off the next 3 visits with the BYKidO eVoucher. Valid for visits before 31st Dec 2020

The Joy of Toys

Location: Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-51, S(059817)
Reopening Date: 6 July 2020
Opening Hours: 10 am - 8 pm (Sun - Thu), 10 am - 9 pm (Fri and Sat)

  • Off-peak (Mon - Fri, excl. hols): Unlimited playtime and re-entry
    • Toddler Play Space: $18
    • Main Play Space: $22
    • Little Babies (below 9 mths): Free with siblings, otherwise $12
  • Peak (Sat, Sun and Hols):¬†2 hours continuous playtime
    • Toddler Play Space: $18
    • Main Play Space: $26
    • Little Babies (below 9 mths): Free with siblings, otherwise $12
  • 2 Free adults per child

Additional Measure: Premises and toys are sanitised daily. You may also use the Crowd Meter on their website to see real-time crowd. 

Limitations: Only walk-in on a first-come-first-served basis. The playground will be running at a reduced capacity (5 in Toddler Play Space and 12 in Main Play Space) with a maximum of 2 adults per child. No additional adults are allowed. 

Tots Society

Location: 464 River Valley Rd, S(248349)
Reopening Date: 14 July 2020
Opening Hours: 9.30 am - 5.30 pm (Daily)

  • Off-Peak (Mon - Fri)
    • $22 (2hrs playtime)
  • Peak (Sat - Sun, eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays, School Closure Days)
    • $25 (2hrs playtime)
  • 2 Adults enter for free
  • Younger siblings below 9 months enter for free with a paying older sibling, otherwise, it is $15 per 2hrs playtime.¬†

Additional Measure: Monthly professional disinfection, and cleaning of high-touch surfaces and toys regularly during the day.

Limitations: Customers are encouraged to book online to secure a slot for entry. Walk-ins are available only if the slot is not full. 


Location: City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, #02-K4,K10, S(208539)
Reopening Date: 3 July 2020
Opening Hours: 12 pm - 8.30 pm (Daily)

  • Admission for 1: $20
  • Admission for 2 (Mon - Fri only, excluding Public Holiday): $35

Adults and kids can defy gravity and feel themselves "walking on the moon" in this unique indoor attraction suspended between levels at City Square Mall! We take a look back at an experience shared with us in 2018!

Additional Measure: Staff will clean and disinfect high touch elements between sessions. You may also read more about City Square Mall's safety measures!

Limitations: Only available to guests who pre-book a session online.

Little Bears House

Location: 21 Lichfield Road, Serangoon Garden Way, S(556841)
Reopening Date: 10 July 2020
Opening Hours: 9.30 am - 11.30 am, 12.30 pm - 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm (Closed Wed)
Pricing: $70 per time slot (for up to 8 people from 2 families)

Additional Measure: The entire shop will be closed for cleaning and sanitisation between groups. Located in a shophouse, the playground will also have its own bathrooms, nursing rooms, changing rooms and pantry so that families do not need to use shared facilities.

Limitations: Limited to entry by appointment only, and for up to 8 people from 2 families for each time slot. 

Pororo Park Singapore

Location: Marina Square, 5 Raffles Boulevard, #02-29, S(039594)
Reopening Date: 18 July 2020
Opening Hours: 10.30 am - 6 pm Daily
Pricing: TBC

Additional Measure: Thorough cleaning before and after operating hours. Extensive sanitisation in between play sessions

Limitations: Play will be by 2-hour sessions (10.30 am, 1.30 pm and 4 pm) and there is a limit of 60 pax per session and 5 pax per group. Entry is by pre-booking only via Pororo Park's website. Play zones will also be separated with capacity limits. 


Location: Marina Square, 5 Raffles Boulevard, #01-09, S(039594)
Reopening Date: 19 July 2020
Opening Hours: 10 am - 1 pm, 1.30 pm - 4.30 pm, 5 pm - 8 pm (Closed on Tue)
Pricing: $28 (1 hr), $38 (3 hrs)

Additional Measure: Cleaning will be done between sessions each day. The playground will also be closed on Tuesdays for deep cleaning. 

Limitations: Play will be by 3-hour sessions with a limit of 120 pax per session. Tickets are sold online only, and you will need to book your slot after ticket purchase. There are no walk-in purchases. 

KidZah Island

Location: Sembawang Shopping Centre, 604 Sembawang Road #02-07, S(758459)
Reopening Date: 17 July 2020
Opening Hours: 11 am - 8 pm (Mon), 11 am - 9 pm (Tue - Sun)

  • Play Area: $7 (1/2 hr), $11 (1 hr)
  • Rides: $5 (1 Ride), $13 (3 Rides)
  • Other packages available

Additional Measure: Cleaning is done on a regular basis when opening of the shop and when closing. There will be regular cleaning of rides between use, and also additional cleaning timings for the playground during operating hours.

Limitations: Playground will be limited to 5 children at any time. 


Location: HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok, 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, S(659003)
Reopening Date: 17 July 2020
Opening Hours:

  • Tue ‚Äď Fri: 1 pm to 3 pm, 3 pm to 5 pm, 5 pm to 7 pm
  • Sat, Sun, PH and Sch Hol: 10 am to 12 pm, 12.15 pm to 2.15 pm, 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm, 4.45 pm to 6.45 pm
  • Closed on Mon (except PH and Sch Hol)


  • Off-Peak
    • T-Play Member: $8
    • Walk-in: $16
  • Peak
    • T-Play Member: $10
    • Walk-in: $20
  • Children (below 18 months)
    • T-Play Member: $2
    • Walk-in: $4
  • Children (below 6 months)
    • Free

Additional Measure: The Playground is sanitised in between every Play session at regular intervals. Sanitisation will also take place before opening and after closing. Deep cleaning will also be carried out on a monthly basis to ensure the best standards of cleanliness at all times.

Limitations: Each Play session will be available by 2-hour time slots only. Only one Play session can be booked a day per person to ensure the safety and protection of all customers. Each timeslot is limited to 35 pax and groups are limited to 5 pax per group. For every child, only one parent is allowed to enter to accompany them.


Location: 88 East Coast Road, #02-05, S(423371)
Reopening Date: 18 July 2020
Opening Hours: 9 am - 5 pm (Wed, Thu & Sun), 9 am - 6 pm (Fri & Sat), Closed (Mon & Tue)

  • Under 3 yrs: $15
  • 3 yrs and above: $20
  • Adults: $10
  • Each includes 3 hrs of playtime

Additional Measure: Closed on Mon and Tue for major clean up with regular sanitisation and cleaning done daily.

Limitations: Capacity is limited to 25 pax. Pre-booking with payment is required to secure your slots. 



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