STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO
STEM Science Kits @ $22.90 - BYKidO

Book Stop

STEM Science Kits @ $22.90

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Purchase a STEM Science Kit from Book Stop @ $22.90! 

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Science Kits

Multiple Science Kits offered by Book Stop. From creating crystals to training to be a detective. Find out more below.  

Science Kits Option

  • Super Kitchen Science Lab Kit
    • 16 exciting and interesting activities including; create your own lava lamp, creative sugar crystals, and of course volcano science kit the favourite of every child.
    • All the chemicals, ingredients, and apparatus that are required to create more than 16 experiments are included and neatly packed!
    • There are 7 activities in this kit:
      • Sleeping Baking Yeast
      • Mouldy Bread
      • Fruit Batteries
      • Flour Clay
      • Plant Indicators
      • Bubble Land
      • Oobleck
      • Milk Rainbow
      • Cocktail In the Kitchen
      • Volcano
      • Underwater Volcano
      • Underwater Fireworks
      • Color- changed Chinese Leaves
      • Power Boat
      • Sugar Crystal
      • Mist in the Bottle
  • Detective Training Camp Kit
    • The Detective Training Camp kit is designed for kids who want to be a detective. It can develop kids' sharp observations and imaginations. Kids can pay attention to the facts in daily life, trace them patiently and carefully, until they can get the correct result. They can show their parents or friends the activity result, also they can express to them their scientific idea and think.
    • This kit aims to train all the various skills.¬†Perfect for play dates, kids parties or weekend project!
    • Fun Soap Making¬†Kit
      • Comes with easy instructional guide and all the supplies you need to make your own glittery soap. Make up to 16 soaps!
      • These gorgeous soaps will be ready in 30 minutes, making them a great kit for playdates, birthday parties or weekend project!¬†
      • Colour Changing Chemistry Kit
        • Many chemical reactions occur with obvious color changing, just like a magic.¬†With our Color Changing Chemical kit, you can learn more about chemical science!
        • There are 8 activities in this science kit:
          • Colour Changing Volcano
          • Invisible Words
          • From ‚Äúmilk‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúaerated water‚ÄĚ
          • Fizzy and Foamy
          • Acid and Base
          • Colour Changing Jellyfish
          • Magic Paper
          • Changeable Pink
      • Catch The Criminal Kit
        • In a quiet afternoon, a detective was browsing the files. Suddenly, he received a telegraph said ‚Äú the ruby which the earl was about to consecrate to the queen was lost, please come and spy on this case immediately.‚ÄĚ You, as the assistant of the detective submitted this telegraph to the detective immediately. The detective said, ‚Äú Take your tool case and follow with me to the house of earl‚ÄĚ. Who stole the ruby? Can you help the detective catch the criminal? Let's move fast and check it out!
        • Solve the exciting mysteries with 6 activities! Each activity will have you acting and thinking like a real forensic scientist!
        • I Like Science STEAM¬†Kit
          • This STEM based science kit encourages children to critically think, problem solve and will help sharpen their science and math skills!¬†The kit can help stimulate creativity, arouse your kid‚Äôs curiosity for the captivating world of science!
          • Explore 13 Scientific Experiments - Engaging and interesting science laboratory kits! Allow your child to become a scientist with clearly written and illustrated instruction manual will also guide your child on an easy to follow step-by-step learning excursion through each experiment.
        • Plant Growing¬†STEAM¬†Kit
          • STEAM Plant Growth Kit is a tool to help children cultivate interesting plants, discover some interesting phenomena in the process of plant growth and keep children engaged! All components in the kit are non-toxic and safe for children.
          • Comes with a complete and easy to follow instruction! Inclusive of tools, ingredients and parts!
        • All About Crystals¬†Kit
          • Make your child a real chemist by mixing the special ingredients and watching the crystal grow day by day.¬†Enjoy a real scientific experiment with your kids at home, and engage them in a simple but meaningful educational activity
          • Follow the instruction manual to grow 5 crystals. The growth time of crystal is 1-5 days.
        • Magic Water Elf
          • Turn the Paint into 3D Sea Animals in minutes only after easy 3 key steps, Kids can build unique fantastic sea world!¬†
          • Fun to Learn and the DIY aquarium toy set is good to exercise kids' hand-eye coordination, color recognition, imagination and creativity

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