Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90
Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90
Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90
Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90
Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90
Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90
Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90

Trio Kids

Trio Kids: STEAM Science Kit From $30.90

Regular price $30.90

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Purchase a STEAM Science Kit From Trio Kids from $30.90

  • Valid till 30th June 2021 (While Stock Last)
  • Purchase on BYKidO directly 
  • Self Collection at Trio Kids
  • Additional fee of $8 applicable for Standard delivery option
  • Allow 3 Working Days for Delivery 

Science Kits

Trio Kids' Science Toys are fun and educational with special learning outcomes that will interest you and your child. The toys are evolve around STEM Education concepts which integrates Science, technology, engineering and art.

Science Kits Option

  • Amazing Universe DIY Kit
    • Unravel the secrets of the universe through this wholesome experience of the Amazing Universe DIY Kit!
    • Experience a day in the life of an astronomy expert through Amazing Universe DIY Kit! Your little one will embark on fun-filled magical activities while learning various science concepts.
    • There are 7 activities in this kit:
      • 1. Planets Competition
      • 2. Paper Board To Measure Latitude
      • 3. Constellation
      • 4. Make Your Own Spacecraft
      • 5. See Nebula in the Bottle
      • 6. Magic Box Of Moon Phase
      • 7. Meteor Ball
  • Catch The Criminal DIY Kit
    • Dreaming of becoming a detective? Experience the journey of a detective through the Catch the criminals DIY Kit!
    • What’s In The Kit
      • Folder
        House Plan
        Suspect Survey Chart
        Scene Record Sheet
        Experiment Record Sheet
        Secret Letter
        Baking Soda
        Citric Acid
        Calcium Chloride
        Paris Powder (CaSO4)
        Criminal Powder
        6pc Test tube + 1Test tube Stand
        Plastic Bowl
        Red cabbage juice powder
        Detective Badge
        Measuring Cup
        Stir stick
        Instructional guide
  • Colour Changing Chemical DIY Kit
    • Colour Changing Chemical DIY Kit features 8 creative activities revolving around the concept of art (colours) and science (acid & bases).
    • 8 Activities:
      • Fizzy and Foamy
      • Acid and Base
      • Magic Show “Milk” to “Aerated Water”
      • Changeable Pink
      • Invisible Words
      • Magic Paper
      • Colour Changing Jellyfish
      • Colour Changing Volcano
  • Cosmic Jet Rocket DIY Kit
    • Curious about aerospace? Ever wondered how a rocket takes flight to outer space? Get ready for an incredible, high-flying science experience! 
    • Ready, Set Blast-Off at the speed of light! Learn all about rocket science and chemical reactions that can help fuel the rocket.
    • What’s in the kit
      • Rocket body
      • Baking soda
      • Citric acid
      • Stick
      • Launch plug
      • Net bag
      • Spoon
      • Goggles
      • 3 Rocket fins
      • 3 Rocket fin holders
      • 1 Rocket fin sticker
      • 3 Double-sided tapes
      • 1 Rocker sticker
      • 1 Bowl
      • 1 Funnel
      • Instruction guide
  • Fun Soap Making DIY Kit
    • Get squeaky-clean and have a great time making scented soaps for your loved ones!
    • Experience a day in the life of a soap maker through a fun soap making DIY Kit! This kit makes 10 pcs of soap- plenty to go around for your friends and family!
    • What’s in the box
      • Clear soap base
      • White soap base
      • Jasmine essential oil
      • Lemon essential oil
      • Cup
      • Yellow glitter
      • Blue glitter
      • Sequin
      • Soap mould
      • Stirring stick
      • Dried lavender
      • Small spoon
      • Net bag
      • Gift box
      • Ribbon
      • Instruction guide
  • Magical Science For Physic DIY Kit
    • Ever wondered how a magician performs tricks that sometimes blows your mind? Now you’ll be your own magician and you can perform your very own magic trick that will simply astonish your family and friends!
    • Experience a day in the life of a magician through Magical Science For Physics DIY Kit! You will embark on fun-filled magical activities while learning various science (physics) concepts.
      • Activity 1: Dancing magic ball
      • Activity 2: Invisible wall
      • Activity 3: Float a ball in the air
      • Activity 4: The ball you cannot blow away
      • Activity 5: Hot-tempered ball
      • Activity 6: Electrostatic “octopus”
      • Activity 7: Floating and sinking beads
      • Activity 8: Tornado
      • Activity 9: Make your own submarine
      • Activity 10: Magic roller
      • Activity 11: A lazy ball
      • Activity 12: Roly-poly toy

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Activity Details

  • Suitable for Kids ( Adult supervision required)
  • Location: Home
  • Email:
  • Address: 37 Jalan Pemimpin Mapex Building #03-10 Singapore 577177

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    • Promotion is valid till 30th Jun 2021
    • Purchase a STEAM Science Kit From Trio Kids @ Just $30.90
    • Additional Fee of $8 applicable for Standard delivery
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