Expert Series: Five things parents should teach their kids to stay safe online

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Contributed by Google, Summarised by BYKidO

Just like we teach our kids how to drive before handing our kids the keys to the car, it’s helpful to teach younger kids the basics of online safety and citizenship before handing them a device. According to a 2019 survey by Google, children in Singapore as young as eight years old are coming online to play, learn and socialise. However, this exposes them to risks that even adults fall prey to.

Google Survey 2019

As our kids start to grow up in a digital world (that even we are not familiar with), its important to try cover the gaps of our knowledge and ensure our children's safety online. Here are some top tips recommended by Google for parents. 

1. Be Smart

Always be mindful of what and to whom you are sharing your information with.

2. Be Alert

Don’t trust everything you see online. Be discerning between what’s real and

3. Be Strong

​Safeguard your personal information

4. Be Kind

Being kind online creates a brighter and safer place for everyone on the internet

5. Be Brave

When in doubt, talk it out with someone you trust

Visit Google's Family Tips for more information on keeping kids safe online. There even an interactive game for the kids to play, and learn about being safe online! Or download the Family Link App to manage their screen time. 



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