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We compiled a list of happenings in the March School Holidays (13 - 21 Mar 2021) for you to start planning the week! Don't wait till the last minute! 

Updated: 6 Mar 2021

March marks the first school holiday for the calendar year, and in 2021 the school holiday runs from 13 - 21 March. This is also the time when parents seek out activities and experiences for their little ones to keep them occupied! 

If you need help to keep the family entertained, we prepared this massive list of happenings, so you won't need to search around! 

This is definitely not an exhaustive list. Events listed are either that we came across or have been shared with us. Bookmark this as we will continue adding to the list! 

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Holiday Camps to keep the little ones occupied this holiday week! They will make new friends, learn new things and have lots to share! 

Harry Potter Virtual Science Camp

Venue: Delivered via Zoom
Dates: 14 - 15 Mar (Mon & Tue), 10 am - 12 pm
Price: $99 (U.P. $129), delivery fee $10

Recommended Age: 7 - 13 years old

Hey there, muggles! You're invited by Hogwart's very own headmaster to start your magical wizarding journey in the Harry Potter Virtual Science Camp!

Do you wonder how the magic in Harry Potter works? Can science explain it? Find out in this camp that explores science and chemistry.

Featuring exciting experiments, Chamber of Secrets Escape Room, Poly Juice, and potion and wand making, you'll learn all about the magic of science from the teachers at Little Skoolz.

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SUPERXPLORE! Camp at SuperPark Singapore!

Venue: SuperPark Singapore
Dates: 12 - 14 Apr 2022, 1pm - 5pm
Price: $380 per pax
Recommended Age: 7 - 12 years old

The SUPER fun and exciting SuperXplore! Camps are for kids between 7 to 12 years old looking to make new friends, learn new skills and have LOTS of fun  while being cared for and supervised by a team of Professional Camp Facilitators.

Kids will engage in sports-themed activities, arts and crafts & games! This is all happening at SuperPark - so you cannot expect anything less than a SUPER fun time!

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Learn Magic And Performance With Mr Bottle's Holiday Camp

Venue: Crafted by Peter Zwiener, 26 Beach Rd, B1-21 South Beach Tower, S189768 (right beside Esplanade MRT Exit F)
Dates: 19 & 20 Mar 2022, 3 pm - 5.30 pm
Price: $128 (1 Day) $199 (2 days) inclusive of $20 (1 day) or $40 (2 days F&B voucher from Crafted)
Recommended Age: 6 years old and up

Through a fun magic holiday camp, popular magician, Mr Bottle's will teach your children to perform magic - and in the process confidence, creativity, and tips behind the tricks!

The theme around this camp is shapes and colourful magic. This is a versatile genre that will be easy for younger children to pick up and for adults to incorporate into a more sophisticated act. 

The camp is available as a 1-day or 2-day camp. Children will learn several magic tricks and to think of creative presentations - including building their own professional prop. Children will get to bring home professional magic props and materials, as well as recorded videos for parents to review too! 

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Pick-up Design & Architectural Principals With A Design & Architecture Camp

Venue: 90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, Blk B, Meeting Room 1, #03-13, Singapore 439053
Dates: 14 - 18 Mar or 4 - 8 Mar 2022, 9.30 am - 3 pm
Price: $705 (5 Days), $435 (3 Days) and $270 (2 Days)
Recommended Age: 7 - 14 years old 

Organised by DesignTinkers, the unique Design & Architectural Holiday Camp is available in 2 days, 3 days or 5 days camp options. During the camp, kids will explore design and architectural concepts through hands-on making - depending on the camp signed up, kids may be designing a mini-shelter, a home for themselves or both.

Through the camp, children will work on various disciplines in Art, Design and Architecture. These camps are designed to pique curiosity, prompt inquiries, challenge norms and to test ideas to get to unique outcomes through a design process - encouraging children to be creative in finding solutions.

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Go On A Treasure Hunt Adventure With Treasure Island @ ForestPlay

Venue: 112 Tanjong Beach Walk (Focus Adventure) Singapore 098945
Dates: 17, 18 or 19 Mar 2022, 9 am - 4 pm
Price: $190
Recommended Age: 4 - 7 years old

Join the nature play experts, ForestPlay in an adventure like no other! Kids will get to connect with nature and learn new skills through a fun and interactive adventure! They will go on a journey of exploration at the unique forest school, create special nature memorabilia, engage in unstructured free play and hunt for treasures!

There will be different craft activities each day as they create nature crowns, whittle wood and craft birdhouses, just choose your favourite day to join in!

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Learn To Bake With The Little Things' March Holiday Baking Camp

Venue: 244N Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574369
Dates: 15, 16, or 17 Mar 2022
Price: $54 (1 session), $144 (3 sessions)
Recommended Age: 4 years old and above

Join The Little Things on a 1.5hour baking adventure! This March holidays, drop-off your little ones at the March Holiday Baking Workshop and let them whip up their own little adventures!

You may choose from one of 3 unique recipes or sign-up for all 3! Recipes available include Popcorn Cupcakes, Peach Mousse Tarts and Inside Out Red Velvet Cookies! 

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2- Day Holiday Programme With Multiple Workshops With Kiztopia

  • Venue:¬†Kiztopia Marina Square or Kiztopia Club Punggol
  • Dates:¬†14 - 15 Mar or 16 - 17 Mar 2022
  • Price:¬†$248 per pax
  • Recommended Age:¬†5 - 7 years old¬†

Let your child join Kiztopia on a 2-day educational journey - attend workshops such as Gymtopia, S.T.E.A.M Workshop, Emotional Regulation Workshop, Coding and Robotics, all under one roof! hese workshops will develop your child holistically; working on their heart, mind and body.

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Architectural Holiday Camp

Venue: 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, #01-15, Singapore, 168976
Dates: 16 - 18 Mar 2022, 9 am - 3 pm
Price: $450
Recommended Age: 7 - 12 years old

In this Arkki New Recycled City workshop, we translate important concepts about the environment, sustainable living and architecture into fun and age-appropriate projects to spark the children's imagination.

Here, the children will get familiar with concepts of masterplan design, explore the different district characters that they can create and learn to present their ideas in 3D drawings. They will further examine human interaction with the environment and the role of architecture in creating and conserving spaces. Get ready to re-discover the unique properties of recycled materials and use them creatively to build the next fantastic city. Together, the children learn how to reduce, reuse, recycle and revolutionalise!

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Pick Up New Skills @ Ministry of Games, 3-in-1 Holiday Fun Camp

Venue: 33, Ubi Ave 3, Vertex Tower A, #05-57, S(408868)
Dates: 14 or 14 Mar 2022
Price: $80 per pax
Recommended Age: 5 - 7 years old 

In this 3-in-1 Holiday Fun Camp by Ministry of Games, children will get to attend the Money Whizz workshop to learn about financial literacy, Bento Cake Decoration to get the creative juices flowing and Emotions Run Wild Game for them to better understand their internal feelings and express themselves better. 

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Sing, Dance and Act In This "Encanto" Musical Holiday Camp

  • Venue:¬†Marina Square, SOMA, 6 Raffles Blvd, #03-142/143/144 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
  • Dates:¬†14 - 16¬†Mar¬†2022, 10 am - 1 pm
  • Price: $258 (Early Bird till 1 Mar), $388 (U.P.)
  • Recommended Age:¬†5 -¬†13 years old

Are you (and your children) a fan of the popular movie, Encanto? If your child loved the song and music, and have been humming it (or even singing it) for days - this holiday camp is for him! 

From learning vocal techniques like pitching and diction, to building up confidence in performing, this 3-day camp will get your child to sing, dance and act to the songs from Encanto! That's not all, on the last day of the camp, participants will be filming a class video of their performances too! 

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Pick Up Public Speaking Skills - Online Camp

  • Venue:¬†Online
  • Dates:¬†14 - 18¬†Mar¬†2022
  • Price: $90 per pax
  • Recommended Age:¬†5 -¬†12 years old

Sign your child up for a 5 days online workshop this March holiday with TheVirtualBabysitter. Through the workshop, children will use various exercises and techniques to conquer their self-consciousness. These sessions are a safe space for your child to build their confidence and communication skills through fun and creativity.

There will also be drama exercises and text work to help your child explore their verbal and physical expression. The camp is small sized, and thus adaptable to the child’s needs and pace. Get ready to let go, be silly and have fun! (the key ingredients to building confidence). 

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Pick Up Drama and Storytelling Skills at Stage Camp by SRT


  • Mon - Thu: Drama Centre Function Room 1/2, Level 3, 100 Victoria Street, National Library Singapore 188064
  • Fri: KC Arts Centre, 20 Merbau Road Singapore 239035

Dates: 14 - 18 Mar 2022 (Mandarin: 10 am - 12 pm, English: 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm)
Price: $300
Recommended Age: 4 - 12 years old

The Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) is proud to present STAGE Camp 
for the March School Holidays with Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved classic, The Ugly Duckling! 

The camps are a fun way to develop language skills through drama and storytelling as well as to develop other skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership. By encouraging children to express their ideas and feelings through movement and drama techniques, they will be able to express themselves better, build confidence and enhance self-esteem.

Camps are available in English and Mandarin, and are further sub-divided into 2 age groups. The PLAY Stage is for 4 - 6 years old, and the THEATRE Stage for 7 - 12 years old. At the end of the camp, the children get to go on stage for
a show presentation to their family and friends.

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Prefer to join something with less commitment, but just as much fun! Join a Holiday Workshops to learn something new this holiday!

Learn To Shoot An Arrow on Sentosa

Venue: Palawan Green (Mar)
Dates: 17 Mar, 6 pm - 7 pm 
Price: $5 per pax

Here's your chance to bring out your inner Hawkeye or Katniss Everdeen. Join the Archery by the Beach, a guided Target Archery programme with introduction & safety brief, practice rounds, followed by some games that will put your skill to test. Feel safe in the hands of trained instructors who will show you how to use your bow and arrow set.

Other unique workshops are also happening on Sentosa in March, including Cake Decorating, Latte Art and more! 

Click here to find out more

Learn About Wildlife Conservation with the Maker's Experience: Habitat Edition

Venue: Enabling Village, UOB Ability Hub Hall 1
Dates: 18 Mar and 19 Mar 2022, 10 am - 11 am and, 11.15 am - 12.15 pm
Price: $15 per child-adult pair, $10 per child-adult pair (subsidised rate for persons with disability)
Recommended Age: 7 - 12 years old

Introduce your child to wildlife conservation and cultivate their love for animals!

Let your children explore the different types of habitats around the world, from rainforests to deserts and everything in between, to help their animal friends find suitable locations and build imaginary habitats for them! 

Maker’s Experience: Habitat Edition allows children to explore using everyday materials as keycomponents to create their own unique creations for them to bring home.

This workshop is part of a series of holiday workshop organised by the Enabling Village. Note that priority registration is given to persons with disabilities and caregivers. 

Click here to sign-up now

Learn And Create A Digital Art Piece with Enabling Village

Venue: Enabling Village, Academy Block Classroom 1 & 2
Dates: 12 Mar and 19 Mar 2022, 10 am - 12 pm and, 2 pm - 4 pm
Price: $15 per child-adult pair, $5 per child-adult pair (subsidised rate for persons with disability)
Recommended Age: 7 - 12 years old

Based on the theme of big cats such as the tiger, lion and cheetah, create your very own digital art character with simple shapes, lines and colours using just PowerPoint! Learn and explore steps to create digital illustrations and bring home your unique design, printed on a drawstring bag.

This workshop is part of a series of holiday workshop organised by the Enabling Village. Note that priority registration is given to persons with disabilities and caregivers. 

Click here to sign-up now

Go On A STEM Pirate Adventure With Storytelling

  • Dates: 15 or 16 March 2022, 5 pm - 6.30 pm
  • Venue:¬†Goodman Arts Centre
  • Price:¬†$70
  • Recommended Age:¬†4 - 9 years old

Let the children role play as a pirate as they go on an adventure with Curiosity Kids to the storytelling of "The Treasure of Pirate Frank". They will be solving clues to find hidden treasures, dabbling with invisible ink and much more!

Click here to sign-up now

Explore the World in 80 days with Andsoforth

Venue: 16 Lorong Ampas (Warehouse16) 
Dates: 13 & 20 Mar 2022
Price: $48 per pax

Go on an adventure at Andsoforth Junior’s Around the World in 80 Days Book Workshop. Through the workshop, kids will learn about one of the most famous books ever written by the father of science fiction, Jules Verne! 

Expect to visit replicas and reimagined places like an old theatre from London, a ship travelling from Egypt to Bombay, a jungle in Kolkata, a train from Hong
Kong and Japan’s oldest and largest coal mine. Meet workshop facilitators who will talk about characters from the book and teach hands on activities for a truly one-of-a-kind educational experience.

Click here to sign-up now

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      Who doesn't love a good promotion! Especially those that helps us save while spending time with your little ones! Having fun need not be too expensive!

      • BYKidO's TOO MARCH FUN Promotion: Enjoy 10% off purchases off events and activities listed on the BYKidO March Holiday Collection! Choose from an array of holiday camps, workshps and activities to keep junior entertained the entire week!
      • Buy 2 Get 1 Free DIY Craft Kit:¬†Choose from 3 DIY Craft Kit Bundle from Happy Hands Can where you will receive 1 free DIY Kit with every 2 purchased!¬†¬†

      • 3.3 Sale: Enjoy special discounts of up to 60% on stays. Sale period from 1st - 7th Mar 2022
      • Win a lifetime‚Äôs supply of Earthquake mega sundae: To participate, simply dine at Swensens AMK Hub and upload a picture featuring ‚ÄėSwensen‚Äôs X AMK‚Äô photo props on Instagram, with the hashtags #ALifetimeSweeterWithSwensens and #SwensensXAMK along with a caption on why they deserve to win, between 3 January to 20 March 2022!

      • Redeem a Pokemon Squishy at Jewel Changi Airport: First to be released in Singapore, these adorable squishy mini plushies are a collector‚Äôs item for¬†Pok√©mon¬†fans. Take your pick from the six characters - Pikachu, Grookey, Scorbunny, Snorlax, Eevee, and Sobble or collect them all! Spend a minimum of $50 nett in a single receipt to redeem a special Pok√©mon squishy mini plushie at $12 each.
      • Kids Dine Free @ Canton Paradise, Paradise Dynasty and Paradise Classic:¬†Starting from the week-long March holidays¬†(12 to 20 March 2022), children will get to dine for free at¬†with a min. spending of $30.

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      Taking time off to spend time with the kids but not sure where to go? Let us help with a list of events happening during this March Holidays! 

      Win Cash Prizes In The Sentosa Photo-Hunt Contest

      Photo Credits: Sentosa Development Corporation

      Venue: Sentosa
      Dates: 1 - 31 Mar 2022
      Admission: Free to take part

      Search for heritage building at Fort Siloso, learn more about heritage trees or discover the different types of flora on Sentosa - and you just might win $900 worth of cash prizes! 

      In collaboration with Sentosa, we are organising the Learn With Sentosa Photo-Hunt Contest where families will download selected activity sheets from Sentosa's Learn With Us page and to use the information on the activity sheet to complete the photo-hunt on Sentosa! 

      1. Download selected activity sheet
      2. Head down to Sentosa and snap photos of based on information from the activity sheet
      3. Upload your photos on Instagram before 31 Mar 2022 to stand a chance to win the top prize of $300 cash!

      Sentosa Islander members get to win additional prizes too! Don't wait, head over to Learn With Sentosa Photo-Hunt Contest to find out more!

      Washed Ashore Exhibition At NEX

      Venue: NEX atrium, 23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083
      Dates: 17 - 27 Mar 2022
      Price: Free

      What happens to flip-flops when they’re thrown away? Find out at Washed Ashore, a free upcycling exhibition at NEX that features colourful animal sculptures made from flip-flops. Spot your favourite animals like the lion, turtle and elephant while learning more about conserving our oceans. 

      Stand a chance to win $100 LEGO vouchers by joining the social contest on Facebook!

      Hop On A Bikecation With Mandarin Oriental

      Venue: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
      Dates: Till 31 Aug 2022
      Price: From $399 per night

      Conveniently located at the Marina Bay area, Mandarin Oriental is the perfect spot to begin a biking adventure. You can now stay and bike with the hotel's latest Bikecation packages! 

      Hop on the customised red bicycles in partnership with SG Bike and embark on a family biking adventure as you soak in the sights of Marina Bay and feel the cooling breeze by the waterfront during the day or immerse in mesmerising night view of the city’s skyline when dusk falls.

      Start your cycling trip at the fountain in front of the hotel driveway and snap an Insta-worthy photo with the Fleur Marine, a notable public art by French artist Antoine Poncet before you ride your way to other Instagrammable locations in the district such as the Merlion Park, Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay! You can choose to go on the specially designed City Bike-Venture and Garden Bike-Venture routes, or set off on your preferred expedition on your road bike or foldie with snack pack for energy boost on the go.

      Join Race Inspired! Exercise & Do Good!

      Venue: Anywhere
      Dates: 15 Mar - 7 Apr 2022
      Fees: from $9.90 (10% off with promo code, details below)

      To encourage more people to care for their kidneys and support kidney failure patients, NKF is organising a 2nd edition of their virtual sports event, Race Inspired!, which comprises of both a running and cycling segment. 

      Through Race Inspired!, the charity organisation aims to inspire participants to lead and advocate a healthier lifestyle while supporting them to achieve the fundraising target of $200,000, which will go towards providing quality treatment and care for kidney failure patients. 

      Go Bouncing At Jumptopia Wonder Gardens

      Venue: Gardens by the Bay, Bayfront Pavilion
      Dates: 20 Dec 2021 - 3 Jul 2022
      Fees: from $16.50 per pax (available exclusively on Klook)

      Jumptopia: Wonder Garden started in Dec 2021 and will be available at Gardens by the Bay, Bayfront Pavilion until July - so you may just want to consider making a trip this March school holidays! 

      With 10 unique play concepts occupying 8,600 sq ft of space, little ones can look forward to conquering garden-themed bouncy castles, capturing IG-worthy shots, bringing home limited edition souvenirs, and even enjoying yummy bites by Kith Café! Find Chef Bell with his honey at Bell's Honey Pot, hop onboard Tiger's River Cruise and go sightseeing, explore and be enchanted by Drago's Tropical Forest, or gear up for an invigorating experience as you navigate through Happy's Garden Maze, and many more!

       20+ Experiences At March On 2022 @ Esplanade

      Venue: Esplanade
      Dates: 9 - 13 Mar 2022
      Admission: Both ticketed and free experiences 

      March On is Esplanade’s new annual children’s festival that explores relevant issues for the young through different experiences. In this edition, you and your little ones can explore, discuss and share about the topic of bullying at the various programmes and activities organised at Esplanade.

      Beyond the discussion about bullying, the wide variety of programmes is an opportunity for families to spend time together and to build stronger family relationships through these performances, workshops and activities. 

      Visit Dinosaur @ Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park

      Venue: D'Marquee, Downtown East
      Date: 24 Dec 2021 - 20 Mar 2022
      Fees: from $25 (Tickets available exclusively on

      Extended till 20 Mar 2022, the Jurassic Adventure Park Adventure is THE place to visit for all dinosaur loving kids (and adults)! From realistic moving dinosaurs to different play experience, the kids will definitely want to stay long! 

      Don't forget to pre-purchase and book your time-slots for the event! Charge your phones for lots of photo taking opportunities too! 

      Celebrate Individuality @ Tanglin Mall

      Venue: Tanglin Mall
      Date: 1- 31 March 2022

      Celebrate individuality and uniqueness with Tanglin Mall this March! The mall is working with Down Syndrome Association Singapore (DSA) for World Down Syndrome Day.

      Between 1 - 31 Mar 2022, families can head down to the mall with your mismatched socks to redeem $5 Great Rewards e-Voucher. Visit the newly opened Kids Zone on level 2 where you can pick out educational books and toys for kids of all ages. At the same time, shop along the corridors decked with curated artworks by DSA members - and try to spot the surprise promo code within the artworks to redeem another $5 Great Rewards e-Voucher!

      Note that you can only collect the $5 e-Voucher once. That means either for the mismatch socks OR for the surprise promo code. 

      And between 8 - 14 Mar 2022, spend $38 on Kids, Toys and Education retailers to enjoy a sure-win lucky spin! In celebration of International Women's Day, mummies get to spin twice!

      Try Different Jobs at the Holiday Boot Camp @ Eastpoint Mall

      Venue: Eastpoint Mall
      Date: 14 - 18 Mar 2022
      Fee: Spend $50 to secure a slot at $10

      The EP Kids Holiday Boot Camp is back! Let your little ones try out different "jobs" at the mall. Imagine being an artist, mathematician, sports teacher, chef, optometrist and more! Your child will get to experience 3 exciting activities in the session and bring home a goodie bag worth $150.

      To participate, simply spend $50 between 4 to 13 March to secure a slot at $10 per session. The sessions are suitable for 4 - 6 years old (14 Mar) and 7 to 12 years old (15 - 18 Mar). Visit the Customer Service Counter for more details.

      Shop at The Bub List

      Venue: Gillman Barracks, 7 Lock Rd, Singapore 108935
      Date: 12 - 13 Mar 2022, 10 am - 7 pm
      Fee: FREE with registration at

      The Bub List is a dedicated hub committed to featuring a curated selection of fine quality baby and kids’ products for our Singapore family community.

      The Bub List and The Accompany Co will return on 12 -13 March for their third edition of The Bub Fair. This year, The Bub Fair Bloom edition - celebrates a season of blossoming new beginnings - will bring an interactive and physical shopping experience. The Bub Fair Bloom edition will showcase a curated collection of over 25 Singapore homegrown brands and online boutiques that support the lifestyle needs of a young and modern family.

      In line with new safe distancing measures, the event requires registration for entry as limited slots are available.

      Otah & Friends Volume 2: Blast Off @ Gardens by the Bay

      Venue: Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
       Till 31 Mar 2022. 9 am - 10 pm
      Time:¬†9 am ‚Äď 9 pm¬†
      Fee: $24/pax (min. 2 pax); $19/pax for groups of 5 

      Otah and Friends is back with the extension of the Volume 2: Blast Off experience at Gardens  by the Bay! In this edition, the children are welcomed to school and it is build-a-rocket day! They are on a race against time to find seven rocket parts hidden around the school and to assemble a life-size rocket! Once the parts are all found, children can unlock the control room and send the rocket into space!

      Catch Madagascar @ USS For The Last Time

      Venue: Universal Studios Singapore
      Date: 10 - 27 Mar 2022
      Fee: $78

      Join the stars from DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar - Alex, Gloria, King Julien, Rico, Skipper, Private and Kowalski - as they celebrate with fans in their current home at Universal Studios Singapore for one last time from 10 to 27 March 2022.

      Visitors can come party with their favourite characters and also bid farewell to Madagascar: A Crate Adventure as the river boat ride closes from 28 March 2022 to make way for the construction of Minion Land, a new themed zone at Universal Studios Singapore.

      With the Madagascar zone closing soon, catch the favourite characters from DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar who will have their One Last Boogie! this March in a roaring event filled with fun, laughter and music.

      Marking this event, a S$78 Madagascar Farewell Special (usual price S$98) is available for booking for visits to Universal Studios Singapore between 10 to 27 March 2022. Madagascar Farewell Special includes:

      • One day adult ticket to Universal Studios Singapore
      • S$20 worth of Madagascar retail voucher (no minimum spend needed)
      • S$10 F&B voucher (no minimum spend needed)

      Experience the Experience Lab at Jewel Changi Airport

      Venue: Jewel Changi Airport, #04-209
      Date: 28 Jan - end Mar 2022
      Fee: Free

      The National Library Board's Experience Lab at shopping malls will go on to make a stop at Jewel Changi Airport in 2022. Visitors who miss travelling can look forward to a postcard selfie opportunity. Visitors can also embark on their own travel adventure from the comforts of their home, by exploring the Travel-themed eReads on the wallpaper.

      Visitors will also find nature-themed life-sized sculptures take the form of animals and nature elements. Each sculpture has a QR code for visitors to scan and learn about the unique story that inspired the creation of each sculpture.

      Using the tokens earned through interacting with the Discovery Sculptures and Travel Wallpaper, visitors can then try their hand at gachapon stations to redeem specially themed mini book keychains (while stocks last).

      Discover LEGO Builds @¬†Brickman Wonders of the World ‚Äď LEGO Brick Exhibition Singapore

      Venue: The Annexe, Science Centre Singapore
      Date: 12 Mar to 3 Jul 2022 (Fri to Sun, School & Public Holidays)
      Time: 10am to 8pm (Last Entry at 6.30pm)
      Fee: S$22 (excludes S$1 booking fee) | Book tickets here 

      *Opening delayed to 25 Mar 2022

      This new and upcoming "never-seen-before" exhibition in Singapore, Brickman Wonders of the World, seeks to bring fans and friends of LEGO to re-live travel through exhibits of world-famous landmarks, merging the love for travel and LEGO to provide an interactive and engaging experience for all.

      Involving over 1.4 million LEGO bricks that weigh over 1.4 tonnes, visitors will have the chance to witness more than 50 jaw-dropping creations of the world’s most iconic landmarks and discover the secrets behind how these epic masterpieces were brought to life through science, arts and technology. 

      Get ready for an indoor walk-through journey through history to explore a world of large-scale LEGO bricks masterpieces which includes the ginormous ‚ÄėTokyo Subway Map‚Äô and ‚ÄėMona Lisa‚Äô, the magnificent ‚ÄėGreat Barrier Reef‚Äô and ‚ÄėGolden Gate Bridge‚Äô, the intricate ‚ÄėRHS Titanic‚Äô and ‚ÄėGreat Wall of China‚Äô, and everything in between. Of course, it wouldn‚Äôt be an exhibition of the World‚Äôs Wonders without Singapore‚Äôs very own ‚ÄėMerlion‚Äô!¬†

      Catch the Sakura featuring tokidoki at Gardens by the Bay

      Venue: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome
      Date: 4 Mar - 3 Apr 2022, 9 am - 9 pm
      Fee: Admission to Flower Dome applies (Check tickets on Klook,

      Fubuki, Ichiyo, Haru & Harumi, Yoshino and Sakurako ‚Äď tokidoki‚Äôs five magical Unicornos ‚Äď join the ever-popular characters SANDy and Donutella in making their debut at this year‚Äôs Sakura floral display.

      Spot the colourful tokidoki characters in a landscape featuring torii gates, hanami settings, Japanese floral art by Ikebana International Singapore, and a display of Japanese carp streamers known as koinobori on loan from the Japanese Association, Singapore. Take in the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms as you explore a magical giant box with marumado, or traditional round Japanese windows with a view.

      13. Visit The Farmer's Market @ City Sprouts

      Venue: City Sprouts, 102 Henderson Road, Singapore 159562.
      Date: 12 - 13 Mar 2022, 9 am - 1 pm
      Fee: Early Bird starts at $30 per pax, $70 per family

      City Sprouts is bringing Kranji Countryside Farmers Market to the City! Co-hosting with Kranji Countryside Association (KCA), City Sprouts brings together your most beloved local growers under one roof. Boasting a variety of producers, visitors can sample the best of the freshest produce of the season - or even better, you can try harvesting the produce yourself in one of the workshops!

      The two-day farmers market will be a ticketed weekend event which includes vouchers to shop at the Market Hall and vouchers for attending fun workshops suitable for families.

      Discover Weird Facts With Weird But True! @ Gardens by the Bay

      Venue: Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
      Date: 22 Feb - 31 Jul 2022
      Time: 9 am - 9 pm
      Fee: Admission to Cloud Forest applies

      Spanning 290 sq m, the Weird But True! exhibition dissects the strangest and weirdest facts and occurrences in science, food, pop culture and more. Children and adults alike will be able to discover interesting facts about the world around us through the larger than life photos, colourful graphics and catchy texts. 

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        Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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