The Peranakan Museum Reopens in February 2023

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The Peranakan Museum will feature brand-new permanent galleries as well as a fresh new exhibition design and museum visitor experience.

Venue: 39 Armenian St, Singapore 179941
Opening Hours: TBC

After a four-year renovation period, the Peranakan Museum in Singapore is set to reopen its doors to the public in mid-February 2023. The refurbished building boasts brand new permanent galleries, featuring exceptional objects from Peranakan material culture, as well as a fresh new exhibition design and visitor experience.

9 Galleries Across 3 Floors

Visitors will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse Peranakan cultures of Singapore and Southeast Asia through new thematic showcases, objects, interactive displays, and programs. The museum has closely collaborated with various Peranakan communities over the past four years to explore lesser-known aspects of Peranakan culture, and to contemplate the question ‘what is Peranakan?’. Interviews, stories, and contemporary expressions will showcase living cultures such as that of the Arab Peranakans, Chinese Peranakans, Chitty Melakans (or Peranakan Indians), and Jawi Peranakans, while anchoring these cultures within the context of the larger Malay-Indonesian world.

The museum is divided into nine galleries across three floors, which examine three grand themes pertaining to facets of Peranakan identity: "Origins", "Home", and "Style". Visitors will be able to see both familiar and well-loved artifacts and set-pieces, as well as an extensive range of new objects that have been acquired or generously given to the museum in the course of the last decade.

Reopening Dates

The reopening of the Peranakan Museum is set for February 2023. More details and exact dates will be added later. 


Photo Credits: Peranakan Museum



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