The Republic of Singapore Navy Museum Has Massive Gun Display and More For Families!

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The Singapore Navy Museum brings families on a journey through the Republic of Singapore Navy's history to be the modern force it is today. 

Venue: 112 Tanah Merah Coast Road
Opening Hours: 

  • Mon to Fri | 12pm to 5pm (Last entry at 4.30pm)
  • Sat and Sun | 10am to 2pm (Last entry at 1.30pm)¬†
  • Closes on Tue

Admission: Free for Singaporeans and PR

The Singapore Navy Museum is a 3-storey museum that showcases the history of the Republic of Singapore Navy and the journey it took to be the modern fighting force today. 

The museum has reopened from it's revamp and now boast an improved exhibition space with interactive displays and new programmes for families. Families will also be happy to note that the museum has a new public entrance, making it easier for the public to visit!. 

*Photos are from a preview tour that we took in Feb 2023 as well as at the official opening in June 2023. 

The Singapore Navy

Upon entering the museum, you will and impressive entrance with videos showing the importance of the navy to Singapore, and also a description of The Navy Ensign and what it represents and stands for. 

History of the Singapore Navy

Showcasing the RSN's historical and contemporary milestones, the experience starts with a "time-travel" video to share more about the importance of the sea to Singapore since our early years and to share the importance of having a strong navy in protecting the seas around us too. 

After the video, you will head into the exhibition hall where you will go through the panels that shares the formation of the navy as a volunteer force till the formation of the Republic of Singapore Navy today.

Here, you will get to see the original artefacts of RSS Panglima (RSS being Republic of Singapore Ship) which was the first ship of the Republic of Singapore Navy. It was first commissioned in 1956 as HMS Panglima (Her Majesty Ship) before becoming KD Panglima of the Royal Malaysian Nacy in 1963, and finally as RSS Panglima in 1966. 

While the ship is already decommission, RSS Panglima still remains as a name of a building within the Singapore Navy. 

The Singapore Navy Today


You will leave this floor via a futuristic looking section (blue lights and mirrors) where you will get to see replicas of modern ships of the Singapore Navy (including a submarine). In this area, you will see the progression of the Singapore Navy ship's over the years!

From here, you will head up the stairs to the 2nd floor where you will discover different aspects of the navy today! There will be interactive boards where you can learn more about the roles the Singapore Navy plays in protecting Singapore waters today. 


Other interesting displays here are the equipment used by our sailors (including putting on a bulletproof vest used by sailors), a display of missiles used on our ships, and even the navigation equipment from a submarine! 

Friendships Built

On the highest level, you will find gifts and stories that the Singapore Navy has received from other navies around the world. It is a showcase of how the Singapore Navy is a respect member of the international community and the many meaningful relationships created since its formation. 

You also find a video gallery that showcases the sacrifices that the men and women of the Singapore Navy take when doing their duties to protect our seas. 

Other Attractions

Families who are leaving the museum will find a gun display for photo taking. This display allows the kids to sit and to move the gun, making it popular with the young ones. 

There is also an interactive display where you can hover your hand over phases to thank the men and women of the Singapore Navy for their service to the nation too!  

Heading outside, families will also find an assortment of gun displays and one of a submarine - which makes for a great photo-taking spot. 

Upcoming Programmes 

The museum will also have captivating and immersive programme with vuable educational experiences. From daring expeditions to unravelling the mysteries of the deep sea, participants will get to delve into the rich history and fascinating world of the Navy! 

Families can expect 

  • Captain's Conquest - a quest to retrieve stolen treasures from the Navy and battle the Kraken!¬†
  • Bravo Zulu! - an activity based guided tour
  • Silent Waters - through theoretical knowledge and hands-on activites, participants learn about life aboard a submarine.¬†

There are also plans to create other attractions within the museum including a playground, restaurant, food trucks and more. These are still plans in the making but we are looking forward to future updates! 

Venue and Opening Hours

The Republic of Singapore Navy Museum is located at 112 Tanah Merah Coast Road (Inside Changi Naval Base). Opening hours are as follows. 

  • Mon to Fri | 12pm to 5pm (Last entry at 4.30pm)
  • Sat and Sun | 10am to 2pm (Last entry at 1.30pm)¬†
  • Closed on Tues


The museum admission is free for Singaporeans and PRs, and there is $8 fee for tourists and foreigners. 

Find out more about the Singapore Navy Museum. 


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