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Children’s Museum Singapore - Singapore’s First Dedicated Children’s Museum To Open In December 2022!

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The Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM) has been repositioned as a children’s museum under the National Heritage Board (NHB) - as Children’s Museum Singapore (CMSG). 

Get ready to unleash your inner child at Singapore’s new dedicated children’s museum! The Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM) has been repositioned as a children’s museum under the National Heritage Board (NHB). The museum will open its doors in December 2022 as Children’s Museum Singapore (CMSG).

A ‘Starter Museum’ For Young Visitors

CMSG will be Singapore’s first dedicated children’s museum, which will serve as a ‘starter museum’ to introduce young visitors and their families to the museum-going experience, and to cultivate a love for museums and lifelong learning.

The new museum would also tap on SPM’s twenty-five years of experience as a family-friendly museum in engaging children through immersive environments, interactive programming, exciting themes and unique objects - and therefore enabling them to have a deeper and richer learning experience.

The museum will also synergise with other children-centric learning spaces to create a vibrant suite of offerings for children in Singapore.

New Logo & Tagline

Photo Credits: Children’s Museum Singapore

The museum’s new logo and tagline ‘Start with Wonder’ aims to convey the moment of joy and discovery when children visit the museum. Children have a natural sense of wonder about the world around them.

As Singapore’s first dedicated children’s museum, CMSG endeavours to sustain and nurture this sense of curiosity to explore, experiment, and encourage learning about heritage and culture through play.

The museum strives to offer hands-on opportunities through exploratory and multi-sensory exhibitions so as to provide a conducive environment for informal learning, as well as to serve as testbed to spearhead engagement strategies and educational approaches for younger children.



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