20 Of The Best BYKidO Promotions and Listings In March 2022!

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We highlight the latest and best listings on BYKidO's Shop for March 2022 - so you can discover family fun faster and easier!

With over 200 listings on BYKidO's Shop, it may take some time to discover the best promotions and most interesting to-dos for the family. That's why we prepare a monthly list of the latest and best BYKidO promotions and listings to help you easily find your next family fun! 

With the upcoming school holidays, we hope that families will spend more time having fun! To encourage you to do so, we are extending a promo code for 10% off your next purchase on BYKidO. The code TOOMARCHFUN is valid till 31 March 2022, limited for one-time use per user for payments made on bykido.com only.

  1. *March Holiday* Emerge Arts & Media Academy: Encanto Musical Holiday Camp
  2. *March Holiday* Mr Bottle's: Magic Workshop
  3. *March Holiday* DesignTinkers: Design and Architectural Holiday Camp
  4. *March Holiday* The Little Things': March Holiday Baking Camp
  5. *March Holiday* Ministry of Games: 3-in-1 Holiday Fun Camp 
  6. *March Holiday* Kiztopia: March Holiday Workshop / Financial Literacy Holiday Camp
  7. *March Holiday* The Virtual Babysitter: Public Speaking Online Holiday Camp
  8. *March Holiday* Arkki Singapore: Recycled City Workshop
  9. *New* 50% Off SMIGY Tiong Bahru Off-Peak Entry Coupons
  10. *New* 30% Off MuzArt Bukit Timah Workshops (Multiple)
  11. *New* Brillionaire: Inborn Potential Analysis and Personal Development Strategy
  12. *New* Free Trial - Wukong Online Chinese Class
  13. *New* Ready Steady Go Kids: 2 Multi-Sports Classes @ $20
  14. *New* Emerge Arts & Media Academy: 2 Performing Arts Classes @ $10
  15. *New* Dance Embassy: Babywearing Class @ $30
  16. *Popular* 50% Off PLAY! by Kinderplay Off-Peak Entry Coupons
  17. *Popular* Kidodo Indoor Playground: Weekday Admission with Additional Free Play
  18. *Unique Experience* Aeroviation: Full 2 Hour Flight Experience
  19. *Unique Experience* Forest Play SG: Unstructured Nature Play Experience 
  20. *Unique Experience* Urban RC: RC Car Racing Experience (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

Emerge Arts & Media Academy: Encanto Musical Holiday Camp

  • Venue:¬†Marina Square, SOMA, 6 Raffles Blvd, #03-142/143/144 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
  • Dates:¬†14 - 16 Mar¬†2022, 10 am - 1 pm
  • Price: $258 (Early Bird till 1 Mar), $388 (U.P.)
  • Recommended Age:¬†5 -¬†13 years old

Are you (and your children) a fan of the popular movie, Encanto? If your child loved the song and music, and have been humming it (or even singing it) for days - this holiday camp is for them! 

At the "Encanto" Musical Holiday Camp, kids will be learning vocal techniques like pitching and diction to building up confidence in performing, this 3-day camp will get your child to sing, dance and act to the songs from Encanto! That's not all, on the last day of the camp, participants will be filming a class video of their performances too! 

Mr Bottle's: Magic Workshop - Shapes & Colours

  • Venue: Crafted by Peter Zwiener, 26 Beach Rd, B1-21 South Beach Tower, S189768 (right beside Esplanade MRT Exit F)
  • Dates:¬†19 & 20 Mar 2022, 3 pm - 5.30 pm
  • Price: $128 (1 Day) $199 (2 days) inclusive of $20 (1 day) or $40 (2 days F&B voucher from Crafted)
  • Recommended Age:¬†6 years old and up

Mr Bottle's is sharing his tricks with your kids this holiday! Through a fun magic holiday camp kids will learn to perform magic, as well as all the skills around performances - confidence, creativity and the tips behind the tricks! 

The holiday will will follow the theme of shapes and colourful magic, it will be easy for young kids to pick up and versatile for adults to incorporate into a sophisticated act. 

The camp is available as a 1-day or 2-day camp. Children will learn several magic tricks and to think of creative presentations - including building their own professional prop. Children will get to bring home professional magic props and materials, as well as recorded videos for parents to review too! 

DesignTinkers: Design and Architectural Holiday Camp

  • Venue: 90 Goodman Road, Goodman Arts Centre, Blk B, Meeting Room 1, #03-13,¬†Singapore 439053
  • Dates:¬†14 - 18 Mar or 4 - 8 Mar 2022, 9.30 am - 3 pm
  • Price: $705 (5¬†Days), $435 (3 Days) and $270 (2 Days)
  • Recommended Age: 7 - 14 years old¬†

Available as a 2-day, 3-day or combined 5-day holiday camp, the Design and Architectural Holiday Camp looks to introduce kids to design and architectural concepts through hands-on activities. Kids will either be designing a mini-shelter, a home for themselves or both (depending on the camp signed up for). 

These camps are designed with various disciplines in Art, Design and Architecture in mind. The camps will pique curiosity, invite questioning of the norm, to look beyond the box and to encourage children to be creative in finding solutions.

The Virtual Babysitter: Public Speaking Online Holiday Camp

  • Venue:¬†Online
  • Dates:¬†14 - 18¬†Mar¬†2022
  • Price: $90 per pax
  • Recommended Age:¬†5 -¬†12¬†years old

Conducted by a trained actor, the 5 days online Public Speaking Camp uses various exercises and techniques to help children conquer their self-consciousness. These sessions are a safe space for your child to build their confidence and communication skills through fun and creativity.

Children will also take part in drama exercises and text work to help them explore their verbal and physical expression. The camp is small sized, and thus adaptable to the child’s needs and pace. Prep your child to let go, be silly and have fun in this special holiday camp! 

Arkki Singapore: Recycled City Workshop

  • Venue:¬†195 Pearl's Hill Terrace,¬†#01-15,¬†Singapore, 168976
  • Dates: 16 - 18 Mar 2022, 9 am - 3 pm
  • Price: $450
  • Recommended Age:¬†7 - 12 years old

At the Arkki Recycled City Workshop, kids will learn important concepts about the environment, sustainable living and architecture through fun and age-appropriate projects to spark the children's imagination.

Children will be introduced to the concept of masterplan design, explore the different district characters that they can create and learn to present their ideas in 3D drawings. They will further examine human interaction with the environment and the role of architecture in creating and conserving spaces.

To introduce the idea of sustainability, children will re-discover the unique properties of recycled materials and use them creatively to build the next fantastic city. With the new found knowledge, children learn how to reduce, reuse, recycle and revolutionalise!

Ministry of Games: 3-in-1 Holiday Fun Camp 

  • Venue: 33, Ubi Ave 3, Vertex Tower A, #05-57, S(408868)
  • Dates:¬†14 or 15 Mar 2022
  • Price:¬†$80 per pax
  • Recommended Age: 5 - 7 years old

Looking beyond traditional education, Ministry of Games introduces a series of 3-in-1 Holiday Fun Camp consisting of fun and unique workshops for children! 

In the 3-in-1 Holiday Fun Camp for 5 - 7 years old, children will get to attend the Money Whizz workshop to learn about financial literacy, a Bento Cake Decoration workshop to get the creative juices flowing and the Emotions Run Wild Game for them to better understand their internal feelings and express themselves better. 

There will also be other age-appropriate workshops for the 8 - 12 year olds and 13 - 17 year olds. 

Kiztopia: March Holiday Workshop / Financial Literacy Holiday Camp

  • Venue:¬†Kiztopia Marina Square or Kiztopia Club Punggol
  • Dates:¬†14 - 15 Mar or 16 - 17 Mar 2022
  • Price:¬†$248 per pax
  • Recommended Age:¬†4¬†- 7 years old¬†

Happening at Kiztopia Marina Square and Kiztopia Club Punggol is a series of holiday camps for children 4 - 7 years old. There are 2 camps including the 2-day education camp for kids to experience various workshops and the financial literacy holiday camp to educate children on financial literacy and understanding the importance of financial planning. 

Both camps are for 2 days and will include a daily kids meal, 1hour playtime and a bonus pack to bring home too! 

The Little Things': March Holiday Baking Camp

  • Venue: 244N Upper Thomson Road,¬†Singapore 574369
  • Dates:¬†15, 16, or 17 Mar 2022
  • Price: $54 (1 session), $144 (3 sessions)
  • Recommended Age:¬†4 years old and above

Join The Little Things on a 1.5hour baking adventure this March holidays! It's a baking cook-off for your little ones at the March Holiday Baking Workshop! This is a drop-off programme to let them whip up their own little (and tasty) adventures!

There are 3 recipes to choose from. You may choose to attend any of the unique recipes or sign-up for all 3! The recipes are Popcorn Cupcakes, Peach Mousse Tarts and Inside Out Red Velvet Cookies! 

*New* Free Trial - Wukong Online Chinese Class

  • Venue:¬†Online
  • Price:¬†Free
  • Recommended Age: 4 - 15 years old

Wukong EDU is an international online learning platform offering Chinese and Mathematics classes to students aged 4 to 15 years old. It's Chinese classes incorporate the 6A inquiry-based teaching method and TPR teaching method, and use scientific and child-friendly methods to cultivate children's learning initiative, enhance the interest of the classroom, and finally effectively improving learning efficiency.

Wukong EDU is offering parents to give their class a try through a one-time FREE Online Chinese class. It is limited to 1 redemption per mobile number that has not registered for a class before. 

A free online mathematics class is also available for redemption. 

*New* 50% Off SMIGY Tiong Bahru Off-Peak Entry Coupons

  • Venue: Tiong Bahru Plaza,¬†298 Tiong Bahru Rd, #02-115A, Singapore 168732
  • Dates:¬†Until 31 Mar 2022
  • Price: $8 for set of 3 coupons

SMIGY Tiong Bahru is a new playground located at Tiong Bahru Plaza and includes a huge ball pit and a car track running throughout the playground. For the little ones, the entire playground is like a little obstacle for the young ones to explore and there are lots of dress-up opportunity too! 

With each BYKidO Coupon, you can enjoy 50% off when you purchase entry tickets when you visit during off-peak periods, Mon to Fri, excluding Public Holiday and School Holidays.

Note that the payment on bykido.com is for the set of 3 coupons, and you will still be required to make 50% payment directly to the playground for the entry tickets

*New* 30% Off MuzArt Bukit Timah Workshops (Multiple)

  • Venue: Beauty World Centre, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road #04-10/11, Singapore 588177
  • Dates:¬†Until 30 Jun¬†2022
  • Price:¬†30% off

Located at Beauty World Centre, MuzArt Bukit Timah offers a holistic platform that not just encourage creative thinking but also enhances imaginative productivity. For a limited time, MuzArt is offering 30% off selected workshops on bykido.com. This promotion is valid till 30 Jun 2022, thus you may wish to consider them for both the March and June holidays.

*New* Brillianaire: Inborn Potential Analysis and Personal Development Strategy

  • Venue: 33 Ubi Ave 3, #05-57, Vertex Tower A
  • Price:¬†$250

Brillianaire uses Dermatoglyphic Analysis to identify a person's personality, strengths and weaknesses. Children who go through the analysis will receive an Inborn Potential Analysis and Personal Development Strategy report that includes one's preferred learning style, learning speed, pressure endurance level and inborn strengths and weaknesses. 

With this information, Brillianaire hopes to help parents better understand their children's learning ability so as to better support them in their learning and development. 

*New* Emerge Arts & Media Academy: 2 Performing Arts Classes @ $10

  • Venue: 6 Raffles Blvd, #03-142/143/144 Marina Square, Singapore 039594
  • Price:¬†$10 for 2 Classes
  • Recommended Age:¬†3 - 6 years old

Emerge Arts & Media Academy is a new academy located at Marina Square. They offer a variety of classes in performing arts, including singing, ballet, jazz, hip hop and musical theatre.

Their Curriculum is adapted from the CSTD and LCM syllabus, an internationally recognized syllabus that encompasses all performing arts genres. Children who go through the course will be be introduced to music and movement in a fun way, infused with foundational vocal and dance techniques, music and storytelling. Props and toys are also used to cultivate the children’s creativity and interest for performing arts.

For a limited time, Emerge Arts & Media Academy is offering 2 Performing Art Classes at just $10. Classes are meant to let kids explore and better understand their interest, thus the classes can be for the same genre or for different genres.

Also available at 2 classes for $10 are

*New* Ready Steady Go Kids: 2 Multi-Sports Classes @ $20

  • Venue:¬†
    • Plaza 8 (Changi Business Park)
    • Orchid Country Club
    • Funan¬†
  • Price:¬†$20 for 2 Classes
  • Recommended Age:¬†2.5 - 6 years old

Ready Steady Go Kids renews it's multi-sports listing on BYKidO with 2 classes at just $20. Introduce your pre-schoolers to a variety of sports at Ready Steady Go Kids, one of the largest multi-sports and exercise programme for children between 2.5 to 6 years old.

Classes are held at Plaza 8, Orchid Country Club and Funan.

*New* Dance Embassy: Babywearing Class @ $30

  • Venue: 60min Pearl's Hill, 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace,¬†#02-45, Singapore 168976
  • Price:¬†$30
  • Recommended Age:¬†Babies

Enjoy a session of fun Babywearing Dance with Janifer, mother of 3. A great way to relax, bond with your child and even meet with new mummies too! Classes are held every Tuesday morning at 8.30 am - start your day with a bonding time!

*Popular* 50% Off PLAY! by Kinderplay Off-Peak Entry Coupons

  • Venue: Changi Airport Terminal 3, Basement 2, #B2- 14/15/16/17
  • Price:¬†$8 for 3 Coupons

With over 40 sets of BYKidO Coupons sold, the 50% Off Coupon to PLAY! by Kinderplay is one of our most popular listings in Feb 2022. Get your Coupons now and enjoy 50% when you purchase tickets to PLAY! by Kinderplay during off-peak periods (Mon - Thu, excluding Eve of PH, PH or School holidays). The coupons expire 31 Mar 2022.

PLAY! by KinderPlay is a Cartoon Network-themed indoor playground located at Changi Airport Terminal 3, basement 2! Have fun at this indoor playground with a massive ballpit, bouncy castle and more!

Note that the payment on bykido.com is for the set of 3 coupons, and you will still be required to make 50% payment directly to the playground for the entry tickets

*Popular* Kidodo Indoor Playground: Weekday Admission with Additional Free Play

  • Venue: 180 Kitchener Road, Mall, #02-19A City Square, 208539
  • Price:¬†from $12

Enjoy additional playtime when you purchase tickets to Kidodo Playground on BYKidO. This new playground at City Square Mall offering a fun packed experience with various play equipment to keep the kids wanting more! 

While smaller compared to the mega playgrounds, the space is filled with all types of play including a massive ballpit, slides, trampolines, simulated sand play and more! Get additional 15mins and 30mins play time when you purchase the 1-hour or 2-hour package respectively on BYKidO.

*Unique Experience* Aeroviation: Full Flight Experience

  • Venue: Oxley Bizhub # 01 - 50, 63 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408728
  • Price:¬†$250
  • Recommended Age:¬†7 years and above

The full flight experience at Aeroviation is a 1.5hour experience for 2 where you and your kids will take the first step into the aviation world by being in the shoes of 3 aviators! A pilot, an engineer, and also an air traffic controller!

Have hands-on flying experience in our Cessna 172 simulator where our instructors will be teaching you how to control the aircraft and complete challenges. After that, be immersed in the world of VR where you will learn parts of the airplane and be in different aircraft! Finish your experience by testing yourself to manage multiple aircraft in the airport with our voice recognition Air Traffic Controller Simulator.

*Unique Experience* Forest Play SG: Unstructured Nature Play Experience 

  • Venue: 112 Tanjong Beach Walk (Focus Adventure) Singapore 098945
  • Price:¬†$39.90
  • Recommended Age: 4 - 12 years old

Give your child a unique play experience at Forest Play's unstructured nature play experience! Unlike the typical one-size-fits-all playground, Forest Play is a space uniquely designed to give kids free rein to build whatever they want. From recycled wood, tyres to ropes, watch them be in awe as they bring their ideas to life. 

In this two-hour session, children will create collaboratively, build imaginatively and use tools safely in an adult-free zone under the facilitation of our experienced play-workers!

Sessions are available from Wed to Sun, and purchase is preferred to be at least 1 week in advance. 

*Unique Experience* Urban RC: RC Car Racing Experience (Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

  • Venue: 190 Middle Road, Level 6B of the Multi-Storey Car Park, Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
  • Price:¬†$60 for 3 x 30min sessions (U.P. $90)
  • Recommended Age: 7 yrs old and above, younger¬†kids can still enjoy the activity with help from parents.

Urban RC is Singapore's premier RC model car hobby shop offering 2 different tracks for beginners and advance drivers. It's unique location at the top of a multi-story carpark adds to the experience of driving a RC Car. 

From now until 31 Mar 2022, families can purchase 2 x 30mins car racing package and get a 30mins package free. This is great for families who like to give this hobby a try or simply because you love to keep driving longer! 

Urban RC is open from Tue to Sun and bookings are required at least one day in advance.




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