REVIEW: Parent and Child Flight Experience at Aeroviation

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Product Reviewed: Parent and Child 1-Hr Flight Experience

Reviewer: Daddy Jr and his 7 year old boy


We were invited by Aeroviation to experience the Parent and Child Flight Experience, and I decided to use it as an opportunity to have a 1-on-1 time with my boy.

Located at Oxley Bizhub, the exact venue is a little hard to locate, and for anyone looking, it is located at the ground level of the middle building. 




The flight experience is suitable for 7 yrs old and above, due to the need to follow instructions when navigating the flight simulator. 

What does it include? 


The 1-hr session includes an instructor whom will be on-hand to guide both participants on how to control the flight simulator before he leaves you and your child "in-charge" of the plane and to execute a number of flight missions. The controls are exactly what you will find in a similiar model plane, and is a real test of hand-eye + parent-child coordination. 

Through our missions, we had the chance to fly over the Pyramids, through the Eiffel Tower, and navigate the Grand Canyon. Obviously maneuvers that will not be allowed in real life!



The experience also includes the opportunity on the VR simulator, where you may explore the controls of different planes - even a space shuttle! And finally, you roleplay as a air traffic controller, giving instructions at the control tower. 

Perfect for those who have interest 


It is a novel experience that warrents a first-time visit, and for parents with older kids to work on communication and teamwork (the missions were tough, considering we "crashed" a few times).

We also feel that families with kids that have expressed an interest in planes or flying will appreciate the experience more more and be able to use the opportunity to build on that interest. 


Tickets are available on BYKidO.



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Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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