A Hot Air Balloon Is Coming To Marina Bay Singapore Soon!

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A hot air balloon has been spotted at Marina Bay Singapore, and it is confirmed to be an experience coming later in the year! 

Updated: we have corrected that this is Singapore first Hot Air Balloon experience. 

Venue: Marina Bay Singapore
Date: TBC
Fees: TBC

It has been confirmed that Ballons Du Monde, an aviation and tourism company, will be bringing us a hot air balloon experience that is happening in Marina Bay very soon. 

Singapore's First Hot Air Balloon Experience

The DHL Balloon / Wikipedia

*In our initial post, we mentioned that this was not Singapore first hot air balloon experience. We said that the first was the DHL Balloon, but we are corrected. The DHL Balloon was a helium balloon and not a hot air balloon. 

Those of us of a certain age might recall the DHL Hot Air Balloon that used to operate at the Bugis area, at Tan Quee Lan Street from 2006 to 2008. 

The DHL Balloon was a helium balloon and the experience involves going up in the balloon and coming down, approximately a 10-mins ride. It is not known if the experience at Marina Bay will be different and allow us to float away from the area (but we doubt so). 

Did you know? The DHL Balloon used to cost $23 for adults, $13 for children and $2 for toddlers - so we wonder how much will this similar experience cost after 10+ years. 

Not Yet Ready

While there has been many sightings and sharing of the balloon at Marina Bay, there is no official date or information on the experience yet. Balloons Du Monde has shared that they are still testing and to stay peeled for more information. 

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*Photo Credits: Balloons Du Monde unless otherwise stated


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