Walk Down BreadTalk's Memory Lane At Its Showcase Store at Ion Orchard

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BreadTalk will launch a showcase store at ION Orchard that retail its best-selling and limited edition products from the brand’s inventive line-up since its inception in 2000!

Venue: 2 Orchard Turn, B4-0809, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 

  • 9am to 9.30pm (Monday – Thursday)
  • 9am to 10.30pm (Friday & Saturday)
  • 9am to 10pm (Sunday & Public Holidays)

Founded in 2000, as a lifestyle bread boutique, BreadTalk has revolutionised the bakery scene with its modern store concept and line-up of inventive and quality products through the years!

There will now be a BreadTalk showcase store retailing the brand's best-selling and limited edition products since 2000, as well as new offerings!

The History Of Flosss

Flosss is undoubtedly one of BreadTalk’s most versatile products, having donned many ‘faces’ since the ‘OG’ was conceived! Take a walk down memory lane and pick up their favourite Flosss from years past, as well as sample new iterations. Renditions include

  • Wasabi Flosss ($2.30) which features a wasabi egg cream center and topped with umami seaweed pork floss
  • Cereal Flosss ($2.30) – inspired by cereal prawns and
  • Coconut Flosss ($2.30) which has a velvety custard cream and kaya filling, garnished with coconut flakes 

You will also discover Curry Flosss ($2.30) – a fiesty combo of pork floss, curry leaves and curry powder provides the crowning glory for this tantalising newcomer.

Other Items In Store

New at the ION store are three Japanese-inspired ‘Dozo’ buns that are a riff on the classic and indulgent deep-fried Japanese curry bun! Each pillow-soft Dozo bun ($2.20 each) is made with a buttery toast dough mixture that is brimming with a variety of fillings - the Curry Chicky Dozo, Sardine Dozo, and Mushroom Dozo

Families will also find sandwiches made daily on the premise! these generously-filled sarnies ($5.50 each) are made for enjoying as-is, or toasted! You will have the choice of the Curry Chicken Panini, Moshi Mushroom Panini, Ham Panini, Tuna Croissant Sandwich and Ham Croissant Sandwich. 

In addition, you will also find European-style breads, Japanese Shio Pan, muffins as well as a curated selection of complementary Danish, Toast, Cookies and also Donuts are also available at this outlet.



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