SimplyBakez is the Upcoming Baker-In-Residence at Baker X

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Simplybakez is the sixth in the line-up of home-based bakers to realise their aspirations at Baker X.

Venue: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #04-29, Singapore 238896
Date: 5 - 24 Apr 2022
Time: 11 am - 10 pm (or till the bakes sell out for the day)

From 5 April to 24 April, you can enjoy Simplybakez's (@simplybakez) assortment of delectable cakes down at Baker X. 

Simplybakez is run by Chong Zhi Chiun (Zee), a self-taught baker who hopes to revolutionise Korean minimalist cake designs with her unique recipe twists. Adhering to a motton of simplicity, Zee focuses on few but quality ingredients for her bakes, without the use of buttercream, fondant, preservatives, additivies, artificial chemicals and softeners. All-natural soft gel paste food colouring as well as non-dairy cream are used to deliver its aesthetically pleasing, soft pastel palette bakes.

Aside from delicately designed Korean minimalist cakes, patrons can also look forward to a mouth-watering array of modern Bento Cakes, 4" Cakes, Fruit Shortcakes, and Sliced Cakes, each with their own delectable twists. 

The charming petite Bento Cake of the Day (from $24 for a 4" whole cake) is a dainty two-layered sponge cake that showcases the design and flavour du jour - Zee's inspiration for the day. Appreciate the out-of-the-box, freehand decorations that give the cake its signature Korean minimalist and whimsical look. The cake serves 1 to 2 persons. 

The 4" Cake of the Day (from $35 for 4" whole cake) is a taller option that serves 2 to 4 persons. A delightful three-layered sponge cake in Zee's chosen flavour and design including 3D animals, customised wordings that can be added upon request. 

For both the bento and 4" cakes, keep an eye out for flavours such as Classic Chocolate, Speculoos Cookie, Cookies & Cream, and Matcha.

The Fruit Shortcakes ($16.80) are available in three different flavours - the Strawberries Shortcake, Mango Shortcake, and Green Grapes Shortcake. Presented in a cup, each Fruit Shortcake features fresh fruit slices sandwiched between layers of rich vanilla sponge cakes and lightly whipped non-dairy cream. 

Simplybakez also offers single Sliced Cakes (from $7) for those looking to try a variety of delightful flavours. There are five different options you can choose from: Classic Chocolate ($7), Coffee ($7), Speculoos Cookie ($8), Cookies & Cream ($8), and Matcha ($9). 

Baker X

Baker X was launched at the end of 2021 with the aim of supporting bakers who wish to explore scaling up into full-fledged outlets. The initiative provides them with a business opportunity, at no cost, with a fully fitted baking studio and 10-seat cafe operated in tandem with social enterprise, Foreword Coffee Roasters.

At present, Baker X will be working with a curated line-up of bakers till end 2022. For the latest updates, get the shopFarEast App. 


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