Baker X Welcomes Its Next Resident, Cherbax Tartyy

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Cherbax Tartyy is next in the line-up of homebased bakers to take up residency at Baker X from 22 February to 4 April 2023.

Photo Credit: Cherbax Tartyy

Venue: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #04-29, Singapore 238896
 22 Feb to Apr 2022
Time: 11am to 10pm

Home-baker Cherbax Tartyy (@cherbaxtartyy) will be offering their best-selling Mini Tarts with a wide array of flavour options, ranging from sweet to savoury, for everyone to enjoy.

About Baker X

Launched in December 2021 by Far East Organization, Baker X aims to support home-based bakers by providing them with an opportunity to have first-hand experience running a brick-and-mortar storefront and interacting with customers face-to-face with a fully fitted baking studio and a 10-seater café. 

Patrons can dine in or takeaway the baked goods at the café on Level 4 of Orchard Central (opposite Genki Sushi). The café is operated in tandem with social enterprise, Foreword Coffee Roasters.

There will be a line-up of bakers throughout the year, and each baker will be in residence for between 2 to 6 weeks. 

Mini Tarts

For Cherbax Tartyy’s residency, the Mini Tarts will be available in customisable boxes of 6 pieces ($10.80), 12 pieces ($14.80), and/or 24 pieces ($22.80).

Savoury Mini Tarts

The savoury mini tarts come in the form of flavours such as Hawaiian Pizza, Curry ‚ÄėO‚Äô Curry, Chicken Rendang and Eggy (Egg Mayo).

  • Chicken Rendang

The Chicken Rendang comprises chicken chunks and diced potatoes that are cooked in an aromatic chicken rendang paste.

  • Curry ‚ÄėO‚Äô Curry

Take it up a notch on the spice scale with the Curry ‚ÄėO‚Äô Curry, which features curried potatoes in a spice mix that brings the heat.

  • Eggy (Egg Mayo)

The Eggy (Egg Mayo) features a creamy mixture of mashed boiled eggs and mayonnaise on a crisp tart shell.

Sweet Mini Tarts

Purists of sweet desserts can opt for flavours like Hazelnut Nutty, Fruitty Tutty, as well as Orh Nee with Ginkgo Nuts (Yam Paste).

  • Orh Nee with Ginkgo Nuts (Yam Paste)

A treat for all ages, the fan-favourite Yam Paste is prepared from scratch, featuring creamy puréed yam topped with ginkgo nuts for an added bite.

  • Fruitty Tutty

Fruitty Tutty is a refreshing choice comprised of pineapple, peach and honeydew cubes ‚ÄĒ all carefully arranged atop Cherbax Tartyy‚Äôs handmade custard cream.

Mini Fluffy Brownies

Cherbax Tartyy will also be offering their popular Mini Fluffy Brownies, which will be sold in a box of 12 ($22).

About Cherbax Tartyy Founders

Founded by Cheryl Lim and John Lau, Cherbax Tartyy specialises in mini tarts with popular fillings handmade from scratch. The idea of creating miniature bakes came from Cheryl’s personal preference for enjoying a little bit of everything good. 


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