Rant At Texas Chicken Counter Staff & Get Free Food or Drink!

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Find out how you can complain, rant and whine at Texas Chicken counter staff to get free food or drink! 

Venue: Texas Chicken Outlets

It's time to get salty as Texas Chicken’s Salted Egg Chicken is BACK, for its fourth run to satiate the salted-egg cravings of Singaporeans!

The Salted Egg Chicken AND Salted Egg Wrap

The Salted Egg Chicken is available for a limited time period from 28 Jul to 7 Sep 2022 at all outlets, or while stocks last, the creamy, savoury salted egg sauce recipe, made from real duck eggs, generously coats each juicy, tender and crispy fried chicken before they are sprinkled with crunchy salted egg crumbs to further enhance the texture and taste

This time, Texas Chicken will also be¬†introducing, for the first time, a¬†NEW! Salted Egg Wrap¬†‚Äď think two pieces of crispy spicy chicken tenders, diced ripe tomatoes, diced red onions, fresh lettuce and cheese, dressed with salted egg crumbs and salted egg paste, all wrapped in a toasted tortilla.¬†

Complain To Get Free Food

Texas Chicken is giving Singaporeans the chance to be salty and satisfy their love of complaining, ranting and whining on their ‚ÄúEat Salted‚ÄĚ microsite www.eatsalted.sg, where you can submit as many of your innermost irks and frustrations as you like, from 28 July to 11 August 2022.¬†

From the entries submitted, the Texas Chicken‚Äôs team will pick the top three saltiest complaints that will be released as¬†Secret Codes¬†that customers can verbally ‚Äúrant‚ÄĚ to the Texas Chicken counter staff to get a FREE food or drink item, when they order a meal!

These Secret Codes and their redemption instructions will be released weekly on Texas Chicken microsite and social channels from 12 August 2022.

Secret Codes Weekly

Texas Chicken team has selected four most common complaint topics to be given as a weekly Secret Code that diners can use to ‚Äúrant‚ÄĚ at the counter staff when they place their order and be rewarded with FREE food or drink items.

Each Secret Code will be valid for one week, starting from 15 August 22 and a new one will be released every week via Texas Chicken’s social media channels.

Week of 15 to 21 August 2022 (one Secret Code applicable for one purchase)

From 15 till 21 August, whisper these Secret Codes ("I'm so stressed" or "Today so hot") when ordering at Texas Chicken to treat yourself to a bit of sweetness or get extra cold relief from the heat. 

  • Secret Code:¬†"I'm so stressed"
  • Reward:¬†A FREE Honey Butter Biscuit with ANY purchase


  • Secret Code:¬†"Today so hot"
  • Reward:¬†A FREE regular Coke or Coke Zero with ANY purchase

Week of 22 to 28 August 2022

Complaint: Relationship Woes with Significant Other/Colleagues/Family 

  • Secret Code:¬†To be released on¬†19 August¬†via Texas Chicken‚Äôs social media channels
  • Reward:¬†A FREE box of 6-piece¬†Nuggets with any purchase of family & friend combo

Week of 28 August to 4 September 2022

Complaint: Tough Day At Work 

  • Secret Code:¬†To be released on¬†26 August¬†via Texas Chicken‚Äôs social media channels
  • Reward:¬†A FREE 1-piece chicken with a minimum order of $15


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