Oh My Cow!, A Brand New Ice Cream Café Opens at Marina Square

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A concept born out of a culmination of overseas experiences fuelled by wanderlust, Oh My¬†Cow! is a sensory delight ‚Äď the colourful, bright and cosy space is made for families, couples,¬†children.

Venue: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-280, Singapore 039594
Opening Hours: 11 am - 9 pm

Brand new ice cream and dessert café Oh My Cow! makes its debut at Marina Square this October - providing families and children a colourful, bright and cosy space to seek a dose of happiness in the form of a sweet treat!

Nutella Tap

Probably the first-ever in Singapore,¬†Oh My Cow! features a Nutella tap flowing with the much-loved hazelnut cocoa spread that has been gently heated with a chocolate-tempering machine ‚Äď you can have the sauce with just about anything, from scoops of ice cream to plated desserts.¬†

A Rainbow of Ice Cream Flavours

From perennial favourite classic flavours to more inventive renditions, Oh My Cow! offers an enticing range of quality homemade ice cream inspired by flavours from all over the world.

Favourites include¬†eight classic options for all-ages such as Ribena Sorbet ‚Äď a¬†comforting pick with the familiar blackcurrant taste, Cookies and Cream as well as After¬†Eight. You also have the¬†rich and deeply-aromatic¬†Roasted Black Sesame¬†and Matcha Madness ‚Äď a crunchy Kit-Kat-studded¬†number inspired by the popular J-combo.

Premium flavours include concotions such as the Dark Chocolate Sorbet and Passionfruit Mango Sorbet as well as more inventive ones like the Toasted White Chocolate and Soya Bean with Dough Fritters.

Sharing Options

Ideal for sharing among four to five friends or a family, Ice Cream ‚ÄėHot Pot‚Äô ($22) consists of a¬†choice of five ice cream or try the¬†aromatic and light Ice Cream Love¬†Letter Waffle ($15), that features a freshly-baked love letter waffle, a choice of a double scoop of ice cream and a generous drizzle of¬†maple syrup.

Serving Manual Press Coffee

Oh My Cow! also offers a unique coffee experience with¬†freshly-brewed cuppas prepared with an all-manual Flair PRO 2 Espresso Maker ‚Äď this beautiful¬†equipment relies only arm strength and lever mechanics to render a better quality and more¬†consistency brew. Enjoy bliss in a cup with Allpress Espresso's Browns Mill Organic medium¬†roast blend; with balanced notes of sweet toffee, and the tang of juicy fruit.

Address and Opening Hours

Located just next to the main atrium at Marina Square, the cosy space of Oh My Cow! is decked out in the brand’s thematic colours of pink, orange and soft cream. 

The address is 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-280, Singapore 039594 and they are open daily from 11 am to 9 pm



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