Mrs Pho House - Traditional Charcoal Hotpot and Vietnamese Festive Delicacies

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Mrs Pho introduces Mrs Pho House, a brand new concept that brings flavours of a Vietnamese home over traditional charcoal hotpot and Vietnamese festive specialties.

Venue: 391 Orchard Rd, #B2-36A, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee
Ann City, Singapore 238872
Opening Hours: Daily, 11:30am to 3pm (last order 2:30pm), 5:30pm to 10pm (last
order 9:30pm)

After introducing authentic Vietnamese flavours with¬†its pho and authentic street food dishes, Mrs Pho delves deeper into Vietnamese¬†cuisine with a new concept ‚Äď Mrs Pho House ‚Äď that serves up traditional charcoal¬†hotpot and Vietnamese festive delicacies in an interior that is reflection of a¬†Vietnamese home.

Traditional Charcoal Hotpot

Four soup bases headline the hotpot menu, each made with Vietnamese herbs, spices and ingredients. Served in a traditional charcoal hotpot, families can enjoy the soup based with the typical fresh meats, seafoods and produce that goes with hotpot on the menu too.

Meats includes prime cuts and slices of beef, Japanese wagyu, pork belly, Iberico pork shoulder shabu shabu, all also available in an assorted platter of the best mix. Families can also expect seafood from the luxurious like whole rainbow lobster, scallop, mussels and tiger prawns, to the exotic like frog legs, baby octopus, baby cuttlefish, fish fillet, fish maw and homemade prawn paste with dill, and fish balls. A variety of mushrooms and vegetables are available to top-off your meal! 

Authentic Vietnamese Soup Bases

The soup bases are created by Chef Linh, who drew inspiration from Vietnamese dishes she had growing up.

The Crab Bisque Soup (Regular $38, Large $48) (spicy/non-spicy) is a must-try, being made with Chef Linh’s mother’s recipe as used in her famous crab noodle soup recipe (Bánh canh cua) as sold at a nameless stall on the streets of Saigon. Despite its obscurity, it has been around for over 30 years and a queue forms daily for it, with waiting time that lasts 2-3 hours.

The Nourishing Collagen Pepper Soup (Regular $23, Large $28) is the perfect introduction to Mrs Pho House’s heartiest flavours, being a robust peppery pork broth stewed for hours with piquant Phu Quoc peppercorn. Inspired by Vietnamese green pepper pig stomach soup spun off from the large Teochew community in Vietnam, this version is rich and nourishing in every single sip.

The Vietnamese Perilla Mutton Soup (Regular $25, Large $30) is a Northern Vietnam specialty, being made from the same recipe as the famed Vietnamese goat soup. It is made with a generous amount of Vietnamese perilla and spices!

Last but not least, there’s the Herbal Chicken Mushroom Soup (Regular $23, Large $28), the broth gets its flavours from roasted chicken bones boiled to immense sweetness with a mix of locally sourced mushrooms.

Vietnamese Festive Specialties

Dig into Vietnamese specialties, each cooked true to age-old Vietnamese recipes as festive specialties typically served only during celebratory occasions. Expect dishes that you’ll be hard to find outside of Mrs Pho House which includes Chef Linh’s personal favourites of Five Spice Butter Quail, Cha Ca de le Mrs Pho and Lemongrass Chicken.

The Cha Ca de la Mrs Pho ($19.90) grills sturgeon fish over charcoal fire before serving it on a hotplate with herbs and fresh dill. On the side is a springy rice noodle to be eaten together with the sturgeon.

The Lemongrass Chicken in Claypot ($13.90) is a delightful chicken claypot dish of chopped wings braised in lemongrass sauce for almost perfumed bites. It is a comforting dish that draws many similarities with the Chinese sesame chicken but has deep Vietnamese roots.

An update on the classics include the Premium Japanese Wagyu Beef Pho ($16.90 Regular, $8.90 Light), an upgraded version of the hearty beef noodle soup made using Japanese Wagyu beef slices, and the Bun Cha ($15.90) that presents a special taste of the  North with BBQ pork dry noodles served with grilled pork, as well as tender patties made of minced pork and pork belly, garnished with pickles, herbs and shredded vegetables.

While waiting for the soup to boil and meet to cook, families may also dig into a variety of appetisers and side dishes, including BBQ skewers like the signature Mountain Style Chicken on Skewers ($3.90), where boneless chicken is rubbed lightly in a special cham cheo salt rub before being grilled to smoky perfection on a skewer; Mrs Pho Iberico Pork Belly on Skewers ($5.90) featuring marinated juicy slices of Iberico pork belly on sticks; Grilled Scallop Viet-style ($15.90) that presents half-shell scallops grilled with fragrant spring onion oil and crushed peanuts to bring out the seafoods’ natural sweetness; and Goby Fish in Viet-style Chilli Sauce ($9.90), a slender and delicate fillet of grilled Goby fish glazed with a fragrant Viet-street style chili sauce.

Ambience and Set-up

Indulge in authentic and traditional Vietnamese offerings amidst an ambience designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Vietnamese home at the new Mrs Pho House. True to its name, it invites diners home to Mrs Pho’s humble abode complete with welcoming patterned couches, wooden tables and matching rattan chairs, furnished in true Vietnamese style.

Why is it for families?

Some of the dishes may not be suitable for young kids, but we think that families may still enjoy the traditional charcoal hotpot and enjoy a different type of hotpot experience. Those with older kids may better appreciate the experience as you can try the wide variety of dishes.

The restaurant is decorated to feel homely, and makes for a comfortable setting for a family meal too. 


Reservations can be made via Chope at (preferred), or +65 9666 1357.


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