Little Farms Opens New Outlet At Serangoon Garden | A Dining Bar & Grill, A Brunch Menu, Kid-Friendly Options, A New Christmas Line-Up And More!

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All natural, healthy and delicious dining and shopping is now made even more accessible with the opening of Little Farms Serangoon Garden!

Little Farms Serangoon Garden

Well known for a carefully curated selection of high-quality, all-natural and ethically sourced produce, local speciality grocer Little Farms has now made its debut in the north-east with its newest store at MyVillage shopping mall.

Like all its other outlets across the island, Little Farms Serangoon Garden promises all the goodness that the brand is loved for, in the heart of one of Singapore’s liveliest neighbourhoods.

Here's taking a closer look at what you can expect at Little Farms' latest outlet at Serangoon Garden:

Little Farms Bar + Grill

The cosy, al fresco urban farm-style bar and grill boasts a charming space with an open kitchen concept where guests can watch the passionate chefs in action. It serves a delightful grill-focused menu that includes all-natural, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients, which may also be purchased at the grocery. The unique in-store edible wall provides the freshest greens for dishes.

Brunch Menu

A selection of brunch dishes is available until 2pm and includes a delicious Shakshuka ($20), made with coddled eggs in a simmering mixture of heirloom tomatoes and avocado topped with feta cheese, which gives the dish a velvety texture. It is served alongside beautifully toasted sourdough slices to scoop up every bit of that rich sauce.

Classic brunch dishes include the Bolognese ($24) made with lumaconi (a large snail shellshaped pasta) which cradles the pork and beef ragu sauce that has been cooked over two days, and completed with freshly grated parmigiano reggiano. The Miso Mushroom Fusolini ($22) is another alluring dish comprising of pearl oyster and portobello mushrooms drenched in savoury umami miso butter, and topped with pecorino. Gluten-free pasta is available upon request.

Not to be missed is the Farmers Bowl ($21) – a deconstructed burrito assembled with brown rice, salad (from the indoor herb wall), beans, and avocado. Diners may choose between organic chicken, buckwheat tempeh from Angie’s Tempeh, or salmon for their protein.

Other options include the Wholemeal Hotcake ($22), Free-range Slow-fired Pork Rack ($28), and O’Connor Rump Steak & Eggs ($26).

Big Plates from the Charcoal Grill

Perfect for sharing are the Roaring Forties Lamb Cutlets ($36), which is marinated with yoghurt, cooked with curry leaves and tandoori spices for a spicy kick, and finished off on the grill with applewood charcoal, and served with a refreshing Mango Chimichurri.

Another highly recommended pick is the Whole Basket Grilled Snapper ($38), Little Farms’ take on the local favourite dish of Sambal Stingray, where a whole fish is butterflied, marinated with sambal then low-grilled to crispy perfection. It comes with a Thai chilli sauce and some calamansi that perfectly accentuate the smoky flavours of the dish.

Communal eating is the focus, and these big plates are best eaten alongside a selection of small plates and sides. Try the Battered Plant-Based Calamari ($16); made with konjac jelly and served with sriracha mayo, Dirty Rice ($8) cooked in sofritos consisting of capsicum, onion, garlic, coriander, and sazón (mixed spiced herbs), and Serangoon Slaw ($8), which sees purple cabbage tossed in peanut butter, orange juice, and cashews for a refreshing palate cleanser between dishes.

For a gratifying end to the meal, opt for the indulgent Chendol Sundae ($12) that has a touch of local flair.

Kids' Menu

For one of the most important groups of people in the world, the menu also has smaller portions of brunch (until 2pm) for the little ones. Pick from Juniors Avo Toast ($14), Wholesome Hotcake ($12), and Bambinos Brekkie ($16). Both the Kids Bolognese Penne ($14) and Kids Garlic Prawn Mac & Cheese ($18) are available for lunch and dinner, so make it a fun day out with the family.


There is also an outstanding line-up of tipples, draught beer, gin & tonics, and frozen margaritas ($16 per glass/ $50 per jug) such as the Lime and Passionfruit margarita, which was conceptualised by the Director of Food & Beverage, William Leonard.

Diners may opt to start the day with a comforting coffee or a super latte such as the Golden Turmeric Latte ($7.50). Little Farms has enlisted the help of plant-based content creator Sandra Lim (@theveggiemaiden) to create a line-up of wholesome smoothies ($15) such as Beets by Dre and James Green.

Little Farms Grocery Store


Little Farms sources 80% of its cheeses from countries such as Australia, Greece, and France. This includes the seasonal Rogue Creamery’s Rogue River Blue, which was crowned the World’s Best cheese in 2019 and 2020. The cheese is wrapped in leaves that were soaked in rum to create the cheese’s fudgy and rich texture with a pronounced ‘blue’ flavour, and it is only produced in May and June every year.

Knowledgeable staff are always on hand to recommend the best charcuterie for cheese platters, such as Prosciutto di Parma, Corsican pepper ham, and Bayonne ham. Customers can even request a custom cheese platter based on budget and preference.

Fresh Produce

Little Farms imports a wide range of fresh and seasonal produce from various regions, including Australia, France, the UK and Spain. Flown in three times a week, the upcoming end-of-year harvest will be the best season for stone fruits from Queensland, Australia, and the perfect time to enjoy nectarines, peaches, and plums.

Meats & Seafood

Little Farms offers sausages that are handmade on-site with natural ingredients and spices, as well as marinated meats that make meal prep a breeze. Customers may also order their preferred choice of meat, from chicken to meat skewers, and approach any of the friendly butchers for help choosing cuts of meat or to learn the best cooking methods.

Little Farms is also the exclusive importer of Australian O’Connor Beef, which is free-range, grass-fed, and raised in the best environment. Cattle from the O’Connor farms enjoy fresh air, pristine water and nutrient-rich pure pastures without artificial hormones or antibiotics.

Akaroa Salmon from New Zealand has been supplying high-quality all-natural salmon such as King Salmon, which is fresh and never frozen, and vacuum-packed straight from the dock.

Kid-Friendly Options

Healthy and delicious options for young ones are also available.

Go Kidz meals such as Roast Pumpkin Ravioli and Sweet Potato Brownie are made with 100% Australian ingredients, free from preservatives and additives, and are developed by a team of children’s nutritionists.

Fool-proof chicken tenders are always the star at the dinner table, and these all-natural ones from Fusspot & Foodie are baked and made using ethically farmed hormone & antibiotic-free Sakura chicken marinated in rich coconut milk and mild spices. This product may be prepared in the microwave or oven, or on the stove.

For a healthy treat, little ones can enjoy some refreshing Paloma Pops. Proudly Australian, these gluten-free ice pops are made of 100% fruits, contain less sugar and have no artificial flavours.

Baked Products

Starter Lab’s breads and pastries are freshly baked daily using premium ingredients and the difference can be tasted in creations such as the Rosemary Lemon Sourdough Loaf, Tomato Focaccia, and Pain Au Chocolat.

Wines & Spirits

The store offers a sizeable range of wines, champagnes, and spirits, from a range of boutique vineyards across France and the exclusively-imported Peccavi Wines from Margaret River. Winemakers and wines are carefully picked to ensure the quality of the wines brought into the store is of the best standards.

One of the highlights at Little Farms is the Famille Fabre brand. Family-owned and operated since 1605, the Fabre family is known for their passion for making great wines. They have five properties in France's Languedoc region, and their passion for making great wine has allowed them to stay true to their land and continue to grow their business.

The Fabre family values the environment and their profession. They are committed to bringing the best out of their land through the use of various farming techniques and the ageing process of their grapes. The ‘Grande Courtad’ range is produced and handcrafted to a high standard.

Rosé lovers may consider Brilla’s Rose, Glera, and Pinot Nero — a delicate and complex bouquet with fruity notes of peach, green apple and lemon. Fresh and light on the palate, this wine is round and full-bodied with a balanced acidity and body.

Wines are available from around $25 per bottle, while free wine tastings are also offered on weekends.

Pantry Essentials

Little Farms is well-stocked with baking and cooking essentials such as organic spices, 100% natural Himalayan pink rock salt, cake and bread mixes, as well as condiments and sauces.

Christmas Specials

This year, Little Farms' offers a wide variety of high-quality and ethically sourced produce to make those year-end celebrations extra unique and memorable.

Seasonal Delicacies

Enjoy the holidays stress-free with Little Farm’s seasonal delicacies that are perfect for a convivial feast at home. A centrepiece at the table will be the Christmas Roast Turkey (serves 8-10 pax, $195). This hefty 6-7kg bird is served with Sourdough Apricot and Sage Stuffing and comes with Turkey Gravy and homemade Cranberry Apple Compote.

The Pineapple and Honey Glazed Ham (serves 6-8 pax, $268) is a noteworthy savoury, flavourful roast. Boneless ham is roasted with pineapple, glazed with raw Aussie Honey, and served with wholegrain mustard.

The signature O’Connor Boneless Prime Beef Rib Roast (serves 6-8 pax, $268) is a 2.5kg premium cut of boneless prime rib that is roasted until tender and served with red wine and mushroom jus.

The stunning Butcher's Porchetta (serves 8-10, $228 is filled with Royal Gala Apple and Fennel Compote, and makes an excellent choice for hearty appetites.

Complete the festive spread with delicious sides such as the Heirloom Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese Gratin (serves four, $28) and Rosemary & Garlic Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes (serves four, $28).

Christmas is definitely not complete without desserts, and the dedicated pastry team at Little Farms has got this covered.

The Baked Pumpkin Pie (serves eight, $80) remains a crowd-pleaser with its butternut pumpkin filling with vanilla chantilly cream and chocolate pearls. Indulge in the Christmas Fruit Cake (serves six, $30) that features rum-infused fruits such as Apricots, Prunes and Dried Cranberries.

The quintessential Black Forest Log (serves eight, $80) is a beautifully constructed soft Chocolate Blackout Sponge layered with Chocolate Cherry Mousse, Cherry Compote, and a subtle hit of Kirsch Cream – the ideal end to any celebratory festivities.

Festive Gifts

Photo Credits: Little Farms

Little Farms’ bounty of culinary offerings makes for thoughtful gifts to keep any gastronome happy this festive season. The Classic Christmas ($80) and The Ultimate Celebration Hamper ($500) are laden with festive treats such as Panettone, Haton Champagne, Truffle Hill Truffle Honey and pantry essentials from the award-winning gourmet brand Random Harvest.

These earth-conscious goodies not only tantalise the taste buds, but are sustainable gift choices. There is even a Plant-based basket ($150) put together by Sandra Lim (@theveggiemaiden) for Little Farms’ dine-in menu.

Sweeten the senses with Festive Baked Goods Gift Box ($90). Created together with artisanal sourdough specialist, Starter Lab, this festive hamper is a delicious way to celebrate the season. This hamper includes some classic Gingerbread Cookies, a fun and festive Hazelnut Sweet Dip, and a Christmas Granola featuring bite-sized gingerbread pieces.

Give the gift of joy to friends and families by putting together a customised holiday hamper! starting from $80, the recipient will be spoilt for choice with Little Farms’ assortment of festive goodies that anyone will appreciate.

For customisation enquiries, e-mail: For orders and enquiries, please call +65 9018 3940 or e-mail:

The 2022 edition of the Little Farms Christmas Catalogue may be downloaded here.

Giving Back To The Community

As part of its zero-waste initiative and ethos of giving back to the community, Little Farms sets aside unsold bakes for Divert for 2nd Life (D2L) rescuers to collect at the end of the day to be redistributed, along with other products that includes unsold fresh produce, short-dated pantry items, and other off-season or off-the-shelf products.

While the brand prides itself on only lining shelves with the freshest produce and products, it also wants more people to benefit from products that are made with no preservatives and clean ingredients.


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