Joyden Canton Kitchen Opens At Great World

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The popular Cantonese restaurant opens a brand new space, its 2nd outlet, at Great World.

Venue: 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-141/142, Singapore 237994. 
Opening Hours: 11.30 am - 3.30 pm & 5.30 pm - 9 pm (Mon to Fri) | 11 am - 9.30 pm (Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)

Joyden Canton Kitchen has unveiled a brand new outlet at Great World. Fans of this well-regarded restaurant can now tuck into their lauded Cantonese and locally-inspired signature dishes, as well as partake in a limited time seasonal ‘Summer Eel Fiesta’ menu featuring live eels in various delectable renditions from now till 14 August.

Warm & Soothing Interior

Characterised by a warm and soothing palette of earthy tones, woody browns and olive, Joyden Canton Kitchen’s new outlet at Great World City is an understated, elegant, and exudes a cosy and welcoming vibe with plush banquette seating, ambient cove lighting and mid-century modern wall lights. 

Inspired by elements in nature, the restaurant’s interior boasts a feature wall clad in intricate botanical motifs, decorative floral pieces and tinted mirrors that add a touch of sophistication and accentuate the inviting space.

Signature Dishes

Undoubtedly the highlight on the menu, Joyden’s Signature ‘Moonlight’ Rice Vermicelli with Egg White and Scallop ($22) is highly-recommended. A cross between the Chinese classic dish of with sauteed egg whites, and a local ‘zichar’ noodle dish, Joyden Canton’s rendition comprises a bed of silky rice vermicelli that is imbibed with ‘wok-hei’, and covered with luscious and fluffy scrambled egg whites studded with a generous helping of crab meat and scallop – a single pasteurised egg yolk provides the crowning glory.

The crowd-pleasing Fish Maw and Tiger Prawns with Glass Noodles in Homemade XO Sauce ($22) is another claypot dish that showcases the chefs’ culinary prowess. Spice-lovers will lap up the al dente strands of glass noodles, fish maw and succulent tiger prawns that are thoroughly infused with the robust proprietary XO sauce made with dried scallops.

Some of Joyden Canton Kitchen’s other perennial favourites include Joyden’s Chargrilled Mandarin Peel Pork Ribs ($20), ‘Sha-Keong’ Salt Poached Farm Chicken ($20) and ‘Ha-Gam’ Olive Fried Rice with Prawn and Minced Pork ($17) among others.

Seasonal Special - Summer Eel Fiesta

This summer, freshwater live eels harvested flown in directly from Mainland China take centrestage from 10 June to 14 August. Savour this fine-fleshed and sweet delicacy in four tantalising creations.

Grilled Eel with Honey Glaze ($39.80) highlights the soft, unctuous flesh of the eel – it is first glazed with a homemade honey and maltose mixture, then grilled to a glistening golden-brown with a crispy skin. Braised Eel with BBQ Sauce in Claypot ($36.80) is a smouldering sight as the claypot is bubbling with chunks of fatty eel, shiitake mushrooms and a medley of fresh greens such as onions and bell peppers in a smoky housemade sauce – the juicy thick cuts of eel is best savoured with a bowl of steaming white rice.

Two other recommended dishes include Wok-Tossed Eel with Chives Flower ($38.80) cloaked in a tantalising and piquant sauce with a special blend of fermented soybean paste, as well as Steamed Eel with Fragrant Soybean Crisps ($40.80) – a hefty parcel of perfectly-steamed eel in superior soy sauce topped with a layer of fragrant fried soybean crisps that adds a hint of nuttiness and sweetness to the dish.


This is Joyden Canton Kitchen's 2nd outlet and is located at 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01-141/142, Singapore 237994. 

Opening hours are from 11.30 am - 3.30 pm & 5.30 pm - 9 pm on Mon to Fri, and 11 am - 9.30 pm on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays.


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