Cheeky Bee Hoon - Tasty Soup and Dry Bee Hoon at Katong

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Cheeky Bee Hoon is a new restaurant in Katong by Chef Darwin, previously behind the French-Japanese eatery JIDAI Restaurant. 

Venue:  37 East Coast Road, Singapore 428755
Opening Hours: 10 am - 9 pm Daily

Stepping in Cheeky Bee Hoon, you will immediately notice the vintage posters and antique household items, invoking a nostalgic atmosphere. Even the wooden tables and chairs will bring back memories of those found from decades ago! 

*There's a old-school coin public phone next to the order counter. We understand from Chef Darwin that they are trying to fix it and it will be used for taking call-in orders in the future. Pretty cool! 

The Menu

Opened in Jun 2023, there were only 3 main dishes when we visited. Each main dish uses Bee Hoon as the main staple. The dishes are 

  • Cheeky Bee Hoon (Soup)¬†
  • Cheeky Bee Hoon (Dry)
  • Braised Pork Cheeky Bee Hoon (Dry)

Each of these are available at $8.80. There is a top-up available for the Cheeky Bee Hoon (Soup) to the Signature Cheeky Bee Hoon set that includes additional ingredients.

Cheeky Bee Hoon (Soup)

Enjoy a bowl of soupy noodles with ingredients such as lala and cabbage. The Signature ($11.80) version includes additional meatballs and mince meat. There is also the option to top up to a Set Menu ($13.80) to get a Charcoal You Tiao and canned drink.

The Bee Hoon is quite different from the usual ones - it is thicker and more tangy, and doesn't break easily in the soup. Handmade in Sarawak, Cheeky Bee Hoon is the only stall in Singapore that carries this bee hoon. 

The highlight of the dish is the soup - you can taste the smoky wok-hei flavour and pepper, and we guarantee that you will want to down the entire bowl of soup! But do note that the tinge of spiciness may not be suitable for younger kids. 

Cheeky Bee Hoon with Braised Pork (Dry)

Stir-fried, the bee hoon's texture actually felt more like mee kia. There is more spring and thickness compared to the usual bee hoon. Mix the sauce and the bee hoon to enjoy the full taste of the savoury sambal. 

This dry version comes with pork belly slices laid on the top. It was tender and fatty enough to be soft, tender and not too oily. The entire dish does come together quite well! 

Again, we like to note that while the dish is not really spicy, it may not be suitable for younger kids. 


Families who visit should also try the Charcoal You Tiao with Otah ($4.80) and Crab Dumpling Soup ($4.80). We absolutely loved the Crab Dumpling Soup - it came with 4 dumplings, each stuffed with actual crab and wrapped like a ravioli, a nod in the chef's French dining background. 


Cheeky Bee Hoon is located at  37 East Coast Road, Singapore 428755.

If you are in the Katong area, we really do suggest visiting Cheeky Bee Hoon. We recommend sharing a dry and soup version to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Those with little ones should take note that the options might be limited for them and perhaps to come prepared. 


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