Bread Sushi at Small's - An Intimate Doughmakase Experience

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Small’s will stop serving pizza and start serving bread sushi in this intimate "omakase" experience.

Venue: 115 King George’s Ave, #02-02 Singapore 208561

Small’s used to be a tiny 2m x 2m room attached to Bjorn Shen’s flagship restaurant, Artichoke. Now it’s an entire tiny flat, serving up fabulous eats and drinks a few days a week to the quick-fingered few who manage to book some time there.

An intimate affair, a meal at Small's feels like a visit to friends in a cool apartment with a cool kitchen feeding you and getting you drunk. Small’s will accept reservations from 2 to 5 persons with a payment guarantee will be required upfront, and forfeits will be applied in the event of late cancellation or no-shows

From Pizza To Bread Sushi

2022 marks a new milestone: Small’s will stop serving pizza and start serving bread sushi. What started as an experiment, Pizza Omakase to fill the large gap in the Singapore market for artisanal pizzas has now evolved into a new concept, Bread Sushi. 

Imagine a sushi bar where all the sushis you eat feature raw/cooked/cured seafoods on bread instead of sushi rice. The breads that sit underneath those pieces of fish will be made from high hydration, long-aged doughs - and each will be given textures and tastes with different cooking methods - high temperature baking, low temperature baking, binchotan grilling, deep frying, steaming; and each type of fish/seafood showcased will be paired with a style of bread that best complements.

The Menu

The menu will be a tasting menu - or a DOUGHMAKASE if you will - with 3 snacks, 8-10 “bread-sushi”, 1 hotpot and 2 sweets. The menu will be subjected to changes on a daily basis so as to accommodate ingredient availability and new ideas.


While it might not be the place to bring your kids, it sounds like a great experience for date nights, anniversary and just days where you feel like having a nice meal with friends.


115 King George’s Ave, #02-02 Singapore 208561


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