Baker X Welcomes Its Newest Resident, Marymount Bakehouse

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Marymount Bakehouse is next in the line-up of home-based bakers to take up residency at Baker X from 20 May to 10 June 2023.

Venue: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #04-29, Singapore 238896
 20 May to 10 Jun 2023
Time: 12pm to 7pm

The chef-turned-home-baker of Marymount Bakehouse (@marymount_bakehousesg) will be bringing his sourdough creations, such as delectable sourdough bread loaves, levain pies, focaccias and tartines.

About Baker X

Launched in December 2021 by Far East Organization, Baker X aims to support home-based bakers by providing them with an opportunity to have first-hand experience running a brick-and-mortar storefront and interacting with customers face-to-face with a fully fitted baking studio and a 20-seater café. 

Patrons can dine in or takeaway the baked goods at the café on Level 4 of Orchard Central (opposite Genki Sushi). The café is operated in tandem with social enterprise, Tea Ideas.

There will be a line-up of bakers throughout the year, and each baker will be in residence for between 2 to 6 weeks. 

Sourdough Bread Loaves

During Marymount Bakehouse’s residency, look forward to Classic Sourdough Loaves (from $14), along with the Signature Loaves selection ($18 each), such as the savoury Applewood Mushroom Sourdough. The aromatic sourdough features a rye and malt sourdough base with applewood smoked porcini and shimeji mushrooms, complemented with a black garlic brunoise for a touch of sweetness.

Sourdough Focaccias

Fans of focaccia will be pleased with the luxurious Pomme de Terre Focaccia ($22/$40) ‚ÄĒ a roasted potato-based sourdough bread with black truffle paste, creamy burnt leek sour cream, buttery chestnuts and crisp housemade potato chips.

Levain Pies

Photo Credits: Marymount Bakehouse (@marymount_bakehousesg)

Keep an eye out for Marymount Bakehouse‚Äôs levain pies as well, which incorporate sourdough starter into the pie crust for a depth of flavour. The Apple Rhubarb Pie ($15/$28) is the perfect sweet treat with smooth homemade custard, rhubarb compote and maple-glazed apples; all nestled within a crispy, golden brown pie crust. For those craving a savoury pie, savour the crowd favourite ‚ÄĒ Shepherd‚Äôs Pie (The MMBH Way) ($16/$28/$68). The enticing pie is filled with Angus beef tail and lamb mince, crowned with quenelles of potato filling and Jamon croquetas.

[Baker X Exclusive] Sourdough Salt Baked Potatoes

Marymount Bakehouse will also be introducing Sourdough Salt Baked Potatoes ($10 for one, $18 for two). Perfect as a quick bite, the Sourdough Salt Baked Potato sees potatoes baked in a sourdough salt crust enriched with aromatics and topped with a variety of fillings which rotate weekly.

[Baker X Exclusive] Sourdough Tartines

Drawing inspiration from the imaginative culinary style of 3 Michelin-star chefs Juan Mari and Elena Arzak, Ian's creations also include a range of Sourdough Tartines ($14 to $16), with one of them being the Basque Tartine. This elegant brunch option highlights a slice of their signature Applewood Mushroom Sourdough, elevated with a scrumptious medley of smoked mushrooms, rich egg yolk, and foie gras.

The flavours of sourdough, focaccia, levain pies, and tartines offered at Baker X will rotate on a daily basis.

About Marymount Bakehouse Founder & Baker Ian Ferdinand Chong

Specialising in all things sourdough, Marymount Bakehouse is founded by Ian Ferdinand Chong. The home-based bakery came to life when Ian combined his culinary training and experience at notable restaurants with his passion for sourdough. The baker skilfully incorporates his chef's creativity into the art of bread making, where each nutritious loaf embodies his guiding principle of 'Art Through Nourishment.'


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