Alice in Wonderland Themed Outdoor Playground @ Dawson Vista, Singapore

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Slide down the Rabbit Hole in this new Alice in Wonderland inspired outdoor themed playground! The WonderLand Playground is located at Dawson Vista, and is FREE!

Location: Dawson Vista, 79 Dawson Road, Singapore 141079
Admission: Free

Hidden among the HDB blocks and the among the trees at Dawson Vista is this Alice in Wonderland themed outdoor playground. In reality, The WonderLand Playground is not that difficult to find, being directly behind the multi-storey Carpark and with signs to lead the way.


Stepping Into Wonderland

As you approach the playground, it does give a impression of going into the story of Alice. The entrance has not one but two entrances for adult and kid, or for those the "shrink" into the playground.

You will quickly notice the many references made from Alice in Wonderland and spot the many characters from the book. 

Play Elements

The playground is not big nor is it well-equipped with many play elements. You can't compare this to the massive playgrounds of Marina Cove or West Coast Park, nor will it match the number of play elements at the playgrounds at Tiong Bahru Park or Admiralty Park.

However, the playground is carefully designed to the theme, and it brings about an additional layer of imagination when playing "Ice and Freeze" or "Tag" in such a magical environment!

Little ones will enjoy the trampoline and see-saw, while older kids will enjoy the climbing structures, connecting ropes and slides... all play is done under the watchful eyes of the Cheshire Cat.

Sheltered Rest and Shady Areas

The playground includes a sheltered rest area. While it probably only accommodates one family, the area is well shaded with the many trees.

After the play session, you may even head over to the nearby hawker centre to take a break or have your meal too!

One thing we are sure, this is definitely a playground for lots of photo taking! 


It was previously reported that more themed playgrounds will be built over time. What do you think of these themed playgrounds? Tell us in the comment below! 


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