30+ Outdoor Activities And Venues For Babies, Toddlers and Kids In Singapore

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30+ family friendly outdoor activities and venues in Singapore that you can do and visit with the kids! Time for fresh air, sunshine and outdoor fun! 

*Updated 25 March 2022

With the new Safe Management Measure around mask-off in outdoor settings, we have compiled the best outdoor activities and venues for families so that you can play, visit and have fun together in the great outdoors! From interesting outdoor activities you can do at the nearby playground to fun outdoor play spaces! We got you covered for any outdoor fun that you are looking to have!

*While we have included outdoor activities, do note that specific venues may still have mask-on requirements. Do follow the rules at the venue. 

Outdoor Activities

Things you can do in any outdoor spaces! Scroll below to find venues that you may do these activities at too! 

  1. Catching or Ice & Freeze or Virus
    We use to call it Police & Thieves, but it seems to be more commonly known as Ice & Freeze or Virus now. 

  2. Kite Flying

    A great spot for kite flying will be at Marina Barrage. (Photo Credit: Pinterest)

  3. Outdoor Sports
    Grab a ball and head outside! Maybe a nearby park will be great - here a list of the best parks to visit in Singapore!

  4. Have a Picnic
    Grab your picnic basket and head out now! Check out NParks website for performances happening where you can picnic and enjoy the performances too! 

  5. Sand Castle Building
    Head down to the beach at East Coast Park or at Sentosa and have a sandcastle building adventure!

  6. Outdoors Toy Wash
    A bucket of water and toys is all you need! Head outdoors and give your little one's toys a nice scrub (with their help of course!).

  7. Scavenger Hunt
    Simply bring a toy out, hide it and find it! An easy to plan yet super fun activity at your neighbourhood playground! Here a list of playgrounds at the North, East and West of Singapore

Special Activities

These ideas are a little special (and messy), and can be kept as little treats for the kids! 

  1. Ice Cream Taste Test

    Think your child can differentiate chocolate ice cream from strawberry? Or how about triple chocolate chip from regular chocolate chip ice cream? Go on a little taste test, but do it outside since the ice cream will probably melt!

  2. Play Catch with Water Balloons
    Fill up balloons with water, and have a game of catch. Better do this outdoors because if you miss, you get wet!

  3. Escape Adventure Trail for Families
    Island Wanderer offers a great way for families to spend time outdoors! Go on an adventure trail to solve a mystery, using clues given by a chatbot. This self-guided activity will bring you on a tour of your chosen part of the city and stretch your mind in solving tricky puzzles

Outdoor Play Spaces

Let's take a look at the best parks and playgrounds in Singapore! Time to head out for some sun and Vitamin D!

  1. Admiralty Park

    If you or your little one love slides and lots of energetic fun, this is definitely a must go! 

  2. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
    Go on an adventure and head down to the playgrounds at the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park! 

  3. East Coast Park

    If you love the sun, sand, sea AND playgrounds, you must come to Marine Cove at East Coast Park. Enjoy some sand play by the beach after you are done with the playground!

  4. West Coast Park

    If the East is great, the West is huge! This is definitely the park with the largest play area! Not only will you get to enjoy the playground, but bring your bikes and scooters to go around the park too! 

  5. Sembawang Park
    If you like quirky playgrounds, you should come to Sembawang Park and play at the Battleship playground!  

  6. Tiong Bahru Park
    Another quirky playground, this time a topsy-turvy train awaits you on the sandy playground! Time to go wheeeeeeee....

  7. Jurong Lake Gardens

    Another gem in the West! Not just a playground - dry and wet play areas, a therapeutic garden, and more awaits!

  8. Jubilee Park

    This nature-themed playground is built into the slopes and curves of the surrounding. This gives the slides a little more omph!

  9. Marina Barrage
    Marina Barrage is a great place for kite flying and picnics! Stay late to catch the mesmerising skyline from Raffles Place too!

Discover Nature

Singapore might be a concrete jungle, but there are still many opportunities for families to discover and appreciate nature!

  1. Botanic Gardens
    A UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the Botanic Gardens is a lovely place to spend the day, and to explore the flora and fauna too! Be sure to check out the NParks website for the latest happenings. 

  2. Hort Park

    The park boost not just 1 but 2 playgrounds! The Children Playground and the Nature Playground! Time to double the fun with nature!

  3. Bukit Timah Reserves
    Home to a high percentage of Singapore's native flora and fauna, it is also where Singapore's highest hill is located. It tops our list of Hiking Trails for Kids.

  4. Young Nautilus Nature Walk

    An enrichment provider with a difference, Young Nautilus organises nature walks at various locations in Singapore, there are even walk suitable for 3 year olds! 

Island Hopping

Sentosa is in the list, but do you know that there are other islands suitable for families to visit and have fun too! 

  1. Sentosa
    Sentosa Island probably doesn't need any introductions. Popular with both tourist and locals, Sentosa offers lots of fun for families! From now till 30 April 2022, families can even go on a photo-hunt on Sentosa and stand a chance to win prizes too!

  2. Pulau Ubin

    Come and experience a rustic Singapore with the family on Pulau Ubin. A great getaway that's just 10 mins away! (Photo credit: NParks)

  3. Coney Island
    You don't even need to get on a boat to get to Coney Island. Simply cycle or hike to the island and start exploring! But remember to note that the gates closes! 

  4. Lazarus & St. John Island
    A generally untouched island that offers you and the little ones an opportunity away from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Outdoor Attractions

Singapore has so many attractions, and here are the outdoor ones to keep you and the little ones entertained! 

*Ticketing options below may contain affiliate links. 

  1. Singapore Zoo
    If I had to choose one attraction to bring the kids, it will be the Singapore Zoo! You may also wish to combine this with a visit to the River Wonders to meet Le Le, the baby panda cub! Get tickets here. 

  2. Jurong Bird Park

    Another option will be to visit the Jurong Bird Park before it moves to the new venue. Get tickets here. (Photo credit: Jurong Bird Park)

  3. Haw Par Villa
    With the recent revamp, you may also wish to drop by Haw Par Villa for a visit - it might be too scary for some kids, so we will leave it to your own judgement! 

  4. Gardens by the Bay
    Families may also wish to visit Gardens by the Bay and its various attractions. While the Children's Garden remains close at the moment, you can still bring your kids to enjoy the free light show, Garden Rhapsody! 


You may be surprised that there are farms in Singapore, while some may not be around for much longer due to land development, so these are some that you may wish to visit before it is gone! 

  1. Hay Diaries
    Singapore's only goat farm, with over 1,000 goats and expanding too! The visit is free, and you may purchase food for just $5 to feed the goats too!

  2. Bollywood Veggies
    Experience nature and learn more about the fruits and vegetables growing in the farm. The food at the farm is also highly reviewed! 

  3. Gallop Kranji Farm Resort
    A local farm stay experience great for a unique staycation experience. Its also nearby to other farms which you can go for day tours too!


We will be adding to this list as we go along! So bookmark it or sign-up to our newsletter to get other regular updates! 



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