Guide To Lazarus Island & St. John Island: How To Go And What To Do

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Escape on an island getaway (with no passport needed) to Lazarus Island and St. John's Island - just 30 mins away from Singapore! 

*Updated Oct 2023 with new amenities and activities on the island.

Did you know that Singapore offers many little islands that you can travel to without your passport? Let us guide you on an island getaway with a visit to Lazarus Island and St. John Island where families can get up-close to nature and experience some of the best beaches that Singapore has to offer!

Getting There

Fun fact, while we describe both islands separately, the islands are in fact connected and there is no direct way to get to Lazarus Island. You will have to take a ferry to St. John's Island and walk across a pathway to get to Lazarus Island. 

To get to St John's Island, you can take a ferry from Marina South Pier, Sentosa or Habourfront.

Ferry from Marina South:

Ferries to St John's Island / Lazarus Island at Marina South Pier are operated between 2 ferry companies, the Marina South Ferries (see the schedule) and Island Cruise (see the schedule). You can island hop between St. John Island, Lazarus Island, Kusu Island and Sisters’ Island - follow the schedules to find a timing and journey that best suits you (eg, only direct ferries to Kusu Island is at selected times on Marina South Ferries only). 

The journey will take about 30 to 45mins, and cost $13.59 for both Marina South Ferries and Singapore Island Cruise on Klook.

Marina South Pier is easily accessible by the Marina South MRT. Exit via exit B and the pier is about 5 mins walk. Carpark spaces are limited and we highly encourage families to use public transport. 

Ferry from Sentosa:

The ferry service from Sentosa Cove Village jetty is fairly new and allows families to get to Lazarus Island and St John's Island in just 15 mins. 

Tickets are priced at $18 for adults and $15 for children aged 2-12 years old, while a family package (two adults and two children) is available at $60. Children under the age of two, accompanied by an adult, can go onboard at no extra charge. Pets and bicycles will also be allowed onboard at no extra cost. 

Ferry from Habourfront:

From the Singapore Cruise Centre at Habourfront, families may choose the Beach & Breakfast package from Sindo Ferries to enjoy a scenic breakfast on the way to the islands. 

The package is priced at $90 per pax and you will only get a 1 - 2 hours stopover on the islands. Sindo Ferries also operates the Kueh & Kusu package from Habourfront. 

What To Bring

This is a very important section - especially because there are NO shops or stalls on the islands. We highly recommend that you pack the following items

  • Water (do bring sufficient water for everyone + extra - there is no where to fill up on water on the island)
  • Sunblock
  • Insect repellent¬†
  • Food/ Snacks¬†
  • A plastic bag for your rubbish
  • A bag for wet / dirty clothing


*As of 5 Oct 2023, there has been a major development on the islands! There is now a convenience store located at Lazarus Island where you can purchase food, snacks, drinks as well as other essentials. We also noticed the addition of vending machines for drinks and snacks located at Lazarus Island too. 

However, you may still wish to bring along the following and it will definitely make your trip even more comfortable! 

  • Hat, sunglasses and umbrella
  • Picnic Mat
  • Sand-play equipment¬†
  • Frozen water bottle / frozen towels (these will be great for cooling down)

We also spotted families who brought along foldable chairs, mini-disposable BBQ pits, and fishing rods too. 

Important Things You Need To Know

Before we provide more information about what to do on St John's Island and Lazarus Island, here's a list of things that is important things to note!

  • There are only ONE¬†shop¬†on the island, so come prepared (yes, we are repeating this).¬†
  • There is two¬†toilets. One is¬†located near the causeway between Lazarus Island and St John's Island - you can bath and wash up here, but note that the doors have no hooks, and the other is on Lazarus Island nearer to the Jetty on Lazarus Island.¬†

  • Beware of monkeys - they will approach you and may be agreesive when snatching your food. So keep your food close to you and watch the kids too.
  • Swimming in open water is dangerous¬†(and not the same as the pool). Children (and adults) should be watched at all times. There is NO lifeguard at the beach.

What To Do

Most families who visit will head over to the lagoon at Lazarus Island to enjoy the sandy beach and clear waters. That is definitely a must-do, but apart from that, here are more ideas for you to plan your trip! 

*Contribution: Mummy Tri shared her experience on the island, and you can read more about what she thinks of her trip to Lazarus Island!

Tiny Away Escape - Stay on the Island

Located on Lazarus Island, Tiny Away Escape is a group of 5 tiny rooms where families and those who wish to spend a cosy island getaway without your passports can book and stay overnight at. 

While the rooms are just 150 - 175 sqft, they are packed with amenities for you and your little ones to enjoy a comfortable evening out in the open. The rooms are air-conditioned and filled with natural light (and great views) with large one-way mirrors that stretch from floor to ceiling. Each room is designed differently but will include a living space, bed, kitchenette, and toilet.

There are 4 rooms with a queen size bed and sofa bed, and another with just a bed. 2 of the rooms are also pet friendly. 

Glamping on the Island - Into the Woods (Coming Soon)

Nine eco-friendly glamping tents, which will offer unobstructed sea views, by local operator Into The Woods and are slated to open in the last quarter of 2023. This will give families another option to stay overnight on the island. 

Lazarus Island Beach

As shared, this is a popular spot for families to visit and have a picnic or simply to laze on the sand. Bring a kite, sand-play equipment, beach ball, frisbee - its up to you to decide you like to have fun! 

We really appreciate that white sand and clear waters, so remember to clear your rubbish when you are leaving the beach too! 

Lazarus Sea Sports Centre

Families can choose from a raft of non-motorised water activities at the Lazarus Sea Sports Centre from Oct 2023, including stand-up paddling, kayaking and floating yoga boards.

The centre will be run by water sports operator Camelot.

Splash Adventure (Closed)

A new addition to the island's to-do, Splash Adventure is a mobile Sea-Play Park that will be parked off the coast of the Lazarus Island Beach on weekends and public holidays. 

Get ready to show off your best flips by bouncing off the high and low trampolines! There are also 3 jump platforms to dive in to the sea or take a ride on the corkscrew water slide! 

Cycling, Scooting and Kite Flying on the Island

From 14 Oct 2022, families will have the option of renting bicycles and kick scooters from the newly opened Gogreen @ St. John Island! This bike rental kiosk will also offer rental of picnic mats, tents and kites too! 

Sol by Bespoke Dining Club

The opening of the convenience store, Sol, will be a big relief to families visiting the island. You don't have to worry about running out of water or food. The convenience store will also stocks groceries like ready-to-grill food items and microwaveable ready-to-eat meals, among other things.

Fishing On St. John's Island

Families who enjoy fishing will probably enjoy the many spots available on the island to fish. Just note that you will not be able to fish at the areas allocated for swimming. 

Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre

Opened in 2015, the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre looks at the conservation efforts happening at the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park. The Public Gallery features the rich marine biodiversity in Singapore's waters and provides an overview of the Sisters' Islands Marine Park, including a 3D diorama of its dive trails.

Go On A Hike Through St. John's Island

The St. John’s Island trail spans 2.8km with 15 stations to learn about the flora and fauna in the area. Explore the trail on your own, or sign up for the free guided walk that happens every first Sunday of the month (currently suspended)

Camping On The Islands

Currently there is no camping at Lazarus island and camping at St John’s island has been suspended due to the pandemic. If and when it is open, you will need a permit to camp overnight and this can be applied 2 weeks in advance.

Stay A Night At St John’s Island Chalets 

Photo Credits: SLA

Visitors who wish to stay the night can book the St John’s Island Lodge. There are 4 different lodges around the island which can accommodate up to 132 pax! Families will most probably go for the Eagle which is a former bungalow and is suitable for up to 10 pax (from just $21.40)!

Visit From A Yacht

If you’re feeling extra fancy, rent a yacht and enjoy the beach from your private yacht. Most yachts will give you the option of anchoring at Lazarus Island for the day so you can enjoy the beach and swim or come with play equipment like paddleboards and kayak to enjoy your time off the coast. 

If you are looking to create some fun-times with your child, do also check out the parent/child sailing programme from Keppel Bay which may also go past the southern islands.

Wrapping Up! 

This wraps up our guide for families to explore St John's Island and Lazarus Island. As a final note, do remember to remove your rubbish and to bring what you brought to the island back, and let's continue to keep the islands clean for our children and their children too! 



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