REVIEW: What To Expect on a Stay at Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island

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A concept hotel by Sentosa Development Corporation and Big Tiny, Tiny Away Escape features 5 tiny rooms located on Lazarus Island for those seeking an escape from the city!

Venue: Lazarus Island
Fees: from $280 (opening specials available now)

Located on Lazarus Island, Tiny Away Escape is a group of 5 tiny rooms where families and those who wish to spend a cosy island getaway without your passports can book and stay overnight at. 

For those planning to stay soon, Tiny Away Escape is also offering the rooms at a promo rate too!

Small in Size, Big on Amenities

While the rooms are just 150 - 175 sqft, they are packed with amenities for you and your little ones to enjoy a comfortable evening out in the open. The rooms are air-conditioned and filled with natural light (and great views) with large one-way mirrors that stretch from floor to ceiling. Each room is designed differently but will include a living space, bed, kitchenette, and toilet. In 4 of the rooms, families will also find a Sofa bed allowing up to 3 adults or 2 adults + 2 young children to stay in a room.

What Tiny Away Escape offers, tranquility and being with nature, does not really require a huge space but you will find that the rooms include a microwave, kettle, Nespresso machine, a smokeless BBQ grill, a TV with Netflix, and Wi-Fi too! 

Also included in the rooms are full sets of cutlery, plates, bowls and cups (even wine glasses). You will get a standing shower with heated water, towels, shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. Do note that other toiletries are not provided. 

Families will also receive a basket of titbits and goodies (cup noodles, biscuits and Ribena), 2 1.5l bottles of water and frozen packets of food for each room. 

Getting There 

Your stay at Tiny Away Escape includes ferry tickets to Lazarus Island from Marina Bay Ferry Terminal. Instructions on tickets collection as well as other administrative information will be sent to you before your stay. 

Simply head to the counter at Marina Bay Ferry Terminal ahead of time to collect your tickets and wait for your boarding time. There are convenience shops here where you can make last min. purchases, especially water (more about this in the Tips section below). 

The journey from Marina Bay Ferry Terminal to Lazarus Island is about 20 mins. If you are familiar with the journey to Lazarus Island, you will know that usually, ferries will drop off at St. John's Island and you will walk across the causeway to Lazarus Island. However, for guests of Tiny Away Escape, you will be getting off at a newly constructed jetty at Lazarus Island. 

If you are leaving on time the next day, you can also ride the ferry from the same jetty. However, if you decide to stay on the island longer, you will have to walk over to the jetty at St. John's Island for the ferry back (your tickets will allow you to board the ferry there too). 

Checking In and Out

The rooms employ a self check-in system. Simply head to your room to get your room keys from the number lock keypress located outside the rooms. The passcode will be passed to you before your stay. While it is not necessary, you may also wish to inform the staff of your arrival - you can let them know by heading to the container room that is further down the road (towards the beach). 

For check-out, make sure you lock the door and return the key to the key-press too. 

What Can You Do During Your Stay? 

To discover what you can do on Lazarus Island, do read our Family's Guide to St. John and Lazarus Islands. We will be sharing specific ideas related to what families can do during a stay at Tiny Away Escape. 

  • BBQ outdoors - using the smokeless BBQ grill provided, families can have a BBQ experience conveniently outside the tiny rooms. Simply lay the extension (provided) to connect the grill for a unique outdoor experience.
  • Have a picnic - grab the food basket provided to head to the beach for a picnic by the sea. You may also choose to have the picnic outside the room on the outdoor seating or by laying a mat on the grass!¬†
  • Cycling - you can bring your own or head over to the bicycle kiosk on St. John Island to rent a bike to explore the island.
  • Soak in the nature - simply take a walk around the island or play by the beach. The indoor option will be to lay in bed looking out at the beautiful scenery through the full-length glass.¬†
  • Netflix & chill - turn on the TV in the air-conditioned room to enjoy a movie as a family. You can do this in afternoon when it is really hot or in the night before turning in!

Tips / What To Bring

We had the opportunity to stay as part of a media experience and here are some tips on what we recommend families to bring during a stay.

As there no convenience store (yet) on the island, we highly recommend families to bring enough water, snacks and food for the family - children seem to eat more when there is scarcity. If you intend to BBQ, do take note that the grill is quite small. 

If you enjoy fishing, you can bring your own rod (or you might be able to rent / borrow one) but bring your own bait. Otherwise, a boardgame or card game for the night time will be good entertainment.  

Do also bring along your own toothpaste and toothbrushes too. 

In the evenings, do close your curtains as the outside will be able to look in (opposite from the day time) and to keep your footwear indoors, in case the monkeys decide to grab them overnight. We were also advised to keep our doors closed to avoid the monkeys entering them too. 


We feel that the experience might not be for everybody, but if you are looking for a unique, rugged and outdoor experience for the family, do stay tune for the opening of Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus Island in May 2023.

There is an ongoing opening special of $199 per room for Sun to Thu and $249 for Fri and Sat for stays till 30 Jun 2025. After the promo period, the full price of the rooms are $280 and $320 respectively. 

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