10 Fun Indoor Things to do in Singapore with Your Kids for When it is Raining!

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Here are 10 fun things you can do with your kids indoors in Singapore when it’s raining outside!

If the sudden pour of rain has put an end to a trip outdoors, don’t let that also put an end to your fun time with the kids. Instead of staying home, staring out the window at the rain, head out for a little indoor fun!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 exciting things you can do sheltered away from the weather-be it pouring or scorching! Take your pick and go wild!

Do note that some of the venues will require pre-booking. 

1. Hit the Air at Airzone


Venue: City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd Level B1 Singapore 208539
Date:¬†Mon ‚Äď Sun¬†
Time:¬†11.40 am ‚Äď 8.40 pm (last session: 7.50 pm)¬†
Cost: $25/session | 2 to play: $45 (weekdays excl PH & SH) | 3 to play: $65

There is something empowering (or frightening) about swimming in a ball pool suspended in mid-air. If looking down from a height does not make you break out in cold sweats and you rather enjoy it, Airzone is your place.

Instead of the usual earth-bound playgrounds, this one, made up of sturdy nets and suspended from 2 to 6 levels above ground, offers an exciting playtime, for both kids and adults alike. You can expect to swim in a pool of white and blue balls, climb the bouncy nets, roll giant balls around, and even slide down from one level to the next.

Your air experience requires you to be clad in comfortable clothes and closed-toed shoes. But if you do end up making a trip in a pair of slippers, Airzone provides free shoe rentals (subject to availability) and socks for sale. You are also highly encouraged to book your tickets online before your visit.

Note: You can use your Singapore Rediscover vouchers here.

2. Make an Excursion to Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport
Source: Jewel Changi Airport

Venue: Changi Airport
Date: Mon - Sun
Time: 24 hrs
Cost: Free and Paid

It might seem like an odd suggestion to make during a time when leisure travelling is out of the books but as many of you are already aware, Changi Airport is more than just a place to travel in and out of Singapore.

Aside from Jewel Changi Airport (where you can also walk in the skies thanks to Manulife Sky Nets) and the recently opened Changi Jurassic Mile, the airport houses several free playgrounds, including a challenging five-story rope playground. There’s a paid playground, PLAY! by KinderPlay, a Cartoon Network themed playground at Terminal 3, which is also where you can catch free movie screenings at ST3PS. For interactive games and immersive shows, there’s the Changi Experience Studio.

Do note that some of the attractions, such as the Enchanted Garden, Entertainment Corner and Butterfly Garden are currently closed till further notice.  

3. Have Arcade AND VR/AR Fun At New World Arcade


  • Marina Outlet:¬†6 Raffles Boulevard. Marina Square #02-27/28 Singapore, Singapore 039594
  • 313 Somerset Outlet: 313 Orchard Road,¬†#03-31 to 40,¬†Singapore 238895

Opening Hours: Mon - Thu (1pm - 10.30pm) | Fri - Sun (11pmam - 10.30pm)
Cost: Various

New World Carnival is a newly opened Arcade, AR/VR and Catcher machine venue at Marina Square and 313@Somerset. You can expect a variety of arcade games such as virtual reality machines, augmented reality racing games, claw crane games, and more. You can expect hours of indoor fun at their outlets, and even bring home prizes too!

Enjoy family package of 60 AR/VR Game Credits + 200 Arcade Tokens at just $80 (U.P. $170) when you purchase on bykido.com!

4. Unleash Your Inner Mozart with an Art Jamming Session

Cafe de Paris
Source: Café de Paris

Venue: Café de Paris, 313 Orchard Road, #B1-37, 313@somerset, Singapore 238895
Date: Sun - Fri
Time:¬†11 am ‚Äď 10 pm (Mon ‚Äď Fri) | 6 pm ‚Äď 10 pm (Sun)
Cost: From $49

Whether you can or think you can’t draw or paint, art jamming is a great way to connect and bond with your family. And if breaking out the paints and sketch pads at home, does not inspire you, you can head out instead!

Serving up Korean desserts in a Parisian-feel café, Café de Paris also offers art jamming sessions. You can book a 3-hour unguided art jamming session from $49 for 2, which comes with two complimentary drinks. You will get a linen canvas, a variety of paint colours, stationery, and tools to work with. There will be no teacher or instructor, so go wild with your masterpiece.

Do note that prior-reservation is required for the art jamming session at Café de Paris.

*For more art jamming and art related activities, check it out here. 

5. Relive the Olden-day Charm at Hi Roller

Hi Roller Indoor Skating Rink
Source: Hi Roller Singapore

Venue: Hi-Roller Indoor Skating Rink, 1 Pasir Ris Close, Level 5, E!Hub @ Downtown East, Singapore 519599
Date: Mon - Sun
Time:¬†11 am ‚Äď 9 pm¬†
Cost: From $5
Suitable Ages: 4 years and above

No, we’re not talking about rolling dice. Within its charming interior resembling a retro skating rink, Hi Roller Indoor Skating Rink offers both roller skating and inline skating.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner in the skating field, the roller skates with its four wheels in a two-by-two row will keep you stable. So, strap on your choice of skates and roll right into the nostalgic (for some) 80’s, complete with disco lights.

You are encouraged to bring your own skates, helmets and guards but if you don’t own the gear, you can rent them at the rink. Be sure to book your preferred timeslot online before your visit as there is a capacity of 50 visitors per time slot. Booking for time slots will open seven days in advance.

6. Board a Flight for a Virtual Trip

Aeroviation Singapore
Source: Aeroviation

Venue: Aeroviation, 63 Ubi Road 1, #01-50, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408728
Date: Tue - Sun
Time:¬†10 am ‚Äď 10 pm¬†
Cost: From $120
Suitable Ages: 7 years and above

Thankfully, in this 21st century, we don‚Äôt have to fashion wings out of feathers and wax to fulfil our dreams of flight. We have planes for that. But now that Covid-19 has taken that privilege away, what can you do? You can hop on the next best thing ‚Äď a flight simulator.

Aeroviation Singapore is a flight school, which also offers you the experience of piloting a plane, whether you’re an experienced pilot or a complete novice at piloting.

You can choose from the Duo Flight Experience, which will allow you to explore the skies freely; the VIP Flight Experience, a luxurious flight experience where you will be served with drinks and chocolates while you cruise through the clouds (hint: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!), and; the Full Experience that will immerse you in the world of aviation.

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7. Pretend Its Winter at Snow City

Snow City
Source: Snow City

Venue: Snow City, 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Singapore 609433
Date: Mon - Sun
Time:¬†10 am ‚Äď 5 pm (Mon ‚Äď Fri) | 10 am ‚Äď 6 pm (Sat ‚Äď Sun, PH & SH)¬†
Cost: From $12 
Free for children 2 years and below 

If the cold never bothered you anyway, consider taking a trip to the Snow City. Little ones will love the interactive Arctic exhibits, life-sized snow sculptures and the slide down the famous 3-story high snow slope. The older kids might prefer the new Winter Shooting Arena. Opened to visitors 14 years and above, the sub-zero shooting arena offers target shooting as well as close quarter battle for teams of six.

Unfortunately, bumper car rides are currently unavailable and will remain so until Snow City has obtained their new Operating Permit. Purchase your tickets and book your play session online before your trip to the wintry indoors.

8. Bring Out Your Inner Child to Play at Amazing Castle

Amazing Castle
Source: Amazing Castle

Venue: Amazing Castle, 201 Victoria Street, #03-21, Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Date: Mon - Sun
Time:¬†11 am ‚Äď 9 pm¬†
Cost: From $4/game

Amazing Castle is an indoor game centre located within the Bugis+ shopping mall and it is a little different from the arcades you may be familiar with. A concept from Russia, Amazing Castle presents nine different games, each born from a partnership of old-school games and modern technology.

You can expect games such as the Dragon Tower, where you will have to dodge the dangers of a ‚Äúfire-breathing‚ÄĚ dragon in a rotisserie carousel; Shoot The Goblin, a carnival-style game of shooting balls to take down enemies; Seven Heaven that will have you swimming from one end of the ball pit to the other to activate game buttons, and; Burning Surfer, in which you will have to use a giant see-saw platform to toggle the game‚Äôs movement.

BYKidO Deals & Promos: Up to 50% Off Amazing Castle Package from just $13 (U.P. $26)!

9. Head Underwater at the S.E.A. Aquarium

S.E.A. Aquarium
Source: Resorts World Sentosa

Venue: S.E.A. Aquarium, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Date: Sat - Tue
Time:¬†10 am ‚Äď 5 pm (Mon ‚Äď Tue) | 9 am ‚Äď 5 pm (Sat ‚Äď Sun)
Cost: From $23

Did you know that the¬†S.E.A. Aquarium¬†was recently refreshed? The aquarium has added on new exhibits and activities, including three new animal habitats‚ÄĒthe Rainforest, Intertidal and Coral Reef Habitats. The new habitats house interesting creatures such as the poison arrow frog, epaulette shark, native knobbly sea star and the colourful plant-like animals ‚Äď coral frags.

With the Lunar New Year looming up, the aquarium is also offering a line-up of Chinese New Year-themed activities that you can take part in with your family. Please be sure to book your tickets online before you drop in your underwater affair.

10. Discover Life Forms on Earth

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Source: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Venue: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, 2 Conservatory Dr, Singapore 117377
Date: Wed - Sun
Time:¬†10 am ‚Äď 6 pm¬†
Cost: From $9
Free for children under 3 years

If you or your little humans are curious about natural history, or if you just want to gawk at dinosaur fossils, the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is where you want to go. With over 2,000 specimens on display, dinosaur fossils are not the only thing you will find here. The extensive collection includes a variety of plant and animal specimens that had and have been inhabiting Earth, including the Leatherback Turtle, the Singapore Sperm Whale and the Neptune’s Cup Sponge.

You are required to purchase your tickets online before you visit the museum.

What do you think? Are there any other indoor venues that you would like to recommend? Tell us in the comments below!



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