Experts Series: Preparing for CNY with Children

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The ultimate checklist for Chinese New Year without going broke which involves the entire family!

CNY For Parents

With the arrival of the lunar New Year in less than a few weeks’ time it is only normal to start preparing the household for Chinese New Year. Savings platform, Cuponation Singapore listed down crucial saving guide to help parents prepare for the festivities with the kids without overspending all the while educating kids on some important financial management lessons during this auspicious Year of the Dog!

Clean your house - together!

Number one rule in preparing for the lunar New Year is to ensure that the house is spotless. It is never too early to involve children in household chores, especially during the busiest time of the year like festivities. Get the kids involved in simple tasks like wiping window panes and include incentives in the form of their favourite desert.

This teaches kids not only the importance of cleaning the house before the new year in order to be rid of bad fortune from the previous year but it also educates children on cleanliness and being more responsible in household chores. Bonus point: when the whole family is involved in the house chores, you won’t have to spend additional cash on cleaning services!


Festive Shopping = Family Time

During this festive season, do not forget to go red for the family’s outfits! Red represents happiness, prosperity, and positive tones. However also bear in mind that choosing traditional outfits for the New Year should also be a family activity. Involve the kids in getting their thoughts about their choices in clothing. At a growing age, it is important to ease kids into being comfortable with their choices and made to understand that we see them as growing kids whose opinions and choices are respected. It might be too early to teach them of the evils which are online shopping, but you can always take the kids out to the offline stores to check out various traditional attire and Cheongsams.

Another point to note is that while shopping for traditional attire, you can teach kids the importance of sticking to a budget when shopping. Start small with a specific number like choosing any attire you like in red within S$30 and see how your child reacts. Not only does this help the entire family curb negative spending habits as kids are still at a growing stage and it wouldn’t be necessary to spend too much on a clothing item that can only be worn a couple of times. This also teaches kids an important lesson in financial management.


Prepare the ‘Angbaos’ as a joint activity

During the new year it is exemplary practice to present ‘Angbaos’ or mini red packets filled with money to elders and children. Your kids will be ecstatic since these mini red packets symbolize more money to buy toys but at the same time it is important to educate kids that these red packets are also significant of good luck and prosperity.

The best time to teach kids about the significance of ‘Angbaos’ is by involving them in the preparation process. While you sit and list down each and every recipient, you can highlight the importance of keeping the elders and fellow children in mind for blessings. Plus, listing down these recipients will also help you in a sense that you won’t miss out on any member of the family while allocating the budget and sum which you need to reserve.

In fact, you can even get the kids to help decorate the ‘Angbaos’ for each and every recipient. Instead of buying red packets, it can be whole family activity to create your own red packets. Keep in mind to have lots of red construction paper, glitter, decorative tools and safety scissors at hand to avoid any mini accidents with the kids.


Last but not least, while you are celebrating with loved ones and friends don’t forget to teach the kids to wish family and friends good blessings in wealth and health. With that being said, Gung Hei Fatt Choy and have a prosperous Year of the Dog!


This article is contributed by Atiqah Khamurudin


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