15 Best Things to do with Your Kids this Children’s Season

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With Children’s Season coming soon, we’ve handpicked 15 activities and things you should do with your little ones! 

We’ve seen many events and festival celebrations change forms this year, though thankfully, they’re still happening, continuing to provide us with opportunities to create happy moments with our family. 

We spotted another opportunity with Children’s Season coming soon, hence, we’ve scoured the web to bring you some of the best things you can do with your little ones during this period! 

Keep us bookmarked for the latest updates!

1. Children‚Äôs Season at the National Museum 2020: Get Curious ‚Äď Change is OK!

Children‚Äôs Season at the National Museum 2020: Get Curious ‚Äď Change is OK!
Photo credits National Museum of Singapore

Location: Online & On-site
Date:¬†21 Nov ‚Äď 27 Dec 2020
Hour: Varies
Fee: Free & Paid
Suitable Ages:¬†3 ‚Äď 12 years

This year, Children’s Season at the National Museum explores the topic of change. Presented in conjunction with the Doraemon’s Time-Travelling Adventures in Singapore campaign and upcoming Home, Truly special exhibition, the program features an array of live-streamed workshops and performances and online craft activities, as well as on-site music workshop and gallery tour. 

Children‚Äôs Season at the National Museum 2020: Get Curious ‚Äď Change is OK!
Photo credits The Artground

Stay at home and keep yourselves entertained by chatting with a Setron TV and its owner, build a Christmas tree with ondeh-ondeh, design a poster to encourage appreciation, and listen to stories. If you’re heading down to the museum, you can craft your own musical instrument and join in the Get Curious! Gallery Hunt and discover fun facts about the artefacts. 

The museum also offers a series of free online resources such as craft templates, video tutorials and the ‚ÄúGet Curious: My Family's Stories‚ÄĚ Kit, which allows you to uncover stories from different generations.¬†

2. Mini Museum Challenge by NHB

Mini Museum Challenge by NHB
Photo credits National Heritage Board

Location: Online
Date:¬†18 Nov ‚Äď 18 Dec 2020
Hour: - 
Fee: Free (register and submit)
Suitable Ages: 12 years and below

The National Heritage Board and its Heritage Institutions are calling all children aged 12 and below residing in Singapore to create your own mini-museum at home. Simply feature 3 to 5 objects from your home and take a 2-minute video of you giving a guided tour of your museum. Tell why these objects are important to you and your family, and submit the video to win book vouchers.

All participants will also receive a goodie bag redeemable at the three Heritage Institutions ‚Äď Indian Heritage Centre, Malay Heritage Centre and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall. The winning entries will be featured on our social media platforms.

3. An Artist’s Tropical Landscape at National Gallery Singapore

An Artist’s Tropical Landscape at National Gallery Singapore

Location: National Gallery Singapore, 1 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957
Date: Ongoing
Hour:¬†Mon ‚Äď Sun | 10 am ‚Äď 7 pm
Fee: Adult: $20 | Concession (child/student/senior): $15
Free for local residents & children 6 years and under

Now that most of the museums in Singapore have reopened, you can experience the biennial children’s festival Small Big Dreamers at the Gallery too! An Artist’s Tropical Landscape is an exhibit featuring a series of safe and engaging interactive activity stations for children. 

By creating your own still life artworks, interacting with augmented reality kinetic games, and more, you’ll get to learn more about iconic artist Georgette Chen and how she drew inspiration from the world around her! 

Be sure to book a slot for your visit before dropping in. You can also purchase an optional experience pack with your timed ticket. Each pack contains a selection of art materials which you may use as part of their experience, along with a pair of disposable gloves for added safety (you can also bring your own glove if you wish to!).

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4. DigiMuse at ACM

DigiMuse at ACM
Photo credits Asian Civilisations Museum

Location: Asian Civilisations Museum, An Artist’s Tropical Landscape at National Gallery Singapore
Date:¬†2 Dec 2020 ‚Äď 16 Jan 2021
Hour:¬†10 am ‚Äď 7 pm (Sat ‚Äď Thu) | 10 am ‚Äď 9 pm (Fri)
Fee: Free

The DigiMuse programme started in 2017 as an initiative to build a vibrant cultural sector and reach out to the tech sector to crowdsource ideas to enhance museum experiences. As part of the programme, you can now engage in mixed-reality experience at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

With Project Insight by HelloHolo, you can try your hand at conserving a painting in mixed reality. Using mixed reality smartglasses with holographic overlays on the paintings Two Port Views: Amoy and Fuzhou in the museum’s Maritime Trade gallery, you will be able to experience the delicate art of painting conservation for yourself.

If you ever wondered what being an archaeologist is like, the Virtual Reality game, An Excavation Through Time by iMMERSiVELY will interest you. Equipped with a gaming headset and motion-tracked handheld controllers, the game will take you through a first-hand immersive experience at the Empress Place excavations in 1998 and 2015, to unearth artefacts dating from the 14th century.

5. Charge up with Bloom! At Gardens by the Bay

Charge up with Bloom! At Gardens by the Bay
Photo credits Gardens by the Bay

Location: Gardens by the Bay, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953
Date:¬†27 Nov ‚Äď 6 Dec 2020
Hour:¬†10 am ‚Äď 6 pm¬†
Fee: TBU
Suitable Ages: Up to 12 years

Everlasting Eric‚Äôs Supertrees are unable to power up in the evening and he needs your help to light up his Supertrees! ‚ÄėCharge up with Bloom!‚Äô is a garden trail that teaches about the 3R ‚Äď Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.¬†

Go on a quest and find out how Plantkeepers do their part to conserve our environment through the use of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R) practices in their daily activities. Share your 3R pledge to sustainability, and be rewarded at the end of the quest as you help Everlasting Eric charge up his Supertrees!

6. Pangaea: Interactive Adventure Game For Families by The Escape Artist

Pangaea: Interactive Adventure Game For Families by The Escape Artist
Photo credits The Escape Artist

Location: Enchanted Manor by The Escape Artist, 310 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427561
Date:¬†Varies (Wed ‚Äď Sun)
Hour:¬†2 pm ‚Äď 10 pm¬†
Fee: From $50 for 2 pax
Suitable Ages: 6 years and above

Step into the world of Pangaea, a lost realm full of dangers to overcome, treasures to be found and mysteries to solve! Merging the wonders of a traditional board game with the live-action excitement of escape rooms, Pangaea promises a memorable experience that will engage young and old alike! 

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7. Ai Love Museums

Ai Love Museums
Photo credits National Heritage Board

Location: Online & On-site
Date:¬†21 Nov 2020 ‚Äď 3 Jan 2021
Hour: Varies
Fee: Free

A lovable 6-year-old boy, Ai, will be visiting the Museum Roundtable museums this Children’s Season! You can visit Ai clad in various outfits, representing the different museums from 21 Nov to 30 Nov 2020 at the Malay Heritage Centre Lawn and take pictures with him. After that from 3 Dec 2020 to 3 Jan 2021, all 22 designs of Ai will be hidden away in the different museums and galleries! 

You can also join Ai and his grandpa to virtually explore the Museum Roundtable museums in an online game. You will get to uncover clues and fascinating stories in the various museums. The game will be launched on 28 Nov 2020, so, be sure to keep your eyes peeled here. 

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8. My Name is Nadia, I Have Autism 

Location: Online
Date: 27 Nov 2020
Hour: 10 am 
Fee: Free
Suitable Ages:¬†4 ‚Äď 6 years

Part of¬†Better Together ‚Äď Children‚Äôs Season 2020¬†at Asian Civilisations Museum,¬†My Name is Nadia, I Have Autism,¬†written by Huda Patel, is a musical about the world of a little girl with autism. Sing along with Suzannah Chua on the ukulele and be reminded together with your little ones that being different is not a bad thing!¬†

Prepare some square pieces of paper before the session as you will get to learn how to fold a paper heart to send a message of friendship to someone you love!

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9. Fun with Eurasian Heritage 

Fun with Eurasian Heritage
Photo credits The Eurasian Association

Location: Eurasian Heritage Gallery, 139 Ceylon Road, The Eurasian Association, Singapore 429744
Date:¬†Nov ‚Äď Dec 2020 (Tue ‚Äď Sun)
Hour:¬†10 am ‚Äď 5 pm¬†
Fee: Free

If you’re visiting the Eurasian Heritage Gallery with your little ones (12 years and below), the kids would be given an individual Eurasian Fun Pack containing interactive activities which allows them to discover fun facts about Eurasian history and culture. The pack also contains a quiz which they can complete by viewing all three galleries.

10. When War Came to Singapore

When War Came to Singapore
Photo credits Former Ford Factory

Location: Online
Date: From 21 Nov 2020 onwards
Hour: - 
Fee: Free
Suitable Ages:¬†7 ‚Äď 12 years

Gather around your little ones to join a special Former Ford Factory activity online to learn more about life during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore and the hardships that our forefathers endured with resilience as well as to listen to powerful survivor stories. 

11. IHC ‚ÄėJewel‚Äô Hunt: The Search for the Missing Jewel

IHC ‚ÄėJewel‚Äô Hunt_The Search for the Missing Jewel
Photo credits Indian Heritage Centre

Location: Indian Heritage Centre, 5 Campbell Lane, Singapore 209924
Date:¬†27 Nov ‚Äď 11 Dec 2020 (Tue ‚Äď Sun)
Hour:¬†10.00 am ‚Äď 11.30 am | 2.00 pm ‚Äď 3.30 pm¬†
Fee: $20 (permits max. 5)
Suitable Ages: 7 years and above

Set-off on a hunt for the missing jewel at the Indian Heritage Centre and discover the rich history and heritage of the Indian community through your quest! 

First, you’ve got to form a team of five or less and register online to secure a slot. On your scheduled visit, you will be given a bag of clues to aid your mission, which is to help old Uncle Raja search for his missing jewel. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your mobile devices as they will be used to access the game. Upon completion, you will be able to redeem and bring home an exclusive goodie bag with IHC merchandise. 

12. C.S.I. at LKCNHM: Demise of the Professor

C.S.I. at LKCNHM_Demise of the Professor
Photo credits National University of Singapore

Location: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, 2 Conservatory Drive, Singapore 117377
Date:¬†9 Dec ‚Äď 13 Dec 2020
Hour:¬†10.30 am ‚Äď 12.00 pm | 2.30 pm ‚Äď 4.00 pm¬†
Fee: $8 - $20 
Suitable Ages: 5 years and above

In collaboration with the NUS Forensic Science and NUS Physics Department, the LKCNHM Outreach and Education (OEU) team presents you with a murder mystery - C.S.I. at LKCNHM: Demise of the Professor! Before you start panicking, it’s a fictional story with fictional characters. 

There will be a walkthrough of the crime scene, and you will be handed a docket filled with evidence, statements, and more clues to work on! Join the team as a crime scene investigator and learn how to pick up clues from the natural environment to solve crimes as well as understand simple forensic science, physics and biodiversity. 

There are only 15 slots available per session and the sessions are divided according to age groups. So, even if you’re rushing to make a booking, be sure to choose the appropriate category! 

13. Sandpit of Treasures 

Sandpit of Treasures

Location: Malay Heritage Centre, 85 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198501
Date: 5, 12, 19 & 26 Dec 2020
Hour:¬†11.00 am ‚Äď 4.30 pm¬†
Fee: Free
Suitable Ages: 12 years and below

The Malay Heritage Centre is offering a line-up of family-friendly activities this season, including the Sandpit of Treasures. Little ones will get to operate the excavator to dig through the sandpit and find hidden treasures! Don’t worry if you’ve never operated an excavator before, there will be facilitators to provide instructions, supervise proper handling of excavators and to ensure safety. 

Do note that only one child can operate the excavator at any time and each child can be accompanied by one adult. Each dig is limited to 3 minutes. 

14. Singapore Mobility Gallery School Holiday Workshops

Location: Online
Date:¬†21 Dec ‚Äď 23 Dec 2020
Hour:¬†10.00 am ‚Äď 11.30 am | 3.00 pm ‚Äď 4.30 pm¬†
Fee: Free
Suitable Ages:¬†8 ‚Äď 12 years

Bringing you all things related to land transport, the Singapore Mobility Gallery School Holiday Workshops will teach participants how to be a vigilant commuter, how to show care to one another while commuting on public transport as well as discover what goes into building efficient bridges and the mechanisms behind keeping our trains and buses safe, through a series of interactive online workshops. 

15. Junior Rockstar

Junior Rockstar
Photo credits The Gem Museum

Location: The Gem Museum, 26 Kandahar Street, Level 2, Singapore 198888
Date: 23 & 30 Nov | 7, 14, 21, & 28 Dec 2020
Hour:¬†10.30 am ‚Äď 12.00 pm¬†
Fee: $38
Suitable Ages:¬†7 ‚Äď 12 years

Home to hundreds of samples from around the world,¬†The Gem Museum¬†is offering a ‚ÄėMine to Market‚Äô Gem Adventure for young ones.¬†Through Junior Rockstar, children will have a chance to ‚Äúmine‚ÄĚ gems and explore the different types of gems, rocks and minerals from all over the world!¬†

Each session is limited to five children, so, you know what to do! 

For more ideas on where to bring your kids this season, check out our list of year-end events and workshops!



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