New and Fun Experiences at National Gallery Singapore Online and On-site!

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This Children’s Day, National Gallery Singapore presents a host of fun-filled art experiences for the whole family to enjoy, whether at home or during their next visit to the Gallery.

The National Gallery Singapore is offering new multi-sensorial on-site experiences for families to unleash creativity and also refreshing the GalleryKids! experience, an interactive website for children to create and explore art. 

New GalleryKids! Experience

We had a first look at GalleryKids! in May, and children can experience a richer and more interactive Gallery Kids! when it gets refreshed! We are happy to share more details on the refreshed works!

Other than newly launched content such as downloadable activities, art-making videos and games that will be available all-year-round, new features include shareability of site content to external sources such as social media platforms and the ability to submit their artworks for display on the GalleryKids! site.

Kids can now engage in online activities that foster curiosity and creative expression: 

  • DIY with Artist Tang Ling Nah¬†‚Äď Aspiring Picassos take note! Singapore artist Tang Ling Nah, who is known for her charcoal drawings and distinct architectural sensibility, will teach kids how to create interesting artworks by exaggerating the size of elements in this engaging online tutorial.
  • I-Spy Round 6¬†‚Äď Looking for fun things to do together at home? Play a fun guessing game inspired by renowned Singapore artist Georgette Chen‚Äôs¬†Bananas in a basket¬†artwork that trains observation skills.¬†
  • Meet with Artist Mengju Lin¬†- Meet artist Mengju Lin, who is currently participating in the island-wide¬†Proposals for Novel Ways of Being¬†initiative. Be inspired by her sketchbook, and learn how to make a collage of your own through the video demonstration.¬†

GalleryKids! Membership

Children can also be part of the GalleryKids! community by signing up for free membership online. Members get to collect monthly virtual badges for the completion of activities, and enjoy a more personalised website experience with exclusive features such as bookmarking of their favourite content, and a personal record of activities they have participated in.


New On-Site Experiences

An Artist's Tropical Landscape

An Artist’s Tropical Landscape comprises a series of safe and engaging interactive activity stations for children, including

  • Drawing Stations - Still Life Drawing

Divided into 2 drawing stations, at the first station kids will observe the outlines of various fruits, and to watch a video offering step-by-step instructions on how to draw each of them. 

In the second station, kids will be taught composition in still life drawing. Drawing from different spots, they will be drawing from a different perspective! 

  • Soundscape Wall

This curious soundscape feature invites kids and families to uncover how sounds help inspire artists to create, and how it informs their works. Kids are invited to peer through each window while activating a series of sounds which relate to each fruit.

  • Dancing Fruits

Kids will be able to create a digital artwork based on the textures of various fruits. By activating the gesture-based game, they’ll be prompted to mimic body movements which correspond to the texture of each fruit.

These textures will be translated as stamps on a virtual canvas, coming together as an abstract visual artwork that can be downloaded. 

  • Talking Fruits

Selecting a fruit of their liking, kids will be able to color the fruits using body movement. Once completed, the fruit will "come to live" and share fun facts about itself. 

Art Playscape at Keppel Centre for Art Education

Keppel Centre for Art Education’s imaginative Art Playscape will be launching on 9 October. Through a series of interactive kinetic zones, children will be able to discover and learn about gestures, movement, and spontaneity in the creative process through play. 

  • Zone 1: Gestures and Rhythm

Using hand and arm gestures,¬†children create different types of¬†strokes that appear, move and¬†interact together on the walls creating¬†an always-changing ‚Äėvirtual ink¬†painting‚Äô.

Children discover the relationship between gesture, movement and rhythm while creating together with their friends.

  • Zone 2: Sound and Rhythm

Children clap their hands or snap their fingers to translate sounds of different frequencies and timbre into virtual droplets and splashes of ink that float and spread. Children will get to observe that different sounds create different types of strokes, energy and intensity of colours.

  • Zone 3: Droplets and Puddles

Children jump and stomp on ‚Äėpuddles‚Äô¬†on the floor to create different splashes and colours that merge and change.¬†Children learn about colour fluidity,¬†translucency and chance encounters in¬†art through playfulness.

*Photo Credits: National Gallery Singapore


What do you think? Will you be heading to the online or on-site experiences? 



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